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    My family and I had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend at a well-known resort in New Jersey last week.  Not only did my boys and my nephew have an amazing time, but they were prepared for their trip in advance because we used out Intel 2in1 to research the hotel and all its amenities.  

    As a result, they knew exactly what to expect with regards to the food that was offered at the on-site restaurant and the activities that were being offered for families and their children.  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited they were when they found out that the resort boasts an indoor basketball court and a total of seven indoor and outdoor pools.


    The Lenovo Yoga with Intel 2in1 is everything that you’ve ever wanted in a laptop and a tablet.  We used it to look at vibrant images of the resort and the hotel that we were going to be staying in.  Everyone in our home loves it because it can easily be converted from a fully functioning laptop to a touchscreen tablet. 


    Aside from enjoying beautiful photos of the resort online before we arrived, we were able to use our Intel 2in1 to make reservations at the hotel restaurant for the duration of our stay.  Additionally, we viewed maps of the grounds so that we would know our way around during the long, holiday weekend.  By the time that we finally arrived, we felt very confident that we would have a wonderful time and maximize on our time there and all the activities.


    As you can tell from our photos, our family had a wonderful time for Labor Day.  As an educator, I am very excited that our boys used our Intel 2in1 to plan their trip.  Hopefully, they will be able to use these skills to research for their reports once school starts up again.  Although they would much rather be on vacation than do schoolwork, having their Intel 2in1 just might be the thing that motivates them!

Let’s Discuss:  How do you use technology to educate your children when you are planning vacations or researching for school assignments?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    My 11 year old just went into middle school and they do EVERYTHING online, so getting him a laptop was a necessity. Not that my wallet was too happy about it.

  2. Wow! I can’t get over that fact that this hotel had 7 indoor/outdoor pools and an indoor basketball court. My boys would be in absolute heaven!! It sounds like Intel 2 in 1 really came through on this hotel recommendation!

  3. Our girls are fully aware of how to use tech for their assignments. Most of their work now has to be done in Google Docs or another proprietary app.

  4. Schools now require a lot of online work and it’s very important that kids have their own laptop to do their work. Lenovo is a good brand.

  5. I use my computer to educate ME when they come to ME and have homework questions. Thank goodness for Google!

  6. It’s amazing how times have changed! My nephews are just getting started at school and they already have their laptops and use them not only to play games, but their homework. Such a great thing! Your pictures are lovely!

  7. Since mommy and daddy work online full time, my kids are quite knowledgeable at researching everything online. My daughter helps me with a lot of things because she is a teen. My 2 year old loves the computer so I’m sure he’ll be looking up stuff on his own very soon too.

  8. Our family could really use an Intel 2in1. My son would love the tablet feature. He really likes “helping” me when I’m on my laptop!

  9. This sounds like you had a great Labor Day. I have been thinking about get a 2 in 1 computer. This is a great option for me.

  10. I love using our tablet to make online reservations. It makes things so much easier.

  11. I love my Intel 2-in-1! It was a great price too, for all that it does.

  12. That resort sounded amazing. I really like that Intel 2in1. It’s so portable for travel.

  13. These days, it’s almost mandatory for children to have their own laptops. They use them almost exclusively for school research, we will get getting our 11 year old daughter one for her birthday this winter.

  14. It is amazing how far technology has come in such a short time. Almost everything our family does is on-line, this year we even included it in our homeschooling!

  15. We didn’t do much on computers when I was growing up. Nowadays, it seems like everything is online!

  16. I have heard nothing but good things about the Lenovo and I have been thinking about investing in one. I love your pictures. They do look beautiful. Looks like everyone had a great time.

  17. Computers were not as big of a deal yet when my daughter was going to school. In college was when she really started using computers for everything.

  18. I am amazed by the pictures it takes. Such clarity! I think allowing children to have their own laptop at an age less than 10 is probably not appropriate. However, they need to have access to a family computer if possible. Any age after that, it is necessary with the workload schools are sending home these days.

  19. My oldest is in need of a new laptop. I’ve been looking at Lenovo as an option. This sounds really great!

  20. WOW, that hotel is simply amazing! It is amazing how much research you can do online these days.

  21. What a great way to get kids involved in vacation planning, And it is educational to boot.

  22. Yep, that would definitely be good motivation to get the kids involved in travel plans and/ or homework. I use the electronicS to help answer research questions too.

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