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    This year, we have decided as a family to take on some new adventures.  We’ve always loved doing things together and, if last year’s escapades are any indication, we are sure to have lots of fun together in the coming months.  Since my boys are older now, I like to include them when it comes to making decisions about what trips and activities we will be participating in as a family.

    Over the weekend, we sat down and had a brainstorming session over what our boys would like to do this year and some of their suggestions were surprising.  Here are the top five family adventures that they would like us to have this year:

  1. Camp out in the backyard overnight.
  2. Take a road trip to Florida.
  3. Sample new foods from all over the world.
  4. Go scuba diving.
  5. Learn how to ski.

    There’s no other family that can relate more to having adventures like these than the Croods – you know, the prehistoric crew whose every day is a new adventure (or disaster) – because while our stories may differ from the dark ages, the family hijinks remain the same.  

    Every step out of the cave is a new adventure for The Croods, but we’ve compiled a few of our favorites. You can watch all of their pre-hysterical adventures now on Netflix.


Ep. 6: When Grug and Ugga go out on a date and leave the kids home alone, Eep throws the first-ever house party.


Ep. 11: Grug won’t let Eep join his winning team, so she forms her own group to play in history’s first sporting event.


Ep. 12: Because he is so stinky, Thunk pretends to be something he really isn’t.


Ep. 13: When two things go missing in the middle of the night, Eep hunts for clues to solve the first mystery ever.

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the adventures that you have planned for your family this year?

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  1. These are great suggestions. I like the idea of camping in the backyard.

  2. My family and I are exploring the New York City area this year. I am super excited to visit all the zoos and museums in the area.

  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Skiing is fun, but I would try snowboarding. It’s a lot easier 🙂 And more fun.

  4. You guys did come up with a good list. I’d like to try foods from all over the world too. 🙂 We like the Croods.

  5. Thank you so much for the ideas. I love it! Saludos!

  6. Yes, you should come to Florida, it’s lovely 🙂 We plan on going to Boston and NYC this year!

  7. Love these ideas!! I know we are always looking for ways to have new adventures with the kids and build memories!!

  8. Since me and my family have not been to the beach in a long time, it would be our top choice for a family adventure. We will decide on a place that would be beautiful and suits our budget.

  9. Camping is one family adventure that we have never undertaken! I don’t know how we missed it considering how long the kids were in Scouts.

  10. I really want to do the camping out back! or going somewhere camping. We’ve never done it before and I think my kids would have so much fun! I also want to take them back home for a visit, and maybe plan a trip to a water park!

  11. It is good to have goals written down ahead of time. Your “to do” list has some good adventure built in!

  12. I’d love to go on a road trip with the family this year. The new Croods show looks super cute. I liked the movie.

  13. This year we are all about staying local and doing some road trips. So much to see and do in our own backyard

  14. All these sound fun. We plan to take a lot of road trips this year.

  15. My kids love the Croods on our Netflix. I think they have seen all the episodes! Planning for our next family adventure by traveling to DC sometime later this year after the baby is born.

  16. My family would love to have a vacation in California. Just bask in the sun, walk on the beach, watch the sunset and of course, swim to our hearts’ content!

  17. I think it is important to really set aside time and money for family adventures. Your list is truly exciting.

  18. Your sons are so adorable. I love that picture. Sounds like you will be very busy this summer. I have never heard of the Croods but it looks like it would be good family fun to watch.

  19. All of those activities sound like fun! Trying foods from all over the world that I have never tried before sounds like something I would enjoy.

  20. We have LOTS of adventures planned for this year as well. First with our trip to London, England followed by a road trip to Canada. That road trip to FL is going to be lots of fun. We love the Croods and Madison just eats up the episodes.

  21. Camping in the backyard sounds like fun. My kids want to go on a camping trip, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized I’m not super into the idea of camping, lol.

  22. I still don’t have netflix! I have got to get into this everyone always talks about it!

  23. I love Netflix – I would love to visit Florida again too. Camping does sound fun too.

  24. I think you have a good list of adventures planned ahead for the year. We would love a road trip with our kids & personally I would love to go & try some new foods around the world & then possibly add a weight loss program, lol.

  25. What a great way to teach your sons to be about the value of the their role within the family. I’m thrilled that they’ve chosen some things that will encourage growth and adventure. The activities are ideas I’ll use for the future. 🙂

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