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    I have a guilty confession to make, I don’t have time to prepare breakfast in the morning on weekdays.  Between being behind both of my boys to get ready to go to school, I have to leave extra early for my commute to work and so I will find parking near my job.  If you have ever been to New York City you know what a challenge it can be to find a parking spot.  As a result, I try to make sure that I spend special time with our boys on the weekend making and enjoying special breakfast treats.


    When I ask my sons every weekend what they want to eat for breakfast, their immediate response is always Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls.  They love them and we have a great time putting the icing on them as soon as they come right out of the oven.  I’m sure we should probably wait until they cool off but it’s just so hard to hold back when the whole house is filled with the delicious smell of warm cinnamon.


    As a family, we really cherish this time on the weekend when we can get together and share stories of our adventures during the past week with one another.  My husband works really late hours so it is especially heartwarming to see him spending this special time with our sons.  I love just sitting back and watching them laugh and joke around with one another while they lick icing off their fingers and lick their lips after each bite of their Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls.


    If your family is like mine, with two working parents and a hectic weekday schedule, I invite you to make some Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls and bring your family around the table on the weekend.  From the delicious icing on top, to the Cinnabon cinnamon and the ooey, gooey center – cinnamon rolls are the ultimate weekend breakfast indulgence.  


    Believe me, you won’t have to convince them how important this time is, the scent of cinnamon and icing will have them gravitating towards the kitchen before you can even close the oven door!


Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the ways that you make breakfast with your family special on the weekends?

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  1. Debbie Denny says

    Oh so yummy. I love these for breakfast or anytime. Always keep Pillsbury rolls around.

  2. These were an absolute staple in my house growing up. I’ll get a can for nostalgia sake sometimes– they remind me of Saturday mornings as a kid!

  3. Catherine S says

    Those cinnamon rolls look so yummy. I usually make french toast on Saturday. I think this week I will change it up and make some cinnamon rolls.

  4. We don’t do it every Saturday, but they are on the menu for birthday mornings. Also on Christmas – nothing better than munching on them while opening presents!

  5. I love that you had wonderful helpers. I bet the rolls smelled good too.

  6. My kids never eat breakfast on the weekdays. They take after their mom! Love Pillsbury. These rolls have been around since I was a kid so that means they are good!

  7. Oh, wow these look delicious – I am a totally sucker for a good cinnamon roll!

  8. We cinnamon rolls in our family. They are perfect for dessert or as a breakfast treat.

  9. These are perfect for a quick breakfast on the weekends.

  10. My kids love when I surprise them with these cinnamon rolls. In fact I think I need to pick up a few packages the next time I visit the grocery store.

  11. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says

    On Saturday’s, we usually have a big breakfast, omelets, hash browns, bacon, toast. We all pitch in to cook and it’s a fun. Every Sunday, we make Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, after everyone sleeps in, been a tradition in our house for years 🙂

  12. I’ve never tried these, but every time I go to the store, I think about buying these. I love Cinnabon. I could gain 100 pounds just eating their rolls. Yum. I do use Pillsbury biscuits though for special occasions.

  13. Delicious! We’re fans of these too. I really need to pick some up soon.

  14. I grew up with these cinnamon rolls! We would really savor them because we only got them when someone would bring them over from the USA for us.

  15. I do like cinnamon rolls, especially when they’re nice and warm. I could really go for one of those right now!

  16. I love their cinnamon rolls. They are so yummy and it brings me right back to my childhood when my mom would make them for me.

  17. I LOVE cinnamon rolls. I don’t ever think to add them to breakfast or mornings though! What a great idea. They are so good!

  18. I love cinnamon rolls. I’ve never tried this, but after reading this post, I will definitely give it a try.

  19. I love cinnamon rolls. I haven’t tried this, but after reading this post, I will definitely give this a try.

  20. I have always loved the ease of these Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls and how the kids can gain confidence by helping to prepare them in the kitchen. They smell so delicious when baking as well!

  21. The only time I actually MAKE breakfast is on a holiday morning LOL Then it’s normally French Toast 🙂 But sometimes I’ll bake some cinnamon rolls like these the night before and my hubby will warm them up in the morning if he’s in a breakfast mood 🙂

  22. My kids get pumped for cinnamon rolls! They know how to make them by themselves now!!

  23. I am a big fan of Pillsbury products. Those cinnabon rolls looks so delicious. Your boys are so lucky to have you as their mom!

  24. I always keep a few packages of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls in the fridge. They make a great sweet snack. The kids love them with brunch.

  25. These Cinnamon rolls looks fabulous, a perfect breakfast for kids which is super delicious & healthy as well. I would love to get these for my kids right away.

  26. My family LOVES Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls!!! I can eat about 3 in a row!! lol

  27. I have to pick up some Cinnamon rolls for the kids and hubby. We usually keep them in the house but I haven’t in a while. Thanks for reminding me.

  28. Yum, we love these cinnamon rolls too! I like to make breakfast with my daughter on the weekends, she likes learning to cook.

  29. Richard Hicks says

    I have had these and they are SO GOOD!

  30. Richard Hicks says

    Looks so tasty. Have not had these in a while and will fix that soon.

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