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    It’s almost Valentine’s Day and we are all trying to figure out creative and romantic ways to demonstrate to our sweethearts how much we love them.  Not to mention looking forward to all the chocolate treats that we also get to indulge in just because it’s a special holiday.  Many of you probably don’t know that, over the years, Charles Schulz created dozens of Valentine’s Day-themed Peanuts comic strips.  

    Many of the strips revolve around Charlie Brown’s eagerness to receive valentines…only to be disappointed, every. single. time. In several of the strips, Charlie Brown watches longingly as Snoopy sits on top of his doghouse reading his stacks of valentines—while his own mailbox remains embarrassingly empty.


    At other times, Charlie Brown’s stomach is in knots as he focuses on getting a valentine from the Little Red-Haired Girl or giving one to her, but he never quite manages to get up the nerve to approach her.  In real life, the Little Red-Haired Girl was a co-worker of Schulz’ named Donna Johnson Wold whom he dated and proposed to only to be turned down.  This ultimately broke his heart despite the fact that they remained friends their whole lives.


    Most recently, the Little Red-Haired Girl made her big screen debut in the new The Peanuts Movie in November 2015. The film marks the first time the character, voiced by Francesca Capaldi of Disney’s “Dog with a Blog,” speaks.  

    Another fun Valentine’s Day Peanuts fact is that there are two primetime TV specials devoted to this day of love.  The first one, Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown, is the 13th special based upon the popular comic strip.  In this special, the whole gang experiences holiday heartbreak.  The second TV special, A Charlie Brown Valentine, is the 40th special.  In this special, Charlie Brown attempts to win the heart of the Little Red-Haired Girl.


    Every year, Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang can be found on hundreds of different Valentine’s Day gifts, including cards, plush, books, candy and much more.  This year, for the first time, Oriental Trading is offering an array of colorful Peanuts toys, party supplies, and crafts for Valentine’s Day.  Also new are adorable Peanuts Pez and a ready-to-read book, called Happy Valentine’s Day, Charlie Brown, from Simon and Schuster.  And, returning by popular demand, are Whitman’s chocolates featuring a Snoopy plush, A Charlie Brown Valentine DVDs from Warner Home Entertainment, and holiday cards from Hallmark.

    How do I love thee, Snoopy? Let me count the ways… Whether it’s watching A Charlie Brown Valentine, reading (and re-reading) a favorite Peanuts book, or enjoying some Whitman’s chocolate packaged with a Snoopy plush, every Valentine’s Day millions of fans around the world find a variety of ways to share their love of the Peanuts gang!

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the ways that you like to shower your sweetheart with love and affection on Valentine’s Day?


Our Sponsor is giving away a Valentine’s Day Peanuts Prize Pack containing Oriental Trading’s treat box to color, crayons and stickers; Snoopy and Woodstock Pez; Simon and Schuster’s Happy Valentine’s Day, Charlie Brown; A Charlie Brown Valentine from Warner Home Entertainment; Whitman’s chocolates featuring a Snoopy plush; and a Valentine card from Hallmark.a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Sarah Sobocinski says

    We usually get each other cards and chocolate.

  2. I love to show my husband my love by writing a sweet note in a card to him!

  3. I like to make dinner with a special dessert. I also like to buy everyone a little gift.

  4. susan smoaks says

    I like to shower my love with love on Valentine’s day with a special dinner and dessert. We shower each other with love year round but Valentine’s is extra special for us both.

  5. We exchange cards and then have a steak and shrimp dinner at home.

  6. Chocolate is very popular at our house! We like to get chocolate truffles.

  7. I entered your Entenmanns giveaway.

  8. I try to get my husband something special that he doesn’t already have.

  9. My family gererally likes to make homemade cards for each other, but we give chocolates, little gifts etc. Peanuts character gifts are perfect, so sweet! 🙂

  10. Linda Bradshaw says

    We usually do not do anything for Valentine’s day. Just another day for us.

  11. I love writing letters to the ones I care about! Telling them how much I appreciate them and all they do. Verbal affirmation can mean so much.

  12. We buy chocolates and make a special dinner and watch a movie.

  13. I thinks sometimes the best gifts are the ones that keep on giving. I love to add notes to my husbands and kids lunch throughout the year. They miss it when I don’t do it.

  14. Maryann D. says

    I like to shower my sweetheart with a lot of attention on Valentine’s Day and also make a delicious dinner for him.

  15. Ellie Wright says

    I like to bake sweets for my hubby and kids for Valentine’s Day. And give flowers and chocolates to my in-laws.

  16. Back rub and a nice dinner.

  17. Julie Lundstrom says

    My only sweetheart right now is my kids and my dog. I am divorced so I treat my kids by getting them some valentine’s candy and stuff animal. I also do some baking cupcakes & cookies with them.

  18. soha molina says

    I like to give him a massage and a dinner he likes a lot. He is very easy to please.

  19. I like to make dinner & dessert. We go out to the movies.

  20. Jennifer Reed says

    Some of the ways that I like to shower my sweetheart with love and affection on Valentine’s Day is by getting dressed up and going out to a nice dinner or fixing a great meal at home together.

  21. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Honestly, we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. The kids exchange valentines in school, but that’s the extent of it.

  22. I love Snoopy and the Peanut’s gang! All of these Valentine’s gifts are so cute and they would be perfect for my kiddos!

    • I agree, all of the gifts are totally adorable and would be perfect for any child or fan of Peanuts and the Gang (there are a lot of us out here!)

  23. I go out to dinner with my Hubby and kids. I like to get my kids little gifts like some small chocolates. I also send my Mom a card.

  24. I used to love Peanuts. Actually, I still do. Snoopy is my favorite. I always bake my husband a special treat for Valentine’s Day.

  25. Catherine S says

    I have always loved Snoopy. We usually go out to dinner and catch a movie.

  26. I breathe Peanuts! ANYTHING Peanuts I love!!! They have the most unique Valentine’s Day products!

  27. I love The Peanuts and it didn’t know the story behind the red-haired girl. I’d love to watch one of the Valentine’s Day specials soon.

  28. I love Peanuts. We went and saw the movie. It was so good. What a great giveaway.

  29. I like to go out for dinner with my husband. I also give him a nice card. Spending time together is always nice.

  30. Cards are good, but I like live plants better than roses or cut flowers…..

  31. I love the entire Peanuts gang–but my heart belongs to Snoopy! No one to celebrate Valentine’s Day with who will shower me with chocolate–so I will take my Mom out for a lovely lunch/dinner and probably get her some flowers delivered to her door.

  32. My hubby gets us ladies flowers and we do cards and lots of kisses!

  33. My favorite Valentine’s tradition is giving my family members a box of heart-shaped chocolates and making a special dinner to spend time together. I love these Snoopy ideas!

  34. I make him breakfast and he takes me to dinner, we normally do something fun together in the middle of the day as well.

  35. I love Charlie Brown comics. They are witty and humorous. I think we should really show love every day.

  36. I used to buy a lot of Peanut Valentine’s Day cards before when my husband was still my boyfriend. I want to start doing this again.

  37. Kristin Goodson says

    I love to plan a special day devoted to them. I would make their favorite meal and their favorite dessert. We would either go out and watch a movie or do something fun or just stay home and cuddle. I love to plan surprises so I would probably do that as well.

  38. Ah Peanuts! Such fond memories brought back from Childhood. I adored Peanuts everything.

    I’m not sure what we’ll be doing this Valentine’s. My husband works so I can’t imagine it will be much. I know we are doing a family dinner and movie night though!

  39. I show my love and affection by just being there with him the whole day. It is a time for pampering with attention and affection. No gifts, just us celebrating together.

  40. I love peanuts and the gang. I always give my husband a nice card every Valentine’s Day.

  41. These are such great ideas. I love Peanuts.

  42. Aw what a cute snoopy my kids would love some of those treats for Vday! Great giveaway !

  43. That’s a very cute cartoon strip in this article. It reminds me of the R&B band Rose Royce from way back in the day, with their awesome song, “I Wanna Get Next To You.”

  44. Brenda Haines says

    NO sweetheart here, so I will just spoil my son instead lol. He has his first School Valentine party this coming week and I may be more excited than he is!

  45. I love Peanuts, it has always been one of my favorite comics since I was a kid. Looks like a really great bunch of goodies for Valentine’s Day!

  46. Valentine’s Day is hard in my house… My husband buys what he wants so shopping for him is a pain, which means I have to really get creative. This year, I’m surprising him with some really fun things since we live in Europe, so that helps. 🙂 The kids just like the candy. LOL. My birthday falls near V-Day so I don’t as for much as I’d rather celebrate my birthday. LOL

  47. James Kosur says

    My wife would love this she is obsessed with Peanuts.

  48. I usually love making some special dinner & we have a movie night together to make it special. We also share special gifts that are personalized to our taste which makes it more interesting.

  49. Sarah Hall says

    I like to show him love by cooking his favorite dinner and showering him with small gifts. Men like candy and other goodies just like women do.

  50. Mary Taylor says

    I always liked doing Valentine’s day stuff with my son. But now hes 21 and I am lonely. The man I am interested in has 2 babies and I hope and pray someday I can do Valentine activities with them. As far as for love….I dunno I’m not used to Valentine’s day, I’m baking heart shaped cupcakes today to take to my crush tomorrow.

  51. Leigh Anne Borders says

    I got one of those Gnoments things to use with my love. We have been doing things for each other for the past seven days to lead up to Valentine’s Day.

  52. We try to do something together on Valentine’s. We usually try to cook dinner together and just spend time together.

  53. Oh I love doing little simple things! Love hiding little things around the house or in the car…or lunchbox. Just something little to let them know you are thinking about them and appreciate them!

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