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    My nephew Christian is a very joyful and precocious little boy.  At three years old, he is always looking to investigate the world around him and to assert his independence when it comes to completing tasks and solving problems.  Such is the life of a preschooler who is exploring his surroundings and learning all of the wonders that fill his daily life.  The new Amazon Original Series, Wishenpoof, will be available for Amazon Prime members beginning on August 14th, and is perfect for curious preschoolers like my nephew.  Let me tell you a little bit about it before its Amazon Prime debut!


    As his loving aunt, or “Titi” as he calls me, I am always looking for television programs that will inspire this creativity in him.  Not to mention that I am also an educator so there are qualities that I search for in children’s programming.  I am very impressed by the new Amazon Original Series, Wishenpoof.  The series was created by Angela Santomero, who is also known for her work in “Blue’s Clues” and “Super Why!”


    The series, geared towards children of preschool age, is focused upon the daily life of a girl named Bianca, who tackles life’s problems in her own creative and imaginary ways that sometimes include magic.  As situations arise, she is supported by various friends, along with her parents and her brother Ben, in her quest to make good decisions.


    Bianca is a very confident young lady who often stops to encourage herself, even when it seems like a solution might not be in sight.  I also loved how polite she is, often saying “please” and “thank you.”  This subconsciously teaches children that they will have better outcomes if they are kind to others and have good manners.  


    My nephew is biracial as his father is African-American and his mother is Latina.  Wishenpoof also promotes tolerance and acceptance for children who are of mixed races or multicultural since Bianca is half magic fairy and half human.  There is even an episode where she takes time out to make her brother feel special too since he doesn’t have magical powers like she does.  Not to mention her diverse group of friends!  It was a great lesson in self-acceptance and accepting others even when they are different than you are.


    Wishenpoof will be available for Amazon Prime members beginning on August 14th and you can use it to inspire your children to use their imaginations to solve problems in the world around them.  Through watching Bianca’s adventures with her friends and family, your kids will learn that the solution begins inside of them when they believe in their ability to succeed!


Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the ways that you encourage your own children to solve problems in creative ways?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I always try to help them think it through one step at a time. It usually helps, but sometimes I need to guide them a little.

  2. I love that this show is inclusive! So many shows don’t show people of different races.

  3. Catherine S says

    This sounds neat. I always tell my son to think outside the box.

  4. My kids aren’t problem solvers so I’ve had my work cut out for me. They’ve dealt with major bully issues so I’ve been taking the last year trying to build them up. Hoping the advice and ways I’ve given them to problem solve helps.

  5. It’s great to be able to teach children to look at all sides and to think about things that aren’t obvious.

  6. What a fun way to get kids to learn. Making learning fun!

  7. This cartoon reminds me of rainbow bright from back in the days. Also im glad that there will be a show modeling creativity and curiosity.

  8. This looks amazing. Problem solving are super important skills.

  9. How fun – getting the kids to think in different ways is so important!! 🙂

  10. This is so fun! I love when shows are entertaining and teach lessons too.

  11. This is really cute. I could see my little ones enjoying this. It teaches that we are all equal, I like this teaching concept.

  12. I have Amazon Prime and I love that they have this kind of programming! We need to check this out.

  13. I would not mind if my child would be glued to the TV is this was what they were watching. It is very educational and helps kids develop the necessary skill sets that they can use when they get older.

  14. This sounds like a fun show. Problem solving becomes easy when you think of creative ways to do it.

  15. Ann Bacciaglia says

    This looks like a great series. I will have to share this with my friends with little ones.

  16. I have always encouraged my kids to work things out on their own. I am always close by to make sure things go smoothly.

  17. As a mom of 2 kiddos who don’t always get along, I think it is important for kids to work things out them selves at times.

  18. eliz frank says

    I like the fact that it is not only encouraging kids to be creative in problem solving but that it is also representative of the diverse population we live in. It should do well among pre-schoolers and, even their slightly older siblings, who might learn a tip or two from the program.

  19. I have one son who is great and problems solving and another one that kind of disappears if he has to solve a problem. My husband and I are both problem solvers and I am not sure why our sons are so different.

  20. I can’t WAIT until my daughter is old enough for games like this!!!

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