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    If I have to be honest, I would say that I am one of those people who is always scrambling to get everything ready for the holidays.  Although it is my favorite time of the year, it’s very difficult to prepare in advance due to my career as an educator along with my responsibilities as a mom.  

    Last year, I didn’t have time to send our yearly holiday photo cards and it broke my heart.  It has always been really important to me to send these cards out to friends and family so they could enjoy pictures of our family and so we could convey our love and caring to them during this very special time of the year.  This year, I visited Shutterfly to create our personalized cards and I am beyond excited at how beautiful they turned out.


    My husband and I were so happy that Shutterfly offers holiday card designs in Spanish.  All of our grandparents speak Spanish and are going to be tickled to receive our beautiful cards and sentiments in our native language.  Since my Tata and Abuelo are in Spain, it means even more to me to be able to send them a little piece of our hearts that they will be able to feel and understand. 

    I really like that many of the holiday card designs that Shutterfly offers allow you to create a collage of all your family photos.  We like spending time together as a family so I chose pictures that show how much we enjoy being united and that showcase our bright smiles as well as how much we love one another.


    Make sure you visit Shutterfly and create your own personalized holiday cards, photo book or photo gift to demonstrate your love and appreciation for those who truly matter in your life.  Nothing conveys these messages better than a personalized gift that you took the time out to design and create.  It is the next best thing to mailing your heart to them in an envelope!

Let’s Discuss:  Why are holiday photo cards important to you and the people you send them to?


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  1. They are important because it’s a nice way to share the holiday spirit with my family and friends.

  2. I entered your Paypal cash giveaway.

  3. I love sending holiday photocards. I hope I win this giveaway.

  4. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    We have so much family out of state that we love sending photo cards and getting some from them, too!

  5. Holiday cards are important to me because it’s a way to connect with family and friends and show that we’re thinking about them this holiday season!

  6. Holiday cards are the best. There are so many unique styles and layout. Yours turned out great.

  7. melissaandkeith miller says

    I think holiday cards are important and love sharing them with family because it lets them know you are thinking of them during the holiday season!

  8. For me, it’s a good time to make sure everyone has a picture of my family and the cards are just so nice.

  9. It’s a way for people who live far away to keep up with our family.

  10. I LOVE Shutterfly for SO many reasons! And your card turned out beautifully! Now it’s starting to feel like Christmas!

  11. Every year we say we’re going to buy photo cards, and every year we put it off too long. Doesn’t look like this year will be any different!

  12. Holiday cards are important to us to remind family we are thinking of them during the holidays and now to send them photos of our adorable baby girl!

  13. I send holiday photo cards to my family so they can see my little one grow because they don’t get to see her very often.

  14. Holiday photos are important to our family because it’s a way we have to keep in touch since we don’t see each other regularly. My mother lives in Colombia and my husband’s family is in Portugal.

  15. I entered your Fandango giveaway.

  16. Austin Baroudi says

    Holiday pictures are important to me and the people I send them to simply because they have become a tradition in our family.

  17. We love using shutterfly for our holiday cards! It’s an important tradition that we like to keep every year!

  18. I love Shutterfly for holiday cards and gifts for relatives that live far away! Thanks for sharing this giveaway with us, it will definitely help the holidays for one lucky person.

  19. I know my family enjoys receiving family cards from others. I think this is a fun way to show personality. Plus I love that you can customize cards any way you want.

  20. These look so cute! You chose some great pictures. I’d love to make some card like these with Shutterfly.

  21. I love collecting photo cards from friends/family every holiday season, ’cause love seeing how the kids have grown older, and what new family members have been added recently (babies or furry friends.) Its a nice treat to see that the world keeps moving forward, especially if its been ages since you’ve got to see them in person!

  22. Holiday cards are a way I connect to relatives and friends I don’t see often. I love seeing the pictures people send me on cards.

  23. Your family is beautiful and the cards look great! Holiday photo cards are important to us because we have a lot of family that doesn’t get to see our kids regularly so photo cards are a great way for our friends and family to get to see how they’ve grown over the year. I also feel they are more personal than typical cards.

  24. I love how easy Shutterfly makes it on me for Christmas! I love to give personalized calendars for holiday gifts.

  25. It is a nice way to keep in touch with people you don’t see very often.

  26. What a great idea for a gift. I’m going to check out Shutterfly.

  27. It’s so neat to see how your kids are growing! They are getting so big so quick.. makes me realize how time flies. I think that’s the best and most important of holiday cards. 🙂

  28. Those cards turned out lovely! I haven’t even thought about Christmas cards yet. I’ll be the one scrambling this year!

  29. Barbara Montag says

    Holiday photo cards are great for sending to family and special friends!
    It’s an extra special personal touch.

  30. I don’t send out too many holiday cards, but I always love to get the ones with the photos on them from my loved ones. I love how nice yours turned out!

  31. My sister uses Shutterfly and she always does a photo card for holidays. We always enjoy receiving these cards.

  32. I love sending out photocards for Christmas. We have cousins and aunts and uncles who we haven’t seen in years and it makes us feel closer when they see how much the kids have grown. As much as I love sending photocards, I also love receiving them!

  33. Your cards look great! I love Shutterfly too and use them every year for our Christmas cards.

  34. We also send cards every year to our friends and family. I just LOVE Shutterfly, they make things so easy and their cards look great!

  35. Holiday cards are important to me. They’re important to my mom too. They represent happiness and family closeness to us. I still have cards from 30 years ago and she does too. 🙂

  36. Kristin Goodson says

    Holiday photo cards are important because I like to keep them. I like seeing how people have grown or changed especially if I don’t get to see them a lot in person. I look forward to getting photo cards during the holidays.

  37. These are gorgeous! I feel so bad, I’m usually so good with my cards and such but I’ve been slacking this year. I am so sad I don’t even have a photo yet for mine. These look so beautiful!

  38. It’s a great way for keeping in touch with loved ones near & far. I love to look back & see how my girls have grown on each New Year’s card.

  39. Jessica Beard says

    I like to send photo cards to family and friends we don’t see very often. I think the photos make the cards more personal. Shutterfly is the best!

  40. What a great sounding company – I absolutely love the idea of personalized Christmas goodies.

  41. Diane Estrella says

    It’s important to stay connected with family and friends!

  42. Photo cards are important for a more personalized card that family and friends can cherish and stay connected!

  43. I love seeing the kids changing from year to year. It’s a great way to let someone know you are thinking of them and it’s fun to get mail that isn’t just bills.

  44. Tari Lawson says

    I love to send Christmas cards. To me it is just more personal than communicating electronically. Plus, I like to send along pictures of my children.

  45. Holiday cards are important to me because they live out of town and the cards are a way for my extended family to see me.

  46. I’m a very big fan of holiday cards, I just love sending them out and choosing which family photos to use and such. Lovely giveaway!

  47. Meghan Malicoat says

    My family is spread all over and some of us don’t get to see each other in person very often so personalized cards are a great way to feel closer and see the kids grow up.

  48. I think its important because it shows other’s you are thinking of them. It is also important because its a great way for us to show family and friends we don’t see all the time how the kids are growing etc. either by using a picture christmas card or by just sending a picture with it!

  49. Cool giveaway! I never sent out picture cards. I just send out hand written cards.

  50. Richard Hicks says

    Holiday photo cards are special because they convey how the family is doing. Most everyone we send them too love them. They are just fun!

  51. Getting photo cards is always a nice treat. I like seeing how much the kids have grown during the year. The one in your post is really cute.

  52. I love being able to send a nice picture out to our friends & family to show them how the kids have grown up. It’s also nice to see theirs!

  53. I send, and receive, Christmas cards from out of town friends and relatives. Most of the time that is the only occasion I hear from that each year. I love to keep up with their lives.

  54. I think they are important because it shows you are thinking about them. I also like to show how much the kids have changed.

  55. Sarah Hayes says

    They help me document how my daughter looked each year and they are a nice way to send pictures to family so they can put them up for others to see.

  56. Brittney House says

    I love to receive Christmas cards because I love updated pictures of friends and family.

  57. photo cards are a great way to let those who live far away see how great your doing.

  58. megan tilley says

    They are important so our friends and family far away can see we care and see how our little one has changed.

  59. Cards look great.

  60. beth shepherd says

    I think they are important to send to let them know how much we love them. I also love to receive them. Thank you!

  61. I love preserving our memories & how everyone looks. Then I show everyone & tell how our family is doing & wish them a Happy Holiday season! It’s nice to spread some smiles around!

  62. We have a tradition of taking a family photo every year on Thanksgiving weekend to use for our Christmas cards. I love being able to look back through the photos and it’s so fun to share them with family and friends!

  63. I entered the $50 Fandango Gift Cards giveaway.

  64. Leigh Anne Borders says

    I like to send cards as a way to let others know we are thinking of them this holiday season. I also like to share news and pictures with loved ones that are not on social media.

  65. Holiday photo cards are fun to make. It helps keep family members together and helps them see how your family is growing if they don’t see you in person often.

  66. Tracie Cooper says

    Holiday cards are important to me because they are a great way to connect to family and friends who don’t live close. My dad sent out several hundreds of Christmas Cards and I loved helping him every year!

  67. Holiday cards are important reminders to loved ones that they are in our thoughts during the holiday season. I love displaying my holiday cards, especially the ones with family photos, so that I can see them throughout December.

  68. It’s a great way to save a memento of that years’s festivities.

  69. soha molina says

    They show that you care about the people you send them too. The people also get to see that you care about them.

  70. We always like to see how all the kids have grown! Also, how our other relatives look after another year. we don’t see much of them because our family has scattered all over the place.

  71. My family tells me they love getting them! This year is going to be even more important with our little one on the way!

  72. shelly peterson says

    I love sending Christmas cards with pictures of the family to let friends and family know we are thinking of them and people don’t send actual pictures very often anymore so this is a good time to do so.

  73. Stephanie Larison says

    We always send out Christmas cards with pictures of the girls either in them, or get cards made with the pics on the front. I like that I can send cards to family who don’t live close, but they still get an update on the growing kids.

  74. susan smoaks says

    holiday photo cards are important to me because they are unique and personalized and fun to send and to receive too

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