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    We love coffee in this family and the holidays are the perfect time to brew some up for the rest of our loved ones who are visiting.  As you all know, coffee enthusiasts are very meticulous about their brew and they recognize good java when they smell it and when they taste it.  The same goes in our home and I know that when everyone here is united to celebrate the holiday season, I better have some good coffee for them to enjoy.

    This Christmas, I will be waking everyone up to open their presents with some delicious coffee from my new KRUPS SAVOY EC314 Coffee Maker.  Since it boasts a 12 Cup Glass Carafe, I don’t have to worry about running out while everyone is downing cup after cup and having a great time enjoying each other’s company.  


    Also, its Keep Warm Function allows me to keep coffee warm for up to 4 hours at three different temperature options and has a thermo-sensor that ensures the coffee stays at the desired temperature for as long as I want.  This is so convenient when everyone is asking for a fresh cup every couple of hours.  I mean, who has the time to be brewing a fresh pot all day long! 

Here are some of the other features of my new KRUPS SAVOY EC314 Coffee Maker:

  • Coffee in cup temperature at an optimal 180F
  • Large, Easy to Read LCD screen
  • Modern and intuitive rotating knob control
  • Integrated water filtration system for the optimal taste
  • Clean indicator illuminates when its time to descale
  • Pause and serve feature allows removal of carafe at anytime
  • Large front water tank level – allows for easy viewing
  • Includes Gold Tone Filter
  • Clean modern lines with brushed stainless steel finish
  • Reg/Bold Setting: Provides the user control over the richness of their coffee
  • 1-4 Cup Function: Ensures that whether you are brewing for just yourself, or a large group, you get the same quality cup of coffee every time
  • Auto-On: Dual program settings for weekday and weekend auto-on function so that your coffee is always ready when you need it


    From picking up a daily cup of coffee to get your day started or catching up with friends over a nice warm Cup of Joe, coffee has become an integral part of our everyday lives.  This holiday season, we will be using our new KRUPS SAVOY EC314 Coffee Maker to make sure everyone is happy and smiling throughout all the festivities.


Let’s Discuss:  What is your favorite way to enjoy a cup of coffee with your loved ones during the holidays?


Our Sponsor is giving away a KRUPS SAVOY EC314 Coffee Maker (ARV $79.99) to one reader of Tough Cookie Mommy!a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Richard Hicks says

    I love it when we are able to sit at the table together with peace and quiet and read the newspaper together in the mornings.

  2. Great giveaway, thanks!!!!

  3. I love my coffee with Irish Cream and a nice chat with family.

  4. I love to sit at the table with my family and enjoy a cup of coffee. We all talk and catch up about what is going on in our lives while enjoying a warm cup of coffee. The KRUPS SAVOY EC314 Coffee Maker will definitely help this tradition going.

  5. angela cunningham says

    When we are able to sit around after a meal and have coffee and talk about what is going on in everybody’s life. Sometimes it’s the only time we have to just sit and talk.

  6. My immediate family doesn’t drink coffee, but my extended family does (have to get it somewhere, right?). It’s really nice being able to share coffee and have reminders of where I come from during the holidays 🙂

  7. Sandra Slack says

    Those mornings when my returned family can all sit down to a quiet (sometimes lively) cup of coffee and catch up on the year’s happenings..

  8. I always enjoy a great cup of coffee every mornings with my mother. along with great chats. 🙂

  9. I love my coffee cold! My fave is with caramel!

  10. I love iced coffee with vanilla cream and in the fall I love hot coffee.

  11. I love a cup of coffee with lots of cream first thing in the morning after my kids are off to school and the grown-ups can talk.

  12. Wanda Patterson says

    I like to use a flavored cream like hazel nut in the winter curled up in the evenings with a blankey the grandkids and Christmas movie favorites.

  13. Bridgett Wilbur says

    I would have a nice hot cup of dark roasted coffee with my hubby while watching a nice movie.

  14. Virginia Rowell says

    I love just sitting around the table and discussing all the holiday shopping and sightseeing and meanings of the holidays.

  15. I love to have a Pot of coffee on for when family & friends visit during the holiday season. I usually have a coffee bar set up with flavored coffee syrups etc for some “excitement”. Thank you for the chance!

  16. Julie Wood says

    I love my coffee really hot with lots of Caramel flavorings, and I also like trying the Pumpkin Spice Lattes that they have out now.

  17. shelly peterson says

    I like to enjoy coffee with my daughters. We love ours with flavored creamer.

  18. I enjoy sharing a cup of coffee, Christmas cookies and good, fun conversation in the evening.
    Thank you!

  19. Vicki Wurgler says

    After the boys go to sleep my husband and I enjoy a hot cup of coffee and cookies at night.

  20. We typically just take a trip to Starbucks or other coffee shop, it would be nice to make our own coffee at home.

  21. I’m the only one in the family who drinks coffee, but I’m definitely a coffee-lover! Since I live in warm South Florida, I can have my coffee out on the back patio year-round and enjoy watching all of the birds that visit every day!

  22. My favorite way to enjoy a cup of coffee with my loved ones is to serve dark chocolate pecan brownies with coffee during the holidays.

  23. We like to drink coffee and sit around the Christmas tree. It is fun.

  24. I love brewing a fresh cup and relaxing to Christmas music, while enjoying the brightly lit tree. It’s the perfect time to decompress and connect with familia! 🙂

  25. In the morning or on the run. Any time is a good time.

  26. I enjoy coffee with cream and sugar and having the news for the day on TV.

  27. kelly tupick says

    We love our coffee. I like to drink mine with a little milk and sugar and my husband likes his the same. We always get a nice pot of hot coffee going in the morning before work.

  28. When I drink coffee I like it with cream and sugar. I drank a lot of coffee when I was in school and had to get up very early in the morning.

  29. I like to brew a pot in the morning when my son is home for the holidays. We sit at the table and enjoy conversation before starting our day.

  30. Brittney House says

    I like to make iced coffees with my mother and sister and catch up with each other.

  31. Mine is in the morning with a strong espresso. Froth the milk to double and sweeten it with some brown sugar. And drink slowly because the next cup is going to be 24 hours away.

  32. I like to enjoy my coffee in the morning before everyone wakes up. Its peaceful and quiet. Gets my chaotic day started,

  33. Hmm….I usually enjoy my coffee with friends out ….. most recently I had coffee (and breakfast! YUM!) with a good friend and realized how long it had been since she and I had caught up. It would have been great with or without coffee but coffee is always a plus!

  34. melissaandkeith miller says

    My husband and I always enjoy a cup of coffee before he goes to work. During the holidays, I enjoy coffee with family during our traditional “Christmas Breakfast”

  35. Especially on Christmas Eve, when we have the soft Christmas music playing, we all enjoy a steaming pot of coffee . We are pretty much tee-totallers, so alcoholic drinks don’t really figure in any of our celebrations. The smell of fresh coffee is a wonderful things, and although the coffee has caffeine, the aroma itself has a very home-like, calming effect.

  36. I love serving fresh brewed coffee and always pick out special blends to serve my guests. I have learned family members likes and dislikes so I usually serve a bolder coffee with less sweetness.

  37. We enjoy fresh brewed coffee with our breakfast. We like to add French vanilla creamer to it. My mom will also make a coffee cake.

  38. Colleen Boudreau says

    I enjoy a vanilla cappuccino sitting around the table with family.

  39. I love to enjoy it with a big breakfast during the holidays. I love my coffee with creamer.

  40. Stephanie Phelps says

    I love to wake up early get my cup of coffee and sit by myself on the back porch for the first one then have one with my husband!

  41. My daughter and I enjoy trying the holiday flavored coffees in the mornings or afternoons.

  42. We are not close in miles to my family, so I really enjoy Christmastime, sitting around the table in the morning while the kids munch on do uts and all the adults drink their coffee.

  43. We enjoy coffee with either pumpkin spice or peppermint creamer during the holidays. It is especially good with homemade cookies while watching our favorite holiday movies.

  44. Tracy Shafer says

    After dinner, my favorite is adding a bit of chocolate peppermint and whipped cream to mine.

  45. I’d love to win this for my dad. I like to sit and talk with others as they enjoy their coffee.

  46. My favorite way to enjoy a cup of coffee with my loved ones during the holidays is sitting around my dining room table!

  47. Carolann Leibenguth says

    My favorite way to enjoy coffee with family and friends over the holidays is to add a splash of Baily’s Irish Cream and top it with whip cream. Adult only drink for sure 😉

  48. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    My Favorite Way To Enjoy Coffee With My Loved Ones During The Holidays Is With Sugar And Milk And A Peppermint Stick!

  49. We enjoy having coffee during the holidays at the dining room table while talking. We sometimes even have it on movie nights around the holidays too.

  50. Jessica Miller says

    I love vanilla creamer in mine sitting around the table with a nice dessert.

  51. I like to drink coffee with my college-aged daughter. We both like Hazelnut flavored coffee.

  52. Dawn Monroe says

    I enjoy drinking a cup of coffee with my husband on Christmas Eve while watching him attempt to put toys together.

  53. I enjoy drinking my coffee while I’m watching my kids open their presents!

  54. My favorite way to enjoy a cup of coffee is with a muffin or some type of dessert.

  55. I buy different flavorings to put in our coffee so each cup can be a new surprise.

  56. My favorite way to enjoy a cup of coffee is with my mom before anyone else gets up. We have some great talks.

  57. My family loves after dinner coffee with a sweet treat!

  58. natasha lamoreux says

    Most everyone in my family enjoys coffee. We usually have our Christmas dinner then have some coffee after while the kids enjoy cocoa.

  59. What an awesome machine. I love to enjoy a nice cup of coffee around the fireplace with my family. It’s a great way to catch up and make good memories with each other. Also, coffee is the best!

  60. I like to enjoy coffee with my family after Christmas dinner. It is a great way to decompress after a busy holiday season.

  61. I entered the Dunkin’ Donuts Prize Pack giveaway.

  62. One way I enjoy my coffee with hubby is we like to add a splash of pumpkin spice or peppermint
    mocha from coffee mate, yum!

  63. I entered the Netflix giveaway.

  64. Leigh Anne Borders says

    I enjoy coffee with a little cream and sugar. I also enjoy sipping it while sitting in our screened in proch but with the weather, sitting in front of the tree looking at the ornaments is just as good.

  65. I actually don’t drink coffee but I’d love to share this with my husband. He’s the big coffee drinker of our family.

  66. Love to sit down on a porch on Christmas after opening the gifts. Very relaxing to see the kids enjoying gifts from Santa 🙂

  67. Cheryl Billings says

    Relaxing near the fireplace.

  68. I like to drink coffee with my family in the morning.

  69. I drink my hot coffee with milk or french vanilla flavoring.
    Sometimes I use coffee flavoring.
    Happy Holidays!

  70. Hubby and I have been married going on 43 years, we both enjoy our coffee. Every morning we sit and enjoy a cup together while we decide what we are going to do for the day.

  71. I can remember my parents not letting me down stairs on Christmas morning until they had their coffee ready. I fell into that tradition also.

  72. I like sharing a cup of coffee with my husband in the morning. Lot’s of sugar and cream.

  73. Cuddled up under a blanket.

  74. We enjoy a cup of coffee at the holidays by my sisters house. After dinner we play games and have dessert and coffee. I love mine with soy milk and a creamer.

  75. Depends on the holiday, during thanksgiving I like to enjoy it with some pumpkin spice creamer, and during Christmas with some peppermint mocha creamer.

  76. susan smoaks says

    I enjoy a cup of coffee with a hot cocoa in it. I love coffee.

  77. Michele Pineda says

    We usually enjoy a cup of coffee together in the morning before work or school and sometimes in the evening when watching a movie together. During the cold nights if we are going ice skating or at a game, we often take some hot coffee with us in a travel cup to enjoy together when we are out and about.

  78. Bridgette Mahmood says

    After a big Christmas dinner, we like to relax with coffee and our favorite dessert. Which is Christmas bread pudding. Then it’s present time!

  79. My husband and I like to sit in the living room and relax and have good conversation while sipping on our coffees.

  80. Eugenia Hall says

    I like to sit with hubby on Sunday afternoons when he wakes up (he works nights…) and have a cup of coffee while watching the football games. Its a great way to wake up before we go out for grocery shopping and other errands.

  81. Stephanie Larison says

    My whole family is big into coffee, so it’s always ready when people come over. We like it with cream and sugar, nothing fancy. Sitting around catching up with coffee is perfect for the holidays.

  82. Charlene Drake says

    My favorite way to enjoy coffee during the holidays, is after a crazy busy day, to just sit and catch up. I also like my coffee hot, most of the brewers now a days, the water is just too tepid. Thank you so much for having this giveaway. Happy Festivus for the rest of us!

  83. Lori Walker says

    I love to have my coffee with vanilla unsweetened almond cashew milk. I think it’s delicious.

  84. kim keithline says

    I love to have any kind of flavored creamer in my coffee. I love to have my coffee at the breakfast table talking and laughing about the old times.

  85. Terry Bellender says

    We usually get up and have a coffee cake or homemade cinnamon rolls with our coffee. Then we sit in the living room floor or for those of us that can’t get back up off the floor in chairs and we open gifts.

  86. Amanda Whitley says

    I like to sip coffee while chatting with others and sharing old memories.

  87. Lorena Keech says

    We share a holiday meal with a group of friends each year. The size of the group varies, depending on who is visiting family out of town and so on. But one constant is, after we stuff ourselves, we always have coffee and dessert.

  88. Laurie Emerson says

    I enjoy siting with my family early each morning during the holidays and sharing a hot cup of coffee. It starts out the day on such a great note.

  89. Tina Reynolds says

    I love a cup first thing in the morning with my hubby before the kids get up for us to just chat.

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