7 Healthy And Easy Valentine’s Day Snack Ideas

Valentines Day child friendly healthy treat with heart-shaped fruit cantaloupe, watermelon and pineapple

    Do you love celebrating Valentine’s Day but hate all of the sweet and sugary treats that come with it? Valentine’s Day can quickly turn into a sugar overload if you aren’t careful, but the good news is you do have some healthy alternatives. If you are looking for some tasty yet healthy Valentine’s Day treats, look no further. Take a peek below at 7 healthy and easy Valentine’s Day snack ideas, perfect for treating the sweethearts in your life!

1. Grape Hearts.

Take red grapes and slice them at an angle. Then, skew the two halves onto a toothpick matching the angles so they look like a heart. This is an easy snack for kids to make, and they will love dipping the grape hearts into yogurt dip or other fruit dips.

2. Banana Boats.

Peel a banana and put it in a sundae dish. Add healthy toppings such as dried fruit, nuts, and coconut. For a little Valentine’s Day color, you can garnish with a few Conversation Hearts. This is a great way to eat healthy while getting a little sweetness in too.

3. Heart Sandwiches.

Find heart cookie cutters in various sizes. Make mini cheese or turkey sandwiches in the shape of the hearts. Just press, stack, and eat! Kids will love making their own heart shaped sandwiches, and you will love all of the different, healthy ingredients you can add.

4. Sweetheart Fruit Skewers.

Use cookie cutters (flower or heart shapes, or both) to cut out various types of fruit. Cutting fruit into ½ inch slices and then cutting with the cookie cutters works best. Then, take your heart shaped fruit pieces and place them on wood skewers. Dip in yogurt for an extra treat!

5. Cupid’s Arrows.

Use pretzels and cheese to make Cupid’s arrows. Cut triangles out of cheese and press them to the end of the pretzel sticks. You can add another triangle at the opposite end and score with lines to look like the feathering. This is an adorably healthy and hands on snack that kids will love.

6. Sweetheart Toast.

Toast whole wheat or multi grain bread and cut out a heart with a heart shaped cookie cutter. Top with low fat cream cheese that has been colored with red food coloring. You can even top with fresh fruit and berries if you wish for extra flavor and garnish.

7. Fruit Parfaits

Color vanilla yogurt with red food coloring and place in a glass. Top with fresh red berries. Add another layer of the colored yogurt, and repeat with more fresh berries. You will have a healthy, sweet, and festive looking Valentine’s Day parfait in no time.

    See how easy and healthy Valentine’s Day snacking can be? Give these healthy Valentine’s Day snacks a try and see if they don’t become holiday favorites!

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day healthy snack ideas?

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  1. I love the idea of fruit skewers. Saves me a ton of money on overpriced flowers!

  2. These are such cute ideas. Last Valentine’s Day I made cupcakes for my kids and also sandwiches with heart cutouts in the middle .

  3. These are such great ideas. It seems Valentine’s treats are all chocolate and candy. These are a much better option.

  4. I love the idea of making heart-shaped foods for Valentine’s Day. I could make just about any meal holiday-fied!

  5. So adorable! It’s such a nice touch to go the extra step to use the heart food cutter. Makes the holiday even more special. My favorite Valentines day treat is half healthy– half not– chocolate covered strawberries!

  6. I always made heart shaped sandwiches for my kids on Valentine’s Day. It’s such an easy and special treat.

  7. Catherine S says

    These are all great healthy snack idea. I have been trying to eat better and I am going to make the Sweetheart Fruit Skewers.

  8. These are great ideas! I’d love to do the grape hearts and some fruit parfaits for a treat. I don’t want to go overboard with candy this year.

  9. These are great healthy Valentines day snack ideas. I am going to make the heart shaped sandwiches for my kids.

  10. Healthy. I love the sound of it. These are all great ideas.

  11. Pretzels and cheese is such a good flavor combo. I like your ideas for treating the kids with healthy snacks.

  12. I love the idea of making things into hearts. I bet my kids would be more excited to eat ALL of their lunches if I did that. I love heart shaped fruits, but sandwiches? SO FUN!

  13. These are great healthy and easy snack ideas. I would love to try them even after the holidays.

  14. Heart shaped sandwiches are a good idea. The kids would love to have them for their lunch on Valentine’s Day. Fruit skewers are also great! All we need is a little creativity to save a few dollars and still celebrate in a fun way.

  15. That is such a great snack! We love fruit at our house.

  16. Those are cute ideas for healthy snacks. I don’t know if I would have thought of those.

  17. Cute ideas for Valentine’s! My hubby would love to have those fruit skewers, and it is easy to make! Just a few fleshy fruits and voila! A special treat for my loved one!

  18. This is a cute idea. think I’d rather have this than flowers & a box of chocolates, alongside a trip to the DEADPOOL movie.

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