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    I can’t even begin to explain to you guys how often my husband has told me his elaborate plans for building a man cave in our next house.  We are hoping to purchase a second home in the next couple of years and he has this dream of creating the ultimate “Guy Experience,” whatever that means.  He doesn’t realize that I’m all for this idea because it would mean that I finally get to hold the television remote for a change and watch what I want to watch.

    The definition of a man cave is a refuge where a guy can escape to, unwind, watch sports—his space, his rules, and where he has complete control. Technology is generally a big part of any respectable man cave, so to brag about what’s possible, Best Buy took a dilapidated, old basement and transformed it into something a little more “manly.”


    Here’s some additional inspiration of six man cave ideas to help you get some brownie points with the man in your life:

6 Tech Ideas for the Ultimate Man Cave:

1. Build a PC Gaming Station

2. Set up a Sports Alert Light Show

3. Sit Closer to the Action with 4K Ultra HD

4. Customize a Kegerator with 3D printing tap

5. Add a smart putting green

6. Create a robot fight club

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    I’m really digging the Sports Alert Light Show idea for Hubby.  He is an avid sportsman who is constantly watching sports on television.  I know that he would love to surround himself with all things sports related.  This will be a dream come true for me because it would mean I don’t have to listen to sports in the living room anymore!

Let’s Discuss:  Which Ultimate Man Cave Idea do you think the man in your life would enjoy the most?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Now that my stepson moved out for college, we have been talking about making his room in the finished basement into a man cave/game room.

  2. My husband is thinking of putting up a man cave. These are good suggestions.

  3. Most guys I know would love to sit around and watch sports all day and night–the females in their lives–not so much! There would definitely be a LARGE HD in any man cave conceived by anyone I know!

  4. I think my hubby would appreciate a TV in the garage with a gaming system. However, first we need to clean up the garage to even make that possible.

  5. I’ve seen those curves TVs at our Best Buy. Not sure if they’d work for us, but would take one if someone gave it to me for Christmas!

  6. Those curved TVs are really cool. I have been wanting one since I saw them at Best Buy.

  7. I really fancy getting a new TV – ours has had a good life. I quite fancy a curved one. x

  8. My husband would never leave a man cave if we had one. What we need is a woman cave for me lol

  9. Best Buy has some awesome man cave ideas. A big TV would be essential for all the sports and video games guys like to play.

  10. And that is why you are the smart cookie mom! I think my hubs would love the robot fight set up

  11. My husband would love a curved tv. He needs a man cave, and deserves one. Maybe in our next house! Best Buy will be the place we go for our needs!

  12. My husband would LOVE a robot fighting club. Not sure what it is, but he loves robots and watching fights 🙂

  13. We don’t have room for a mancave yet. My husband will have to wait.

  14. I would love to get a new gaming system for my Sons man cave. He has the whole basement set up as his cave.

  15. That light looks pretty cool! Just keep that screen away from my hubs, he’ll want it for his man cave, hah!

  16. A gamming station sounds nice. I bet the kids would really enjoy it as well.

  17. You and I both! My hubby has his mancave so this would ideal for him!

  18. We have a man cave right now. I think we use it more then he does though. lol

  19. Men need some alone time too. His man-cave should be complete with a tv, a laptop, a mini-refrigerator and sports!

  20. What my husband wouldn’t give for a Best Buy Shopping Spree for a man cave. We plan to purchase our first house in March, we will definitely be stopping by Best Buy for our man cave needs. My husband wants a big TV and surround sound.

  21. Why is it only men get a cave? I have a girl cave and love it with my surround sound etc.

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