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    Since becoming a mother of two boys, I have learned that they are both very different people and that their dreams and aspirations for the future are also unique.  While my older son loves sports and staying active, my younger son is very artistic and enjoys anything having to do with art and music.  

    As their mother, I feel that it is my duty to help both of them to live out their dreams.  Each day begins with me helping my boys start their day off right with Nestlé Nesquik Chocolate Powder which turns milk into an irresistibly delicious and nutritious chocolate milk that I feel good about and they love.

    My older son is already shaping his dreams for the future by taking part in his school’s varsity basketball team.  We have always known how much he loves to play basketball and have taken an active role in supporting his goals by coaching and volunteering our time throughout the week.  Until recently, we were not as sure about what our younger son’s aspirations are but he has started to become more vocal about his likes and interests.  I’ve noticed that he is avidly writing in a journal that I gifted to him and has even begun to collect entries on a daily basis.


    This past Christmas, my sister gave him an electric keyboard and I was stunned at how quickly he took to playing music on it.  He absolutely loves to create melodies and I truly feel that it is his calling to feel the world through music.  Add to that the fact that he has an angelic voice and loves to sing, and I think we have the perfect recipe for him to be empowered to believe that anything is possible that he puts his mind to accomplishing.

    Nesquik Powder has all the nutritious deliciousness your kids love with 45% less sugar than the leading syrup brand and with no artificial colors or flavors.  When combined with 8oz of lowfat milk, I know that I am giving my kids 8g of protein that they will drink right up!  Seeing as how I am raising a future basketball player and a star musician and vocalist, this is the perfect way of nourishing possibility in the best way possible!


Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the ways that you are helping your kids to live out their dreams?

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  1. My three year-old hasn’t had too many pie-in-the-sky dreams yet, but he is absolutely enthralled by trains. We now have a membership to a local railway museum that makes short runs, and he’s declared that he will, in fact, be a driver one day. I have a feeling it might/willcertainly change, but for now, I’m not going to tell him he won’t. 🙂

  2. This post brings me great memories of my daughter when she was younger! Nesquik was her favorite drink! So nutritious!

    • Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

      My brother used to go through GALLONS of it when he was a kid LOL. He couldn’t get enough. He probably still can’t.

  3. What a cutie! So awesome about his keyboard.. kids are incredible. I let them know that whatever they want to do in life is achievable. I stress to them that nobody can tell them any different and to always focus on their life and happiness. They WILL reach for the stars!

  4. Lisa Brown says

    I help my children live out their dreams by exposing them to culture, activities, all that there is in life, so they can choose what they are interested in and work towards becoming proficient in all they like.

  5. I always encouraged my kids with positive reinforcement when it came to their dreams. I emphasized education and practice of what they loved.

  6. We are helping my daughter to fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher by paying for her college education.

  7. I no longer have any children at home. One of the ways I helped my daughter to follow her dreams was to talk about the things I love, why I love them, what they mean to me.

  8. kelly tupick says

    I am helping my daughter fulfill her dreams by telling her that there is nothing she can’t do. Find something that she is happy doing and go with it. She is graduating this year so she has the whole world ahead of her.

  9. I try to listen to my daughter and encourage her anytime she expresses an interest.

  10. I am helping my kids to live out their dreams, by encouraging them to do well in all that they do and help with college and determining the best career and job choices for them.

  11. Debbi Wellenstein says

    I guess I’m the opposite of a helicopter mom-I let my kids explore their interests without too much interference.

  12. I don’t have any kids. But, to help myself attain my dreams I study hard in school and try and grow into a better person each day 🙂


  13. I help my kids follow their dreams by encouraging them in their positive endeavors.

  14. I encourage them to learn and experience new cultures and the world. Learn from errors in the process of fulfilling their dreams.

  15. I support my son in his acting and directing movies by watching his movies, encouraging him, and buying tools that he needs for the movie.

  16. I paid for my kids college education. They graduated debt free.

  17. I stay supportive of my kids and find ways to help them support their dreams, the only way I can do that at the moment is help guide them in the right direction and help pay for schooling.

  18. By encouraging them to try new things and be creative. Life is more then just studying textbooks.

  19. GillisHills says

    I’m helping my kid to live out her dreams by supporting her efforts as a budding writer. I often give her critical feedback on her writing projects. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. soha molina says

    I try to give them as many experiences as possible.

  21. I’m not familiar with this kid snack but it looks so yummy and mouth watering.
    I’m sure my nephews would love to eat it.

  22. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I help my kids by supporting them. My oldest is in karate and met his dream when he got his black belt – now on to his 2nd degree 🙂

  23. I am teaching my daughter to read right now. I firmly believe that reading opens up a world of learning and dreaming.

  24. beth shepherd says

    My son loves guitar. So, we recently started lessons and he is loving them. He just got asked this week to go on stage with the church band for this Sunday. We are super excited and proud of him.

  25. I haven’t had Nestle Nesquik in ages–it is very tasty and as you said lower in sugar which to me is very important. No two children are alike and yours are very lucky to recognize this and to help each in a way that will promote their aspirations.

  26. My kids love Nesquick, I have a bulk container of it in my fridge! I try to nurture their dreams by helping them grow and learn more about themselves and their likes.

  27. I am definitely trying to encourage them to become better and to never give up!

  28. I love Nesquik because of their many healthy products. I would love to have some of these for the kids.

  29. I love Nesquik! When my daughter had surgery, it was the one thing I was able to get her to consume for calories.

  30. Brittney House says

    I like to encourage my kids to take on any hobbies they please.

  31. I still love Nesquick!! I love that they are help kids to live out their dreams and be creative!!

  32. I find my self in this post. I have 6 children and 1 grand. 21, 17,15,11,9, 7. I participate in everything that they do. The youngest three are in a youth football league, two cheer one star Football player…MVP this past season. Once I saw how serious they were I joined the board as League Secretary. The Flag girls need a coach me and my 17 year old took on the task. We placed 2nd in our cheer off! I just feel that kids are only kids for a spell and I enjoy being a hands on encouraging mom! Hopefully no one takes up swimming because I can’t swim but I will be on the side lines making a spectacle of myself.

  33. My kids loved Nesquick when they were younger. I think my granddaughters will love this, too.

  34. I’m teaching my kids by helping them see their potential and make sure they understand whatever they set their mind to – they can do! This is wonderful we love Nesquik at our house!

  35. We don’t buy the powder version, but my kids like the strawberry version. – My kids probably drink way too much of it, but it’s good.

  36. Nesquik always made a good powder mix.
    I remember this stuff way back to my childhood.

  37. I still love Nestle Nequik despite being a mom of two. I think it is always good to listen to your kids to learn about their dreams & encourage them on the progress they make & making sure they stay positive.

  38. Stephanie Liske says

    I am here to support my kids in their dreams.

  39. I have encouraged my son to find their true authentic self. I’ve encouraged them to pursue their education taking some of the most difficult classes to show them if you try, you can achieve. I’ve encouraged them to travel and live abroad if possible. I’ve most of all encouraged them to know God for their ultimate source of strength and guidance.

  40. Being supportive is very important.

  41. Tina Reynolds says

    I help them live out their dreams by encourgement and helping them practice. Taking them back and forth from practice and events.

  42. My children are grown, but my older daughter decided to go back to school and graduated with her degree in psychology this past spring. She wanted to be a school counselor, but has probably found an even better niche as the director of a Parents as Teachers program, since she has always been involved with young children in one way or another.

  43. Brenda Fader says

    I’ve always encouraged my daughter to take charge of her own life and make decisions. Now she is choosing a college and her favorite (at the moment) is 1,000 miles away from home. I am letting her make the decision because she has always made wise decisions in the past and she is a smart, realistic, responsible young woman. (I would love if she chose the college in state!) She needs to follow her dreams and make her life what she wants instead of what other people think she should do or be.

  44. Elizabeth Ray says

    My daughter is grown. She has disabilities, but I have always encouraged her to the best of her ABILITIES. She is currently taking 1 college course at a time. A long process, but every step forward counts!

  45. My husband and I try new things with our children. I want them to see what is out there. We call it exploring our world.

  46. I tell my children to follow their dreams and if they put their mind to it, they can accomplish anything. I also remind them of how smart they are an how bright and fun their future can be.

  47. I’d like to think I gave my children the option to choose whatever goal they wanted. I always told them to do what they love rather than chase the money.

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