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    Although it seems like some of my friends in Denver still had to deal with some snow this past week, it does appear that spring has finally arrived here in New York City.  It is very apparent by the buds blooming on the trees and the sunny days that we can start to look forward to milder weather.  This means that I will also be very busy swapping winter and spring wardrobes and opening the windows to air out our home.  

    One thing that will remain constant in our house despite the change of seasons is Charmin toilet paper.  As a matter of fact, we have a cabinet in our laundry room that must be stocked at all times with Charmin Ultra Strong.  My older son is in charge of keeping it full and reminds me whenever we get down to anything less than 3 rolls.  I mean, who wants to get stuck without Charmin during the spring when there are so many fun things to head out and do outdoors?


    This past weekend, we actually got below the 3 roll danger point so I sent my husband and my son to restock our stash of Charmin Ultra Strong.  Things got a little hairy until my son sent me a photo of our new supply in the car while they were driving back from the supermarket.  That was the point when I started to feel at ease and realized how wonderful it is that we never have to waste time deciding which toilet paper to buy.  There really is no contest anyway because Charmin is one of a kind!

    Make sure you avert any 3 roll and under toilet paper catastrophes this spring by keeping your home stocked with Charmin.  The best part is that I have some coupons for you to use to supply your stash.  Just click on the image below for a coupon and save some money on your next pack of Charmin!

Charmin Coupons Image

Let’s Discuss:  How would you use Charmin to avert a low roll emergency?

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  1. Well now running out of TP would be the biggest emergency I could imagine! We buy generic EVERYTHING but we have a phrase in our household that we live by: “Life is too short to buy cheap toilet paper!’.

  2. I’m going to be honest with you here. I don’t buy Charmin. My best friend always say that I’m crazy because it’s just so amazing, but with our septic system here in CO, it doesn’t work out for me. I loved it however when I lived in Brooklyn and used nothing else.

  3. meagan bs says

    We buy it in bulk and it takes a while to run out!

  4. Woohoo for coupons. We like Charmin too. T.P. is definitely something you don’t,want to skimp on for quality.

  5. I loved reading good bye cold hello warm weather! Our TP is shipped subscribe and save with amazon. Always stocked haha!

  6. Nothing more frustrating at home then running out of toilet paper!! I always stock up too. We have a cabinet full at all times, but that’s thanks to me being in charge! Thanks for the coupon. 🙂

  7. We had snow here in NJ last weekend! Charmin is one of my two preferred brands, the ultra soft is great.

  8. Maryann D. says

    I do like to stock up on Charmin and I don’t like to rush out at the last minute! I am glad Spring is arriving in NY also!

  9. We’ve been buying the Charmin multi-packs from Sam’s Club for a long time. Once we get down to under 1/2 a bundle, it’s time to stock up!

  10. Hehehe, funny, my wife is out shopping for our month’s supply of TP 🙂 Thanks for the reminder.

  11. Jennifer Williams says

    Be careful thinking that Spring has arrived – we just got a few inches of snow this morning! We also have a full cabinet stocked with Charmin – we have to have a case on hand at all times (especially in winter). If we get lower than a case we restock.

  12. We really like Charmin too. It seems to last a very long time so we don’t have to stock up too often.

  13. Neely (@Neelykins) says

    I grew up on charmin and I think its one of the only products I could never substitute a non-name brand for.

  14. I always make sure I have a lot of tp. It would be horrible to run out! Charmin is our favorite! Don’t squeeze the charmin!

  15. Always by TP in bulk and the Charmin coupons cut us a break too! Love Charmin!

  16. I wish it was Spring like weather here. Today we ran to the store and almost got blown away! I want warmth!! That said, we also love Charmin in our house. Such a great, reliable brand!

  17. We also buy in bulk. Love Charmin and don’t use anything else.

  18. We always stock up on toilet paper. We only have one car and if my husband is at work I need to make sure I don’t run out.

  19. Megan McCoig says

    Haha great post, woo for coupons! Wish it was warmer weather here!! But yes, nothing more annoying than running out of toilet paper. My house is always stocked up!

  20. I also love stocking toilet paper! It is so great that your son is in charge of the stock!

  21. I wish it was spring here already! I definitely used to love Charmin but unfortunately we don’t have Charmin in Norway.

  22. Charmin is always a good brand, this is funny because I also panic when needing to buy these.

  23. My husband is in charge of TP and I don’t even know what brand we use. I know he buys it through Google Express from Costco.

  24. CourtneyLynne says

    I don’t buy much in bulk, but one of the things I do is the TP! Nothing worse than running out of that lol!

  25. We have been using Charmin for past few years & has been a good brand to trust anytime. We do stock-up like most people do & thanks for the coupon that could help save something out of it.

  26. I’m so glad that it’s getting warmer and spring is here. I hate winter and the cold. Bring on the warm sun and tons of flowers!

  27. Living alone I tend to keep at least two spare rolls in my closet at all times. Charmin is one of the brands I prefer and buy most often. However–since am late writing this—-it is COLD in NY and the Magnolia flowers have died on the tree near my Mom’s apartment-when oh when will Spring really arrive!!

  28. I love the Charmin commercials. They always make me smile. Love that you have your little guy helping you make the right choices 😉 And stacking up for snowstorms is always a good idea!

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