Fall Safflower Seed Luminary #DIY


    As Fall looms around the corner, and we can already see signs of leaves beginning to change all around us, we welcome the comforting foods and activities that we enjoy during this season.  Many people enjoy the Fall immensely because it brings cooler weather and the trees and foliage are absolutely breathtaking during this time of the year.

    This year, I am excited about completing some Do It Yourself projects that will bring our entire home into the spirit of the season.  Little by little I hope to transform our home and get it ready for the holidays.  This week, I would like to show you how make a Fall Safflower Seed Luminary.  Stay tuned, as I will be posting other tutorials for how to make a variety of luminaries this season.


Fall Safflower Seed Luminary

Supplies needed:

Clear mason jar

Safflower seeds or birdseed/sunflower seeds

Green/orange yarn or ribbon

Fall embellishments like acorns, leaves


Hot glue, glue gun

Battery operated votive


1. Begin by filling your mason jar ¾ of the way full of seed. Insert the battery operated votive, which is safer for this project than a real votive.

2. Tie a length of both the orange and green yarn or ribbon around the mouth of the jar. Tie into a loose bow.

3. Add some fall embellishments such as silk leaves or faux acorns. Just use a dab of glue and press the accent piece to the yarn until secure.

To use your safflower seed luminary, simply turn on the candle and place it back into the seed for quick and easy ambiance.


    I hope that you enjoy making this luminary and that it brings comfort to your family and your home just as it has done for our home.  

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the changes that you make around your home when the seasons change from summer to fall?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Maria, I seriously love this. I host Thanksgiving every year and this would be an awesome centerpiece!

  2. That is beautiful!!! Living here in the mountains, I would definitely have to keep it inside, or else our birds would eat it all. :/

  3. Oh wow, that is beautiful. It sounds easy to do, I would love to this, too!

  4. This is such a nice and inexpensive fall decoration. Will definitely add this to my fall decor.

  5. Catherine S says

    This is such a cute and creative idea. This will make a great center piece for our fall BBQ.

  6. What a super cute idea for fall. I always make things like this and my cats always knock them over, lol!

  7. What a cool idea. I actually have some safflower seed in the storage shed so I could do this.

  8. This looks really neat. We need some more fall decorations around our house. I will have to make some of these.

  9. I generally don’t make any changes but I do like the idea of this luminary. I love that you use a battery powered votive. My only worry would be my cat knocking it over and the seeds spreading far and wide throughout my apartment.

  10. I love this idea! It’s so pretty and natural looking!

  11. What an adorable craft! I think I am going to use the palm tree seeds for this when I copy your idea at home. I love how perfect and simple it is

  12. This is such an awesome idea. It’s perfect for Fall!

  13. Cute luminary. I like the acorns that you wrapped around the jar.

  14. We change out our decor for every season/holiday. We will be putting up Halloween here shortly, but right after that, our fall decor goes into place until after Thanksgiving.

  15. I wish I had at least a little of your talent! This luminary you created is so nice and could make any corner of the room cozy!

  16. I love this. So pretty. I don’t really do anything for Fall. I should put out some fall candles or do something like this!

  17. This would be a perfect decoration for fall. I would love to try this.

  18. This is a beautiful idea for a luminary. I love the rustic feel about it and how it can add warmth to a space… It’s a terrific room decor idea.

  19. This is so cool! I love how easy it is to make and it is such a neat decorating idea.

  20. This is such a cute idea which is simple yet creative & beautiful & it has come out very well indeed. This would be great for the fall decorations all around the home.

  21. This is beautiful! Perfect for Fall! A great weekend project, thanks for the idea!

  22. I want to make one of these. I don’t decorate my home season to season. I really should because it does bring a sense of refreshment.

  23. Im building up decor so some DIY is necessary for surem

  24. This is so beautiful and perfect for fall. I love that it is budget friendly too!

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