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    The next couple of weeks are going to be a whirlwind of activity with back to school looming in the horizon.  Aside from getting both of my boys ready for school, I will also be returning to the classroom and have to set everything up for my new students.  Another very important activity that we take part in every year at this time is getting physicals to make sure vaccines are up to date and that everyone is healthy.  MinuteClinic has all the services you need, from vaccinations and immunizations to sports physicals.

    My older son plays on his school’s basketball team every year so it is important to get him cleared by the doctor to go on the court.  His school doesn’t require it but my husband and I think that it is a great opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have heading into a new school year.  MinuteClinic practitioners can review your child’s health history and immunizations for sports and back to school.  Also, they can complete and place their stamp of approval on any required paperwork that you may have received from your child’s coach.


    Many schools and colleges require that students receive vaccinations including meningitis and pertussis, also known as whopping cough, before going back to school.  It’s important that you educate yourself about the requirements for meningitis and pertussis shots in your state.  Unfortunately, children and young adults are among the highest at risk for meningitis. MinuteClinic can administer meningitis vaccines to anyone over 18 months in most states.

    Pertussis is a contagious respiratory disease that can cause serious illness, especially in infants too young to be fully vaccinated. To prevent pertussis, infants should be vaccinated as soon as they are old enough.  MinuteClinic recommends that those over 18 should get a booster vaccination immediately if they haven’t received one.

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    Don’t forget – you can get $10 off a sports physical for back to school from now until 9/7/15 , and a FREE Johnson & Johnson coupon book with $29 worth of savings at the MinuteClinic near you!

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the steps you take during back to school to make sure your kids are healthy when they start the school year?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Since both of my boys have August birthdays, they get their well visits before school starts. It is easy for me to keep track that way 🙂

  2. I keep my kids healthy by homeschooling 😉 – That is not really an exaggeration. I have one with a weakened immune system, so we tend to stay away from any thing that could get him sick (like all the germs at schools!)

  3. Gosh school seems so long ago to me! I can’t remember what my parents did but I am sure they did a lot 😉

  4. We have to get well checks before school starts. Also doing eye appts. this year!

    • Eye appointments are really well worth getting to make absolutely sure your children do not need glasses which could give them a hard time learning.

  5. I have a daughter with a rare genetic disorder and I keep her healthy by seeing he primary care doctor a few times a year and 10 different specialists the rest of the year and then I have weekly standing OT, PT and speech and therapy appointments. My daughters shots are all up today but this is a great thing for familiess who can’t get into their doctors offices in time before school starts especially all those kids starting Kindergarten for registration.

  6. I just keep reminding them to wash their hands often! Now if only their friends would do it too…and stay home when they’re sick.

  7. This is great information. My kids get their check up before school starts.

  8. I love that CVS offers these services. It makes it so easy and affordable to get these things taken care of.

  9. This is really great! I used the clinic last year to get my flu shot. My doctor’s office as booked, my OB had run out…but the CVS clinic had the preservative free I needed and I was in and out very quickly. Great service too!

  10. We just got done getting current on all vaccinations and school physicals. Done for another year!

  11. Catherine S says

    I will have to check out the CVS wellness clinic. We get my sons yearly checkup around his birthday in September. Once we started homeschooling his health really improved.

  12. I make sure my kiddos always wash their hands, eat right and if they aren’t feeling great I keep them home. Away from other kids. Wish more people would!

  13. I love CVS Minute Clinic. They are great for when my girls have a simple problem. Hardly any wait and close to home.

  14. This is so important! It’s always the first few weeks of school when the kids start passing germs around!

  15. I love having access to the MinuteClinic. We’ve been fortunate enough not to need one lately, but they’re SO handy to have close by!

  16. I really believe all kids should get the vaccinations which will keep them from getting some of the diseases that we as kids all had–measles, chicken pox etc! If I had kids they would definitely be getting vaccinated and checked at least once a year by their MD.

  17. It’s pretty convenient that you can stop into a MinuteClinic before school starts to make sure the year goes smoothly. This is really nice for pre-college vaccines.

  18. Getting them off to a healthy start sounds great to me!

  19. My lady is starting school and getting a well visit! I love that CVS is offering so much more than just a store- they’re a real builder of community health!

  20. I make sure my girls eat a balanced breakfast and take their vitamins each day. That and lots of hand sanitizer! It’s the best way we know how to stay healthy going back to school.

  21. I take my kids to the dentist for their annual prophylaxis and fluoride treatments. Then they see our family doctor for an overall wellness check. Prevention is better than cure!

  22. This is so important for kids going back to school especially vaccinations! While I don’t do yearly check ups, both of my boys are vaccinated and up to date. They also have their yearly eye exams before going back to school to make sure everything is okay in that respect.

  23. I have used this clinic for me and for my kids. It is so convenient when our regular doctors’ offices are closed after hours.

  24. Ann Bacciaglia says

    My kids get their eyes examined every year before school starts. We like to eat healthy and we all take a multivitamin.

  25. Vaccines and check ups are very important. We usually do this before school starts.

  26. It is important to be educated about the vaccinations, for many reason! We always keep ours up to date.

  27. This is such a great reminder for parents to make sure that they’re kids start the school year in shape. Since kids will be around others kids for such a long period, we want to make sure our kids are healthy.

  28. Some great information right before back to school. It is always good to have a checkup before school starts so they have a confident mindset & good healthy start to the school to move ahead.

  29. I really like the convenience of these minute clinics. Beats sitting at the ER for hours on end.

  30. I know this is crazy but I am on my kids more for flossing their teeth. They always fight me on it and I know that they need to. That is one thing I am going to commit to for them being healthy.

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