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    As many of you know, my nine year-old son was diagnosed with epilepsy this year.  This has not been an easy journey because, as parents, we want to protect our children all the time from every potential danger.  Unfortunately, that is not always possible when you are a Working Mom and your children attend school during the day.  

    Not being able to protect him from having seizures at all times can be very frightening and difficult.  LifeFone Mobile Alert and LifeFone Family Guard are enabling parents across the country to protect their children and families even when they are not physically together.  


    Through the use of smartphone app enabled services, you can have access to a trained central station professional who can immediately alert First Responders until you or your loved one is safe.  As parents we know that sometimes emergencies arise in the least likely places like the mall, at school, away at college, at work, or even in a dark parking lot at the end of the work day.  Believe it or not, Family Guard is sometimes faster to call than 911!


    The way it works is that, through the simple touch of a button, you are immediately connected with a central station professional who will alert the proper authorities to the correct location of your emergency.  LifeFone Mobile Alert and Family Guard uses Google Maps for instant and exact location information, and can provide access to essential medical information, notify others who have been designated to be alerted and much more.

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    As the parent of a child with a serious medical condition, the mere pennies that it costs to have this valuable service are worth it.  When my son has seizures, he is immobilized and I love the following features of LifeFone Family Guard and the peace of mind that they provide me with:

  • You don’t have to speak to get help when you press your button.
  • Your call center immediately accesses the profile you’ve provided when you press your panic button. They know who you are, what vital medical and personal information to relay to first responders.
  • The ability to locate you is often more precise than 911.

    For our family, LifeFone’s service is not only affordable, it’s priceless!  I hope that this personal security tool will help to provide you and your family some peace of mind in this challenging world.

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the concerns that you have about not being able to protect your family when they are away from you?


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  1. I worry someone will be hurt or sick and not be able to get help. Not even older relatives, but what if my husband was hurt? Would the kids know what to do? This looks like a great service for all families

  2. I am concerned because I have to leave my 14 yr old daughter alone at home with our two younger boys sometimes so I can run errands, it would be nice to know they had something like this while I was away. It would definitely provide some peace of mind.

  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Right now the only time my kids are away from me is when they are at school, but my oldest is getting to that age when he is going to be wanting more freedom. This sounds great to have for when that time comes.

    • Jennifer Williams says

      It is especially hard when your kids hit that age where they start going off with friends. This is such a great feature to have – at least you know it will alert you if they need you.

  4. I’m more concerned about my youngest , she will be 9 in a few weeks but the worry kicks in when she goes to her father’s because there is no way to get a hold of her, or vice versa.

  5. I worry that my daughter or my husband will be sick or hurt and i won’t be able to help him.

  6. My biggest concern is them not being able to recognize danger as well as I could. I can only hope they’re paying attention!

  7. This is a great idea! thanks for sharing this!

  8. What a fantastic sounding app! I’m going to have to see if works over here!

  9. This sounds like a great service. I’m the kind of mom who worries a lot when my kids are out and to think that my kids have no medical conditions. What more with mom’s with kids with medical conditions? This service will be very helpful.

  10. Wow, this is one of those ‘what will they think of next’ – great share – thanks, I will definitely pass along this information.

  11. My son’s a teenager now, but we still worry about leaving for a long time. My husband and I would like to go out on a date, but even here in the mountains, you wonder. This would really put me at ease!

  12. I love this idea. Unless you are a stay at home parent, and even then you are not always home, this is amazing. Something everyone should have.

  13. Wow! This looks great for everyone. I work with the elderly and many of them don’t care for the necklaces with the life button. This works like a regular phone, but it so much more. What a great item, thanks so much for sharing!!

  14. Catherine S says

    This is a great app. My son is getting ready to start college and is out and about on his own. With this I won’t worry as much.

  15. It’s really cool that it even gives you alerts by location. This could come in handy for medical and security emergencies.

  16. I think I have heard of LifeFone but not with mobile. This is a great tool for everyone.

  17. My youngest just started Kindergarten. I’m a mess of nerves and worry over him. I worry he will get hurt physically and even emotionally. He’s my last kid.. My baby.

  18. This is such a great idea. I bet it will help many people and save many lives.

  19. This is an awesome idea. I always worry. About everything. My kids aren’t ever away from me or home alone but my oldest never wants to go places with us anymore when it’s a trip down the street so this could be useful for if/when I ever allow him to be home.

  20. As a mother my concerns are endless especially since both of my older children play sports, but this app seems so practical and logical, like a no-brainer for anyone with children or an elderly parent, or anyone really. I’m actually glad to have heard of it, and my question is does it only work in the US?

  21. I really need to check this app out. My son is getting older now and will be allowed to stay home by himself when I run our for fast errands, this sounds like it would be resourceful.

  22. This sounds like a very cool app! Great resource for parents for sure!

  23. Ann Bacciaglia says

    This sounds like an amazing app. It would make me feel better if my Mom had it. I worry she is going to need help and not be able to get it.

  24. I can’t believe I have not heard about this till now. I will have to get this app. I love it and I will be making my (suggesting) family get this. Thanks for sharing.

  25. I need this app! I always worry about my kids and this would help me feel better when the kids are not home.

  26. I know there are many apps out there in the market, but by far, I think this is the most important one. I can only feel secure when I know my family can get help when and where they need it. I will be reading more about this LifeFone Family Guard service. Thanks for sharing.

  27. This sounds like a great app and great way to ensure your kids are safe particularly if they have a medical condition.

  28. Jennifer Williams says

    It is always nice to have a something there to help in an emergency. I am curious and will have to check out how they might be faster than calling 911. I like that it notifies your loved ones though, that would be a nice feature to have.

  29. Paula Schuck says

    This sounds like a great App. I will have to look into getting this for my Kids.

  30. Anything that helps is great, and you’re right, anything that saves money is well received. Especially if you have to have your money elsewhere (priorities).

  31. I think we all have things we are fearful of and we need to find things that help us feel comfortable.

  32. What a great app! I’m going to share it with some of the parents at my school!

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