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    The past couple of weeks have been extremely stressful in our household.  Our younger son has sever asthma and it is usually aggravated by the change of seasons or any weather changes.  I had to run with him to the emergency room two weeks ago when he had an acute asthma attack and then again last week when he tested positive for strep throat.  Those of you with kids know this all comes with the territory when kids go back to school in the fall and are exposed to all those germs from other kids.


    I’ve been waiting for him to get better so I could take our whole family to get our yearly flu shots because I’m concerned about all of us being protected during flu season.  We’ve had the flu in this house years ago and, believe me, it was horrible and we were all very ill for a long time.  Since we are all asthmatics, I worry even more about any of us getting sick and having our breathing problems triggered.


    A flu shot is the best way to protect yourself and your family from flu, which sends more than 200,000 people to the hospital each year.  Though there is still a small chance you can catch the flu even if you get vaccinated, getting the flu shot will greatly reduce your risk. It is especially important that seniors, infants and others with weakened immune systems get vaccinated.


    We headed over to our local MinuteClinic to get our family’s flu shots and it was very convenient.  My husband and my sons all received their flu shots and the entire visit took all of 45 minutes.  It was easy to register all three of them at the MinuteClinic kiosk and their Nurse Practitioner was very knowledgeable and had a wonderful bedside manner.  She made my nine year-old son very comfortable when he began to squirm due to being nervous about getting a needle.

    Make sure you visit your local MinuteClinic to get your flu shot this season.  Remember, Flu Seasons are unpredictable. They can begin as early as October and can last as late as May.  The flu shot is the best way to protect yourself and your family from the flu and its complications.

Let’s Discuss:  Have you gotten your flu shot this year and how do you protect yourself and your family from getting the flu?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I have never gotten a a flu shot and never will, but my kids got the nasal spray at their well visits a few weeks ago 🙂

  2. Flu shots are very important. It doesn’t mean you won’t get the flu, but it will lessen the severity of the flu.

  3. No flu shots this year. I’ve never gotten one, but protect my family by encouraging hand washing, proper sneezing and coughing habits, exercise and eating foods to strengthen thier immune system

  4. No, I have not gotten a Flu shot this year–not that my Mom and my doctor and a client of mine haven’t been trying to convince me to do so. Of course they are also trying to get me to get a pneumonia shot———–can you tell I am not a fan of needles?

  5. So important! I get one every year.
    I also have asthma so I feel for your son. Fall is always rough on me.

  6. I think the flu shot is a great idea but I can’t get it. I have an autoimmune disease that could be set into a tail spin if I was to get the shot. I get them for my children though. Gotta stay healthy, especially with all the germs going around at school!

  7. We don’t do flu shots in our household. It’s just our personal feelings on it, everyone has their own reasons for getting one or not. Cheers to wellness!

  8. Catherine S says

    The MinuteClinic sounds like a great place to get a flu shot. My work gives us free flu shots and I have an appointment next week to get mine.

  9. We did go get our flu shots this year! Always good to be protected.

  10. I got mine and I’m all set! Nobody has time to be getting the flu. I’m glad you can get a shot really quickly in there.

  11. I always make sure I get my flu jab – I don’t get it often but when I do it’s left me with life changing illnesses so I’m there ASAP for mine.

  12. We always get our flu shots as soon as the doctors give them! It’s important since my daughter is immunocompromised.

  13. It’s crazy how fast those illnesses spread when the kids are in school. A flu shot is definitely a good safety measure.

  14. Two of us already have our shots. Need to get appointments scheduled for Nicole and our youngest daughter.

  15. I never used to get the flu shot. I have a disease that really has wekend my immune system. So now I get the flu shot. It works for me

  16. We have never gotten flu shots but I think this might be the year. I don’t want to get the flu!

  17. My girls get the nasal sprays at school each year. I don’t get the shot, but I do a lot of hand washing and use sanitizer constantly frequently.

  18. Yes I got my flu shot just last week and I know my husband and parents received theirs too. I can’t seem to talk my own adult sons into getting it.

  19. I have only ever gotten the flu shot once in my life, a few years back. I got so sick I decided against it. I have had a true flu maybe twice in my life, so I just try to keep as healthy as I can instead.

  20. I like the MinuteClinics! Very convenient! I can’t take a flu shot due to my two autoimmune disorders, so I just have to be super careful. The flu is AWFUL.

  21. My kiddos are all up to date but as usual I still need to go get mine. I definitely can’t afford to get sick being the primary caregiver.

  22. When I worked in the hospital they gave all of us a free flu shot. I have not gotten mine this year. Need to get on that.

  23. I have never gotten a flu shot and I think we won’t get them this year either, but I think that the risk group should get it. We try to eat healthy vitamin rich food, wash our hands often and be active outdoors to keep the flu away.

  24. I always get my flu shot done every year. So far i have been fortunate and i have avoided the flu for years.

  25. This topic seems to usually be a 50/50 split on opinion, either way it’s great to be informed on many different shot before giving in to them! I just respect that everyone has a choice to choose what best for their family. Thanks for sharing 😀

  26. 200,000 people is a lot. I’m surprised actually that it’s so many! We’ll probably get our flu shots this year. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Seems like I get the flu once a winter either way. 😉

  27. So important to get the flu shot! Thanks for the reminder.

  28. The flu is the worst. I am glad that you were able to make getting a flu shot a priority.

  29. I understand it is so stressful when kids fall sick in all of a sudden. Flu shots are always important so you feel you are protected & you can atleast over come the severeness of the flu at the end of the day.

  30. I get the flu mist every year, it’s important!

  31. We definitely got our flu shot at our local MinuteClinic this year. It was so convenient and quick. Now I have to convince my husband to go.

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