How Did You Shine It Forward This Monday? #MondaysForGood @JimmyDean #Ad

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    Let’s face it, Mondays are never any fun for anyone and we often spend the entire day lamenting over the fact that the weekend wasn’t long enough.  Today was a particularly long Monday because of Daylight Savings Time this past Sunday when we set the clocks back one whole hour.  All of that just equalled an even longer beginning of the work week and it was hard to keep the momentum going at the job today.  

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    It became quickly apparent this morning that I had to do something drastic to get this week off to the right start.  After all, whatever tone you set on Monday tends to follow you throughout the entire week.  Suddenly, it came to me and I realized that the best way to not let Monday get the best of me was by “shining it forward” and making this day matter by doing something nice for another person.  

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    Yes, I know, it’s a great idea but I cannot take the credit for it.  You see, Jimmy Dean is kicking off the movement with #MondaysForGood – encouraging team members to do good on Monday mornings – and they don’t want it to stop with Jimmy Dean.  They want all of America, which means all of us, to join this initiative and use their powers for the sake of good on Mondays.

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    My “shine it forward” contribution today was not a great feat but every act of kindness is special and it doesn’t matter how big or small the gesture is but the intent behind it.  Since I’m an educator, we usually have staff development on Monday afternoons after we dismiss our students.  

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    During our meeting, I learned that one of my colleagues suffered a death in his family this past Saturday.  Since I knew he wasn’t up to presenting the findings of our group to the rest of the staff, I did it for him so he wouldn’t have to face everyone while he was still grieving.  It felt good to see the gratitude in his eyes as I told him I would take care of it.  It was a great way to brighten his day and to make me shine a little brighter this Monday.

    Jimmy Dean wants to hear from you!  Tweet @JimmyDean or Post on Facebook/Instagram using #MondaysForGood and share what good you would do if given a Monday morning off to do good.  You can also get involved by sharing your #MondaysForGood story on social and visiting to sign the petition and make #MondaysForGood a national holiday.  After all, one positive chain reaction can turn the entire world into a brighter place for all of us!

Let’s Discuss:  What good would you do if you were given a Monday morning off to do good?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored campaign created in collaboration with Jimmy Dean. All opinions are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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  1. I’ve actually done this before and would do it again. We spent a morning at our local McD’s and bought coffee for everyone in the drive through and inside for a full hour!

  2. I’ve bought 5 x $5 gift cards for Tim Horton’s and handed them to strangers that looked like they needed a little bit of kindness for the day. The one I remember the most was handing one over to an over-worked employee manning the coat closet of an event I had attended that day.

    Its been a while since I’ve last done this, thanks for the reminder, as its something I should probably do again really soon!

  3. What a great campaign! I love the Jimmy Dean commercials with the Sun, they make me smile. What a great campaign too, I love the idea of turning Mondays into a shining it forward Holiday.

  4. This is such a good idea. I love the idea of starting the week off with random acts of kindness!

  5. This is a great idea. It would like to do something like this.

  6. Around this time of the year, we create small care packages to bring to the homeless shelter and to hand out to people on the street. A gift card, socks, and some toiletries. With a Monday morning off, that’s what I would set out to do again.

  7. Jennifer Williams says

    I am a SAHM so not sure what I could do on a Monday morning because we are not out the door that early. I might have to do an afternoon thing – love this idea though.

  8. What a fantastic and beautiful idea. As a family we often try to pay it forward when we can but life gets busy and we forget and get caught up. If there was a goal, every Monday Shine it forward that would help make sure we don’t forget and let life get ahead of us.
    If I had Monday morning off I would deliver some ready made meals to a few new mommas I know. Complete with snacks for the day. Or stop by and do a load of laundry and dishes. I know what life is like with a newborn and I had a few friends do similar for me. It was so lovely

  9. I’m not really sure what I would do–all I know is I attempt to bring “sunshine” to total strangers whenever I see them sad or scowling–I simply give them a big smile. It never fails to get them to smile as well!

  10. Catherine S says

    This is such a great idea. I will have to think about what good I could do with a Monday off.

  11. I would volunteer for special needs children. There is so much that can be done, I would love to be part of a movement or something.

  12. Aww this is such a sweet initiative. I like to think little acts of kindness cause a chain reaction of good deeds.

  13. I have to admit I’m not sure what I would do, Monday’s aren’t really Monday’s in our house as the OH doesn’t work normal shifts so its a day off for us. I love the idea though I shall have to give it a ponder.

  14. I would hit up a local elementary school and/or my son’s school and put in my volunteer hours.

  15. Awesome idea. We try to do good for others as a family.

  16. Love this! More people need to show kindness – not only does it help others, but also brings joy and a purpose for your own life.

  17. We love Jimmy Dean breakfast items in our home. This sounds like a great campaign, great theme!

  18. I am currently changing my career path so I have everyday off for a short time. It has been so nice to not be on a schedule.

  19. I would probably take my parents out for lunch & then finish all my errands. Then have a nice dinner cooked ready for my husband 🙂

  20. Jennifer Williams says

    While it was not a morning pick me up, we did shine it forward tonight. We decided to buy dinner for a few fire fighters that happened to come into where we were dining. After our fire season this year it was the least we could do!

  21. What a great way to start off the week and a Monday. I will have to put some thought in this and see what I can do next Monday morning to make it a great day and week for others.

  22. I love this campaign. Doing simple good deeds like opening doors to an elderly keeps me in a great mood all day.

  23. Hurray for Jimmy Dean. I think it’s a great movement too. 🙂

  24. I would spend the day helping troubled youth or foster kiddos. They have a special place in my heart.

  25. Unfortunately I have not done anything special this past Monday as my dad is in the hospital and I have been running around for the past 2 weeks like a maniac. But these are all great suggestions.

  26. I give back to my community every weekend with my daughter’s Girl Scout troop but I think we are going to kick it up a notch and give back to the animal shelter.

  27. This sounds like a great campaign, with so many possibilities. I would love my family to get involved.

  28. Never heard of the campaign ! This is a great thing for families to get involved in ! Had no idea Jimmy dean had this going on.

  29. CourtneyLynne says

    Omg what a great campaign. Unfortunately I didn’t do anything this Monday…. But I will have to think of something epic for next Monday!

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