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    Halloween has always been such a fun holiday for us.  Ever since we bought our home in 2004, we have really enjoyed planning for all of the Trick or Treaters that come knock on our door that evening.  I have been known to go a little overboard buying candy to give out and we enjoy hanging skeletons in the front yard to add to the spooky vibe.

    My husband and I enjoy a good prank and Halloween is also a great time to play tricks on unsuspecting people and scare the wits out of them.  Most families who love this time of the year as much as we do look forward to decorating and setting up Halloween pranks and haunted houses.  A friend of ours actually spends the whole season visiting haunted attractions around our state.

    In recent years, Halloween pranks have gotten more elaborate and even spookier than ever thanks to all of the technology that we have at our disposal.  Best Buy has all of the spooky and fun products that we need to make our pranks a huge success.  This year, our sons are older so we are hoping to get them in on planning some scary tricks to get everyone into the spirit of the season.

    I’ve decided that we are going to scare friends where they least expect it: the bathroom.  This prank is called the Wicked Washroom because it puts a horrific sound and light show in the least likeliest of all places.  

    The brains of this prank is WeMo outlet switches and light switches you control from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet. You can make hair clippers and a hair dryer seem to turn on by themselves. Then, kill the lights and make a spooky light and music show come alive.

    Make sure you head to Best Buy to get more Halloween ideas and to learn other how-to pranks using technology.  We are really hoping to hear some bloodcurdling screams from our bathroom on Halloween.  I really can’t wait to see the looks on the faces of all the unsuspecting victims!

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  1. Oh my! I hope people are sitting down for that one…otherwise you could wind up with quite the mess in the bathroom!! Love the idea, what a fun way to surprise people on Halloween!

  2. I wish I could do this in the office toilet without getting fired! Haha. This would be such a cool prank to play especially if you have snotty bosses in the workplace.

  3. This sounds like a lot of fun! I would be worried about accidents though.

  4. Oh, this is fun. My husband and son are the prankers, they will love this idea.

  5. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    My husband comes from a family of pranksters. While I don’t think they are funny AT ALL, I really can’t avoid them when I am around that crew.

  6. Lisa Jacqueline Lewis says

    Can I come to your house for Halloween?! LOL! What a fun idea! We like Best Buy! They have great choices and helpful employees whenever we shop there!

  7. I would have never thought of shopping at Best Buy for Halloween stuff. Maybe for a spooky CD, but that’s about it.

  8. I would love to pull this on all of the guys in the family. They are always trying to pull pranks on me too.

  9. What a funny prank!! I would love to get my husband who acts like he isn’t scared of anything with it lol!

  10. Catherine S says

    This sounds like a great prank. I like the idea of being able to control it with my smart phone.

  11. My oldest loves spooky pranks. He’d probably laugh hysterically if we did our bathroom and people came running out yelling.

  12. OH MY GOSH, that would completely freak me out! What a super fun way to give someone a scare!

  13. Debbie Denny says

    Oh I love that Wicked Bathroom . So many things You can do with these items. FUN

  14. I had no idea that you could go to Best Buy for this kind of a thing. I’ll have to check it out.

  15. LOL the Wicked Washroom sounds hilarious! Just don’t want no one scaring me because I have a weak bladder! hehehe

  16. This is so much fun! I have a houseful of girls so I would love to do this.

  17. Oh that would make for such a great Halloween for me!! I have to run over and get all the inspiration and goodies at Best Buy!

  18. Nice. The bathroom sounds great. I love the unexpected.

  19. I clicked through the links and I have to say, I am loving all of the suggestions on the Best Buy website. I will have to show these to my husband because he always does something special on Halloween for the neighborhood kids.

  20. The husband and the son are the prankers in the family. I would love to pull this one on them this time. Lol

  21. Ha! This is great. I can’t wait to pull this on my husband.

  22. Oh my! Pranks in the bathroom could get quite interesting! Might be YouTube worthy 😉

  23. I just might faint if that bathroom trick were pulled on me——but it probably is a lot of fun!

  24. We have the WEMO app for our air purifier and it really comes in handy. I think this would be an awesome prank!

  25. hahha I love this!! I want to do this bathroom prank on my sister. She would panic if the hair dryer went off on its own and lights turned on and off. You have inspired me! 😀

  26. Oh that prank sounds like fun, I would love to pull it on some friends and family!

  27. The washroom prank is a fantastic idea. We love to celebrate Halloween and go all out decorating.

  28. Halloween is always a ton of fun in our house. The kids are always trying to prank each other. Last year my Son dressed up like a mummy and sat on the deck with a bowl of candy. When people would approach to take some he would move and scare them.

  29. thelesleyshow says

    That is a great prank. I already know who I am going to get with this!!!

  30. I’m with you, the spookier the better! Halloween is such a fun time and I like to go all out and prank everyone and at least give them a little scare!

  31. Best buy and Halloween stuff? I wouldn’t ever think! I would LOVE to do this to my hubby! So fun!

  32. That is so awesome! I love stuff like this, is so much fun! I was just at Best Buy the other day but had no clue they had anything to setup something like that.

  33. Halloween is such a fun time a year! Especially for the kids

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