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    You wouldn’t know it from the weather we have been having this week in New York City but it can get pretty cold here during the winter.  Freezing temperatures and a lot of snowstorms are usually the norm around these parts during this time of the year.  Unfortunately, along with the change in weather, we also spend a lot of time dealing with colds and the sniffles. 

    Both of my boys have asthma so I worry about them heading outdoors to enjoy winter activities due to the cold air that they will experience.  Often times, they get red and sore noses from blowing their nose every five minutes when they are sick.  Puffs Plus Lotion allows our family to face the cold and participate in our favorite winter activities.  Although I’m not a big fan of the snow and cold, I do enjoy watching my family having a good time outdoors.


    Despite living in the city, my husband and sons really love going snow tubing and having snowball fights, especially during snow days.  I usually stick Puffs Plus Lotion in their coat pockets for when their noses get leaky outside and they always come home and thank me for always being prepared.  Puffs Plus Lotion is designed to soothe irritated skin by locking in moisture better than regular tissues and is dermatologist tested to be gentle on sensitive skin.  Now those are the kind of tissues that I want soothing my babies’ noses!


    As you can see, the cold and snow don’t scare us at all.  We will not allow Mother Nature to keep us cooped up in the house.  With Puffs Plus Lotion, our family can face winter head on!

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the ways that you prepare your family to head out into the cold and enjoy some outdoor winter activities?

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  1. I use so many tissues all year. Winter is the worst, so I keep tons on hand.

  2. Would you believe we don’t have snow yet here in CANADA?? LOL It’s crazy but I won’t complain! My nose is always running even when it’s hot outside so I always have tissue around!

  3. I make sure I stock up on lots of tissues during the sniffles season. Puffs is a great brand.

  4. Puff is a trusted brand. I stock up on this all year round.

  5. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    My kids love playing out in the snow. I always bundle them up real good before they go outside.

  6. We have already had a few colds. We have a full supply of tissues!

  7. We’re tissue junkies for real. I can buy multiple packs of the multipacks and not bat an eye. My kids are allergy sufferers so we always invest in the good stuff. I like Puffs With Lotion.

  8. I love puffs with lotion. I always make sure I have plenty of tissues when we head out to play outside!

  9. Do you guys have snow on the ground already? We’ve had snow once and it melted off the next day. Nothing but rain since then.

  10. I make sure we are stocked up with Puffs for the winter! We just got a snow day today so I know the kids will be outside playing.

  11. When the North wind doth blow… someone in my family is always getting sick. I always make sure I am stocked up on tissues.

  12. Tissue on hand is an absolute must! In the winter, sniffles from just being outside will happen!

  13. We go through so many Puffs in the winter. Between seasonal allergies and cold season, we just have to stock up.

  14. I LOVE Puffs Plus with Lotion! It’s the only thing I use when my nose is acting up!

  15. We do not get snow here in Florida, wish we did. When I am sick I like Puffs best because anything else makes my nose dry and cracks the outside.

  16. I enjoy watching the snow fall from INSIDE. The weather has been highly unusual in NYC and vicinity and my allergies are still in full effect. Sneezing and a stuffed up nose seem to me my norm lately. The temps are supposed to DROP by this weekend I think so then will come the runny nose from the freezing weather. I think I’d better get some Puffs and not wait until my nose is red and sore!

  17. Winter again! It just keeps coming back, lol. It looks like your family really enjoys the snow. Even though I am not out in the snow and cold, I love using the Puffs with lotion. Keeps my nose soft and not irritated.

  18. It doesn’t get that cold here, but my daughter usually wears a jacket and I make sure she wears socks and boots or tennis shoes when it’s cold.

  19. I could use these right now. I am way sick for life at the moment. I go through so many tissues, it’s crazy. I am not sure we have Puffs here, but I’m going to check and see! Would love to try them!

  20. Puffs with lotion are my favorite tissues to get when i have a cold. They feel so nice on my nose. Last year i tried the ones with Vicks in them. They were amazing.

  21. Wish I had those for my flu these past weeks. My nose got so red and damaged from my un-lotioned tissues. Lesson learned… only soft, lotioned tissues when I have the sniffles.

  22. Puffs Plus Lotion is a lifesaver for kids and adults. That stuff is awesome on sore noses!

  23. Man I wish we got snow like you guys!! Down here in the south we are lucky if we get a few inches haha! But we still have fun!

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