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    Last weekend, my husband and I took our boys out to dinner.  Whenever we go out to eat, Hubby always takes our sons to the men’s bathroom with him when they have to go. We are definitely helicopter parents and we worry about them being alone with strangers in public bathrooms, but I digress.  Once they returned to the table, my husband proceeded to tell me that a guy in it had broken “Guy Code” when it comes to bathroom etiquette.

    Now, let me tell you, I had no idea that there are so many rules for how guys are supposed to behave in the men’s bathroom.  According to my husband, everyone knows that you are supposed to skip the urinal next to a guy who is already using one.  It seems the offensive guy in the bathroom had failed to do this and posted up in the next urinal.  This whole rule was news to me because I thought guys basically had no rules for bathroom use.

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    Apparently, you are not supposed to have any physical contact either when you are in the men’s bathroom.  Thankfully, Charmin is not afraid to ask these hard questions when it comes to bathroom etiquette and relationship dilemmas that are connected to potty time.  

    I’m glad that they are courageous enough to ask these tough questions. I have just about all I could handle worrying about everyone washing their hands after going. I always make sure I never touch the doorknob to public bathrooms without using a paper towel to protect my hand from yucky germs.

    Charmin is asking all of the hard questions about the bathroom that we all secretly want the answers to!  Make sure you watch and share the following video to receive a Charmin coupon.  After all, imagine how great you will feel after enjoying a good laugh and saving a little money on America’s favorite toilet paper?!

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of your rules of etiquette when it comes to public bathrooms?

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  1. I knew they had rules because my husband is very particular about this when teaching our son. That video is funny.

    • Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

      That makes me wonder if those “rules” have been taught to my boys yet. I need to find out about that one from my hubby.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    According to my hubby, guys shouldn’t even look at each other in the bathroom. I guess that makes sense 😉

  3. Yuck to public bathrooms. I always wipe down changing tables. I also put the baby’s blanket down if I have one on me that we won’t need to use the rest of the day.

  4. That is hilarious. I always wonder if the men peek at the urinals!

  5. I can’t imagine going to the loo where you can see each other, I’ll stick to the stalls I think.

  6. Wow – Well, in the movies they always show the guys right next to each other! Seems like that would be so uncomfortable feeling having someone right there! And, its cool that Charmin is bringing it up! And great little fun video – although why are men are shown soooo much using urinals? lol

  7. I love Charmin. When buying toilet paper, it’s one of the only brands we will get.

  8. My hubby says he doesn’t even make eye contact, and gets so annoyed when people try to speak with him! Lol, bathroom chatter anyone?

  9. Ha ha! I’m so glad we don’t have to deal with this in the ladies room!

  10. This is great. Guys have such a different perspective than women!

  11. This is SO funny… I know all about the bathroom rules.

    And I totally agree with you – we never let our son go to the bathroom alone!

  12. I have never heard of the rules for men in the washroom. It makes perfect sense to me to not use the urinal right beside someone if there are others open. Charmin is my favorite brand of toilet tissue.

  13. I had no idea about men’s bathroom etiquette, but I’ll ask about it from my husband for sure. I try to avoid public bathrooms as much as possible, but when I have to use them, I try to have disinfectant wipes in hand.

  14. That makes sense about skipping a urinal in between people. And I am def. a helicopter parent when it comes to public bathrooms too. I worked at the courthouse many years ago, and have seen how many cases there really are for bathroom incidents, oy!

  15. My rule is to only use a public bathroom when there is really no other option. If I can hold it I do, lol. I would rather wait till I am home.

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