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    It’s amazing how comforting a good cup of coffee can be during the fall when the weather starts to get cool.  Just when I thought that I couldn’t love coffee anymore than I already do, the Ninja Coffee Bar™ brewer changed everything for the better.  It literally transforms all of my favorite ground coffee into something richer than just black.  The best part is that I can also use it to make my favorite iced drinks with just the touch of a button.

    It’s no surprise that Sofia Vergara loves it too because it allows her to recapture the memories of the smooth, rich coffee that she grew up loving in her native Colombia.  The Ninja Coffee Bar™ with Auto-iQ™ One-Touch Intelligence lets you enjoy hot coffee with incredible flavor richness and in any size you want: a cup, travel mug, half carafe or full carafe.  This is especially convenient since you sometimes just want to enjoy a single cup alone or make a carafe to share with family or friends.


    It offers me so many delicious options such as creating  coffeehouse-style hot and cold layered beverages right in the comfort of my own home.  For my iced drinks, it also allows me to increase the coffee concentration to compensate for melting ice, so it won’t taste watered down.  This is so important since I never want to lose the rich coffee taste of my drinks even when I enjoy them cooled down.

    One of my favorite recipes to enjoy on my Ninja Coffee Bar™ brewer is Café Con Chocolate.  It is a a Sofia Vergara Signature Recipe and you can make it yourself once you get your hands on your own Ninja Coffee Bar™ brewer:

Café Con Chocolate


3 Ninja® Carafe Scoops (or 6 tablespoons) ground coffee
2 packets hot chocolate mix
1 1/2 cups whole milk, warm, divided
Whipped cream, for garnish
Chocolate syrup, for garnish


Size: Half Carafe setting
Brew: Rich

  • Following the measurement above, place the ground coffee into the brew basket.
  • In a measuring cup, stir together hot chocolate mix and 1/2 cup milk until well combined. Stir in remaining milk and mix well.
  • Pour hot chocolate mixture into the carafe; set carafe in place to brew.
  • Select the Half Carafe size; press the Rich Brew button.
  • When brew is complete, gently stir to combine and divide between 4 cups. Top with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.


    Now one machine lets me dial up flavor richness to enjoy my favorite coffee–any size, any style, any time–all in the comfort of my home.  It looks like the best coffee being served in town is right in my kitchen!

Let’s Discuss:  What drink would you love to prepare and enjoy using Ninja Coffee Bar™ brewer?


Our Sponsor is giving away a Ninja Coffee Bar™ brewer (ARV $159) to one reader of Tough Cookie Mommy!a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. shelly peterson says

    This is really nice. I would make a caramel iced coffee.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I want one of those so bad. I am a major coffee addict, so I would use this all day long.

  3. I can’t even imagine coffee getting any better but I’ve heard some amazing things about the Ninja coffee bar. Its going on my Christmas list this year. 🙂

  4. I was just looking at these today! I want to win!

  5. Cafe con chocolate is right up my alley and probably the first thing I’d make.

  6. I love this coffee bar! So many things it can do! Your recipe for the chocolate coffee is great! I will make this for my family who love coffee!

  7. I know my family would love the hot chocolate the most. My favorite would be making iced coffee .Thanks for the chance!

  8. Stephanie Phelps says

    I would love to make myself and nice hot cup of caramel hot chocolate with first if I won!

  9. That sounds delicious! I’ve always wanted a Ninja. I hope someone gives me this Christmas. 🙂

  10. I would make dessert drinks (coffee milkshakes!).

  11. angela cunningham says

    I would like to make hot chocolate.

  12. Stephanie o'day says

    I think we would probably make some type of Mocha Latte!

  13. I just told my husband I wanted one!! Would love to try the café Con Chocolate! Looks amazing!

  14. Austin Baroudi says

    I’d love to try the Café Con Chocolate! It sounds like it’d be really good!

  15. If I won I would make some hazlenut flavored coffee. If I want some a little fancier, I would make a Frangelico cappuccino

  16. I entered the $10 Paypal Cash giveaway

  17. I would love to make Cafe con chocolate . Yum! I would love to win! thanks for the chance!

  18. My kids would totally love this because they drink coffee. However, I don’t really know what drinks they’d make since I don’t know coffee. That being said, I know Ninja rocks!

  19. I went to the site and the recipe that looks the best to me is Almond Chai Tea. It sounds awesome!

  20. Cafe con chocolate sounds very enjoyable.

  21. Everyone in my family likes coffee different ways. I love iced coffee.

  22. I can do so many mixes with this one. My husband and I are coffee addicts, while the kids would enjoy the hot chocolate.

  23. Would love to do a Cafe con Nutella. Wow and Woah. Gracias for the giveaway; BB2U

  24. Kathy Luman says

    There are so many recipes it’s hard to choose just one. One that I would try would be the Antioxidant Refresher.

  25. I’d like to make the Sweet Sofiaccino with it. I love sugary, creamy coffee drinks, and this one sounds delicious. I love that it has sweetened condensed milk in it because it makes everything taste amazing.

  26. Danielle Marie says

    I would go with a hazelnut latte. so yummy.

  27. Adrienne Gordon says

    I’d make coffee for myself and hot chocolate for the kids.

  28. My kids would enjoy hot chocolate. I would enjoy iced coffee. This time of year I like peppermint mochas and pumpkin spice lattes.

  29. Jennifer Rote says

    I’d love to make some Café Con Chocolate with the Ninja Coffee Bar brewer.

  30. Richard Hicks says

    This is a very sophisticated brewer to say the least. So many things I would love to try with it. First recipe I would do is a Cappuccino-Style Coffee

  31. You got my attention right away with the Cafe Con Chocolate recipe. OMG, it sounds soooo good! Divide between 4 cups? Guess who would drink all those 4 cups by herself! Yummy!

  32. I would love making hot chocolate with this. Yummy. It is perfect for our cold days.

  33. I am kind of excited about this one! There are SO many people in my family that would love this that I will have to buy one for a family member.

  34. Kristin Goodson says

    My whole family loves coffee! I would love to make lattes and expressos. I’m sure I would end up experimenting with different flavors. The cafe con chocolate sounds delicious.

  35. I would make hot cocoa mostly….YUM!

  36. I’d to try making hot chocolate for my family and I’d like to try any new coffee drinks.

  37. This sounds like a great coffee bar brewer. I would make a café mocha or iced caramel macchiato.

  38. I love all the Ninja products I have used in my kitchen! This sounds perfect for people who love a good cup of coffee!

  39. I would make something sweet and chocolately. I would love to try this. Looks so fancy.

  40. As a coffee/hot drink addict I would have a field day with this! I’d make yummy lattee’s, cappucinos, hot chocolate and MUCH MORE!!

  41. I would love to prepare green smoothie and enjoy using Ninja Coffee Bar™ brewer.

  42. Steve Pfister says

    I kind of have my eye on that drink at the top of the page. Love whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Definitely make hot chocolate. Maybe start drinking coffee, too.

  43. I would try this recipe for Café Con Chocolate. The coffee brewer looks graet!

  44. Kim Henrichs says

    Wow – this looks awesome! I would love to do a good salted caramel mocha with the Ninja!

  45. Ermagerd this looks so good! I love my coffee treats 🙂

  46. kelly tupick says

    I would make smoothies with this. I like to make fruit flavored smoothies as these make perfect healthy snacks. My daughter loves to make ice cream frappes.

  47. I’m going to make the Cafe Con Chocolate if I win. My two addictions rolled into one.

  48. Wow, that looks delicious! I’m not a coffee drinker but adding chocolate may be a game-changer!

  49. Ohh what a great sounding machine, I love a chocolate containing one yum!

  50. I would make a chocolate latte topped with whipped cream! This machine looks amazing!

  51. Oh my husband would DIE for one of these. Seriously, hes the biggest coffee lover I’ve ever know. I’m a tea gal!

  52. That cup of coffee looks so delicious right now. I just saw the commercial for the Ninja coffee maker over the weekend and was telling my husband we should take a look at it.

  53. Just to be able to brew my coffee strong enough for when I drink it iced would make me very happy!! Of course I would love that Café Con Chocolate-it sounds heavenly especially on a cold snowy winter’s day!

  54. I want one! This looks like the most amazing coffee maker ever.

  55. I’m a coffee lover, so I would love to have this ninja coffee bar.

  56. That sounds so amazing. This would make for a great holiday gift!

  57. I’d start the day with my regular coffee, but as winter approaches, I am really looking forward to hot chocolate!

  58. I would make hot chocolate.

  59. I would love a variety of drinks in this Ninja Coffee Bar. I probably want first a cappuccino and different flavors of coffee too!

  60. If I had one of these I could make a latte everyday of the week! Think of all the money this would save me!

  61. Wow, this looks absolutely mouthwatering. I love that you can alter the concentration of the coffee, I hate it when my coffee becomes watered down.

  62. I love the combination of hot chocolate and coffee. Throw in whipped cream and chocolate flakes and I I will be very happy.

  63. All three adults are coffee drinkers, I would have to do a Iced Vanilla Coffee with Stevia. We even have a coffee bar set up just for all our coffee goodies. Our granddaughter has about a 1/4 cup of our coffee once a week or so, since she lives here and sees our lifestyle. She has her own cocoa goodies for when her friends come over. TY for the chance!

  64. Christa Bengtsson says

    I would love to prepare and enjoy my coffee that I must have in the mornings.

  65. Oh I love all of these coffee drinks. Would love to try to make these drinks, they are so yummy.

  66. Tanya White says

    I go to DD two times a day for coffee, I wouldnt have to go anymore because I would make my own dark roast coffee right at home.

  67. I would make the Autumn Latte Lifter

  68. I would love to make a sugar-free while chocolate double shot latte as these are my favorite. I am also a huge fan of a pumpkin spice latte.

  69. I would make my Cafe Mocha and top it with whipped cream!

  70. I would love to make myself and nice hot cup of caramel hot chocolate

  71. I’d make hot chocolate for me and my grandson. Topped with marshmallows for me and whipped cream for him!

  72. Ellie Wright says

    My husband is the coffee drinker of the family, so he would get tons of use out of this. But I would love making hot chocolate for my grandchildren.

  73. Allison Swain says

    I would love to use the Ninja Coffee Bar™ brewer to prepare a hot chocolate!

    Thank you for the chance to win this 🙂

  74. melissa Resnick says

    The Autumn Latte Lifter.

  75. Brittney House says

    I would love to make some hot chocolate or a latte.

  76. christina aliperti says

    I need one of those now! The Ninja coffee bar and the cafe con chocolate. I would save so much money if I had one of these at home.

  77. I would love this to make my Caramel Flan Lattes!

  78. I would love to make this Cafe con Chocolate! It looks amazing! I would also love to make my Mexican Loco Hot Cocoa!

  79. I saw a recipe for Chillout Chai Smoothie that looked good.

  80. I would make a caramel macchiato. How fun to be able to make it a home!

  81. amy williams says

    I have drank coffee before but just in the last year I have really taken to it. Since I am the only one who loves it, it doesnt really make sense (lol to my husband) to buy anything to make it but I love all kinds of coffee hot cold love it all don’t really have a favorite I love trying it all. This would be wonderful.

  82. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    The First Drink I Would Make Would Be Hot Chocolate!Perfect For A Cold Winter Day!

  83. I like to make a hot cup of Louisiana, New Orleans style Coffee & Chicory with warm Almond Milk. Don’t knock this idea until you have tried it!

  84. Allison Swain says

    Entered Star wars fandango giveaway

  85. I would love to make a french vanilla cappuccino! It would be nice to have this around the holidays to make after dinner drinks for the family!

  86. I would make hot and iced coffees. Lattes, in every flavor- caramel, pumpkin, creme brulee, etc I would never get flavor bored! 🙂

  87. natasha lamoreux says

    What a great giveaway. I would like to make a hot caramel machiatto.

  88. Tracy Shafer says

    I would make myself a mocha latte…I am so addicted! If it wasn’t so bad for me I would drink it every day!

  89. I would love to prepare and enjoy Irish Coffee using Ninja Coffee Bar™ brewer.
    Also, homemade cappucino would make my day.

  90. I would love to make hot chocolate with this. This looks like a great Christmas gift!

  91. I would love to make all kinds of lattes with this. Would save me a lot of trips to the coffee shop.

  92. Tracie Cooper says

    I would love to make hot chocolate! This would make the perfect Christmas gift!

  93. I would make lattes for my husband and I. My kids would love hot chocolate!

  94. I love all types of coffee! I start off in the morning with regular hot, then it’s iced in the afternoon and then I like to end the evening with a few vanilla lattes. I have tried every way to make homemade lattes, but honestly they taste nothing like the coffee shops. I would love a machine like this!

  95. My MIL just told me about the Ninja Coffee Bar the other night because she knows how much I love my Iced Coffee. I can’t wait to get one for myself and would love to make my iced coffee in this bad baby. But I also love the option to either enjoy a cup or a carafe of coffee.

  96. I would love one of these amazing machines for my coffee and lattes, especially in our new home. I would love to make a peppermint mocha with shaved chocolate on top for the holidays!

  97. Tonya flores says

    I would make a drink with LOTS of whip cream, chocolate chips and ice cream. lol

  98. The Cafe Con Chocolate that you described sounds great! There are so many great smoothie recipes on the Ninja website that I would like to try, but the Frozen Hot Chocolate would probably be my first choice.

  99. I would like to make hot chocolate and iced coffees with this coffee machine.

  100. Heather Dawn says

    I would make myself French Vanilla Ice Coffee. This machine looks amazing!

  101. I’d use it to make my fave iced coffee drink. Just make coffee, add honey, stir till dissolved, add a pinch of cinnamon, pour over ice and stir. I can taste it now!!

  102. Leigh Anne Borders says

    My husband has been talking about this coffee maker ever since he saw a commercial for it. I know we would enjoy making lattes in it. Such a cool maker!

  103. I would make a caramel cappuccino for me! Perfect for this cold weather we’ve been having! And for my kids is make some hot chocolate!

  104. I would make French Vanilla coffee in this first.

  105. Kathy Hanley says

    I would make a Mocha Frappuccino!

  106. Megan Cummings says

    I would make anything, they all look so good! I would probably make a coconut flavored coffee first!

  107. soha molina says

    I’d love to make a Vaniila flavored Latte for my mom. We would enjoy making things with this.

  108. soha molina says

    I entered the Shutterfly giveaway

  109. After reading several reviews, I really want to try the Ninja Coffee Bar. To be honest, I’d probably go simple most of the time with a black cup of the rich brew. However, I’d have to try a vanilla iced coffee as well.

  110. This machine is really cool! I’d make lattes and mochas.

  111. Christine Fidance says

    It would be so woderful to make all these yummy treats at home; I’d try the Cafe Con Chocolate first, sounds so delicious! Thank you!

  112. Michelle H. says

    I would love to make a mocha latte.

  113. Oh the possibilities! I’d probably start out with making a vanilla-carmel latte and then have some fun experimenting with new drink creations!

  114. Courtnie Miller says

    I would like to make french vanilla with it!

  115. Mary Cloud says

    I’d only use it for hot chocolate. Hubby is the coffee drinker in the house so he’d probably try some different coffee drinks.

  116. Shakeia Rieux says

    This would be for my mother-in-law and she would make chai iced coffee her favorite.

  117. Shakeia Rieux says

    I entered the $10 Paypal Cash

  118. During the summer time, it would be nice to be able to make some iced coffee.

  119. I would like to make hot chocolate.

  120. I would make my own version of a Frappucino!! YUM.

  121. Hot chocolate would be good.

  122. Stephanie Larison says

    I’d use it to make plain ole coffee. It’s a must have for every day!

  123. I would make some strong coffee then pour some vanilla creamer.

  124. susan smoaks says

    I would make a chocolate latte.

  125. I’d love to make a latte or a cappuccino! love me some foamy, creamy milky coffee!

  126. I love this machine. I would try a vanilla latte first.

  127. I would love to prepare a mocha frappuccino or a caramel frappe.

  128. kim keithline says

    I would use the ninja coffee bar to make layered coffee. I would also make caffe mocha and many of the other drinks that I like to get at my favorite coffee bar

  129. Jennifer J says

    I am fairly new to coffee. I would start off with plain coffee and maybe work up to iced coffee and eventually try harder things like fancy flavors and other concoctions! Thanks!!

  130. Terry Bellender says

    I have always loved drinking and making Cappuccinos. With this it would be so much easier to make them at home not to mention save a ton of money from buying them outside my house.

  131. Scott Poston says

    Well, we drink a ton of caramel iced lattes, but for the cold weather I think I would use a little eggnog syrup and pure coconut milk- maybe a shot of spiced rum? I’d call it the Nutty Christmas House Guest.

  132. This is nice. I would make hot chocolate with mint creamer.

  133. Richard Hicks says
  134. Carolyn Daley says

    I would love to use the Ninja Coffee Bar to make a caramel frappuccino.

  135. My family loves sittin’ ’round the fire pit, drinking hot cocoa. so, that’s what I plan on making.

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