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    When I found out that I would have the opportunity to check out the ASUS ZenPad S 8.0, I was thrilled because I own other ASUS tablets and I have come to expect a more advanced tablet experience from them above other tablets.  

    My first desktop computer came equipped with an ASUS operating system and, I knew right then and there over a decade ago, that they had superior technology.  Not to mention that every new ASUS tablet is even better than the last when it comes to design, technology and audio features.


    The ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 certainly lived up to my expectations!  Let me begin by saying that it is an absolutely beautiful tablet.  It has a simple, clean look that gives it a universal appeal while being very stylish at the same time.  Its elements are inspired by the Zen design philosophy of balancing beauty and strength.  

    ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 is an 8-inch tablet that is only 6.6mm thin, weighs just 298g, and has a 74% screen-to-body ratio — an incredible engineering achievement made possible by reducing the bezel width to the bare minimum.

    It’s one of the things that adds to its luxurious design, the fact that it is streamlines and sleek instead of bulky and cumbersome.  The screen looks extremely clear and vibrant containing full custom mode where you can adjust the hue, saturation, and temperature to your specifications. It’s really a very nice tablet display.


    I was also pleasantly surprised that it boasts two front facing speakers which make it the perfect tablet for playing video games or listening to music.  Even with the volume raised, it sounds crisp and clear.  My Tween loved this because he enjoyed listening to his favorite tunes loudly, which is one of his favorite things to do while he is cleaning his room.

    ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 is powered by a 64-bit Intel Atom Z3580* processor and has 4GB RAM, so you can enjoy fast web surfing, smooth video playback, great gaming experiences, and multi-tasking that doesn’t leave you waiting.  As you can see, it truly is the perfect tablet for every member of your family and their unique needs when it comes to technology.  Enjoy its luxury on your own terms!

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the activities that you enjoy using your tablet for and what do you love about the ASUS ZenPad S 8.0?  


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  1. I would use a tablet all the time. I read with the Kindle app, I watch movies on Netflix and listen to music.

  2. I don’t own a tablet so I can’t really tell you what I enjoy. If I owned a tablet, I would listen to music, play games, surf the web, stay social and access my online recipes while in the kitchen.

  3. Thomas Murphy says

    I like reading books and playing games with my tablet. I like the two front facing speakers on the ASUS ZenPad S 8.0

  4. I love playing apps and watching movies on a tablet. I love that the contrast adjusts automatically.

  5. What a great tablet! I would use this to take pictures and I would take it to work to surf the internet on my breaks and lunches 🙂

  6. Susan Devaux says

    I would like to play games and watch shows on this! I would use it daily!

  7. I would love a new tablet. I would use it for watching movies and playing games. Love the speakers.

  8. Nichol Perez says

    Since my desktop died we’ve been using my iPad mini for games, recipes, a few tv shows/movies, and I enjoy blogging from a tablet. Asus is a great brand. My desktop was a Asus and I love that the Asus Zen Pad 8.0 has 64 bit of Intel Atom Z3580 and 4 GB Ram and two facing speakers. We love singing and dancing together as a family.

  9. Lisa Brown says

    I like the great screen and the processor. I like to read email, watch videos on a tablet. I would give this to my husband for work and other things that he likes to do on a tablet.

  10. Lisa Brown says

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  11. Lisa Brown says
  12. Danielle Marie says

    I love how it can multitask and how much power it has for a tablet. I would use it for surfing the net and playing games.

  13. Ann Fantom says

    I like that the ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 is expandable via the Micro SD Card Reader, up to 128GB

    I would use the tablet to check my email and surf the internet while traveling without having to lug around my heavy laptop.

  14. Ann Fantom says

    I entered the 50 Fandango Gift Card giveaway

  15. Adrienne Gordon says

    I don’t have one now, so this tablet would be great for a variety of things. Surfing the web, checking emails, watching movies, giving games for the kids.

  16. I would useit for reading, checking email twitter and facebook and last but not least Candy Crush

  17. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I like the 5MP PixelMaster camera that provides high resolution pictures. I would use this on the go for work and to keep in touch with friends.

  18. I entered your Fandango giveaway.

    I’d use my tablet to check emails and update Facebook. I like this tablet because of the fact there’s no shutter lag when taking pictures.

  19. I love how light weight it is! I would enjoy using a tablet to keep up with family and work while out and about at ball games, drs. offices and traveling!

  20. I love playing games on a tablet. I like that this one is light weight and has a large screen.

  21. Julie Wood says

    I love using my tablet to take pictures and post to instagram. I like using my tablet for checking emails, looking at Facebook, looking at store ads, and listening to music! I love the 5MP PixelMaster camera that provides high resolution pictures, and that I can take and send to family and friends!

  22. Zsófia Oravecz says

    I love playing apps and watching movies on a tablet.I like the 5MP PixelMaster camera.

  23. I would use the tablet to watch movies at the gym as I workout.

  24. I would use the tablet to browse Facebook and check my email. My girls would use it for school, games and watching Netflix. I like the super quick processor since I like to multitask while online. Thank you!

  25. Richard Hicks says

    What I like about it is its super fast processor. I would use it to check email online. And use it to surf the web.

  26. Kristin Goodson says

    I love to use tablets to watch netflix and surf the web. I sometimes add games and let my son play them if he’s had a good day. I love that it has a crisp sound because I love to play music while I’m getting dressed. I also love that it has smooth video playback because my current tablet does not!

  27. Jennifer Rote says

    I would use a tablet to read books, watch movies and play games.

  28. I would use it to check faceook.

  29. I love that it is light and the screen resolution of 1536 x 2048. It would come in handy for traveling and my photography.

  30. I like the camera feature. I’d give this to my teen daughter for school.

  31. I think I would use this with my kids. It would be perfect to read books on the go.

  32. My mom and I like to use our tablet for watching movies, reading books and browsing the web. I like the screen size of the ASUS Zenpad S 8.0 which should make things easier to see for my mom. The processor and 4GB RAM will also come in handy for keeping the performance smooth.

  33. Vicki Wurgler says

    I do not have a tablet, I’d use it for playing games and reading books. I also like that this has two front facing speakers

  34. I don’t have a tablet right now, but I love that the zenpad has great gaming capabilities. My daughter would likely use it most and would love it for games.

  35. Margaret Smith says

    I’d enjoy using it for searching the web and checking and answering my emails. Thanks so much.

  36. We need to use it for accessing the internet and browsing photos, googling, email and keeping in touch. I like that the ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 has incredibly realistic viewing and ASUS VisualMaster, it’s just like being there. Also the 74% screen-to-body ratio is a good little bonus!

  37. I like playing games and watching movies on my tablet. I would use this to help keep my son occupied when he is stuck in the car on boring trips and to help him with homework.

  38. I like to use my tablet for checking social media and watching videos. I like the Kids Mode feature included on this tablet.

  39. I like to use it for dictionary purposes and sometimes for research. It’s smaller than a laptop. I’m most attracted to the digital art feature of the ASUS ZenPad S 8.0.

  40. Kimmy Ripley says

    We load our tablet up with learning apps for our daughter. Our tablet is old and this would be so great to have!

  41. Amber hale says

    I would like it to watch videos and movies on it. I would have some kid apps for my boys. I like that it light weight.

  42. Sharon Schoepe says

    I would use this for educational games and videos for the kids (we homeschool) I love that the video and sound are so sharp and that the tablet has gorilla glass which is a huge plus with two little ones

  43. I like the 5MP PixelMaster camera.

  44. Austin Baroudi says

    Watching movies on the go and playing games and I love that it has a 64-bit Intel Atom Z3580* processor!

  45. I would use it to read books, play games, and surf online. I like that it has fast web surfing.

  46. I would love to use this on vacations. It would also be great in the evenings relaxing before bed and searching the web. I like the speakers front facing.

  47. Tabathia B says

    I like reading on the tablet and social networking. I like that it’s powered by a 64-bit Intel Atom Z3530 processor and has 2GB RAM and has a great camera.

  48. Tabathia B says

    entered fandango giveaway

  49. I would use it for games and email.

  50. Seyma Shabbir says

    I love the tablet for reading books, I do not have to carry actual books. I also love to skype with family overseas or with my family when traveling. It is also great to read the news and play games like candy crush or scrabble.

  51. I would love to use it to take on my trips and not have to lug around a laptop! Love that it also had a great camera.

  52. I enjoy reading books on my tablet. I like the kid zone – it would be great for my grandson.

  53. I do almost everything on my tablet! I check email and social networks, keep lists, watch videos, play games, etc. I only wish my husband had one, too. This one is the perfect size for him to carry with him through the day…not too big, and not as small as his phone. No more screen squinting!

  54. Ling Cheung says

    I would like to use my tablet for school.

  55. This sounds like it would be a great tablet for the whole family to use and I love how reasonably priced it is! I mainly us my tablet for on-the-go work related stuff and occasionally for streaming shows and movies. My daughter on the other hand likes to use apps on our tablet.

  56. I could use this for my sons games to keep him off of our tablets

  57. Francine Anchondo says

    I like using my tablet for games and watching videos. I like that the asus has 4GB RAM.

  58. I prefer using the zenpad for checking email and watching videos. My favorite feature of the asus zenpad is the design of the tablet.

  59. Shea Adams says

    I like using my tablet to check email and my son uses it to play games. I like that the zenpad has two front facing speakers. This would be great for videos and music.

  60. I would play games on it.

  61. I would like to surf the web and I would let my kids use it to play games.

  62. I like that the sound is so good. I’d use it mostly for keeping my calendar.

  63. I definitely need a tablet-my Mom (soon to be 93) has one and loves hers. I have been checking them out sporadically and now I know which one to check out next.

  64. I like to play games and watch movies . I like that it is slim and lightweight, and that it has two speakers.
    Thank you!

  65. Leidy Ruiz says

    I would use the tablet to play games with my little one, watch videos and check email. What a like the most about this tablet is the front facing speakers. Thanks for the chance to win.

  66. I love to use the tablet for games. I like the thin and lightweight design.

  67. Julie Wood says

    I entered the Fandango Gift Card giveaway.

  68. Ellie Wright says

    I use my tablet to check email, use facebook, tweet, and play games. But mine is old, slow and heavy. I love that this is thin and lightweight. Great tablet!

  69. My kids like playing games on a tablet. I like browsing the web on the couch.

  70. kelly tupick says

    I love the processing speed of the Asus tablet. I love staying connected to family and friend and sharing pictures and stories.

  71. Bridgett Wilbur says

    I would use this tablet for everything..I just love it.

  72. I don’t own a tablet. If I had it I would use it to browse Internet. What I like about ASUS ZenPad is its size.
    Entered your Fandango giveaway.

  73. We take our kids to a park that is within free wifi range of a few different places. My wife usually sits there playing on her tablet while our kids play. I like that new smaller size of this device, though I am not sure what a bezel is!!!

  74. I like that it has a 74% screen-to-body ratio for bigger viewing with less bulk! I like to use my tablet to skype with my sister in China and to watch movie trailers on the couch!

  75. I like the size of it and I would give this to my daughter. She keeps stealing my kindle fire to play games so I would love to give her her own tablet.

  76. Checking out pinterest, facebook, instagram, taking pictures, reading books, and shopping.

  77. I would use it for social media, games, reading and e-mail. I like the front facing speakers.

  78. steve weber says

    It would be nice to stream music, watching movies and TV and check social media on this tablet.

  79. I like using a tablet for checking email and playing games. I really like the fast processor!

  80. Melissa Teears says

    I would use it to read books from the Kindle app and download learning apps for my son. I like that it had an Intel processor. (Quality)

  81. Lee McKeon says

    I would love a tablet to play games and read local newspaper and recipe blogs!

  82. Seyma Shabbir says

    I love to read on the tablet, play games, read the news or my emails. I also love games!

  83. Seyma Shabbir says

    Entered Fandango!

  84. Jillian Too says

    I love the clear and vibrant screen. I would use it for watching videos and browsing Pinterest recipes. It looks great for the whole family.

  85. I like watching videos on it

  86. I love taking photos of my family, pets & anything that interests me…love the camera feature of this new tablet.

  87. I use my tablet primarily for checking email and social media, keeping appointment reminders, and taking pictures. My kids use it to play games. I’d keep the Asus for myself so I don’t have to share a tablet with the kids! lol

  88. I would love going on pinterest and taking pictures!! I love that it isn’t heavy or bulky.

  89. I don’t currently have a tablet. I do play word games on my phone. If I had a ZenPad, I’d use it often to play word games and enjoy them more on the larger display.

  90. Sandy Bonesteel says

    I have to be honest; I don’t own a tablet yet. But if I did have one I would use it for watching youtube channels when my husband is on the desktop computer.

  91. I love using a tablet to look at reddit, play games, read email, and look for houses. The Zenpad is lightweight yet has a big display that is fingerprint proof.

  92. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I entered your Fandango.

  93. I would use my tablet for games. I would also listen to music. It would be useful for twitter and instagram.

  94. Michele Baron says

    I enjoy using the kindle app on my tablet – I love to read and now my library is one small tablet instead of a huge bookcase

  95. carol clark says

    I love reading on my tablet and I like its finger proof, I meant fingerprint proof.

  96. I like surfing the web and checking my email on my tablet. I love that this tablet has gorilla glass.

  97. kim keithline says

    I love the zen motion feature and I would use it for email, surfing the web and social media.

  98. I’d enjoy browsing Facebook on it and I like that it’s the perfect size!

  99. I do not have a tablet, but if I did I would use it for pictures and videos. I would also use it to check emails and Facebook. I’d let my kids play some educational games.

  100. Carolyn Daley says

    I love that this tablet has an 8 inch screen and dual cameras. I would use the tablet to read, take photos, check e-mail, play games, and watch videos.

  101. I like to check my email and Facebook with my tablet. I also use it for work. If I won this one, I’d give it to my kids to use for their games.

  102. amy stonger says

    I love that its so lightweight. It is definitely right up my alley. I would use it for checking email and social media.

  103. Richard Hicks says
  104. Carol Godfrey says

    I like to use my tablet to play games with the kids. My favorite thing about this tablet is that it has 4GB RAM, so we can surf faster!

  105. Rebecca Simons says

    I would use my tablet for reading, email, web surfing, games with my kids.

  106. Terry Bellender says

    I’m always reading books on mine or I have a few game apps that I play. I also have wifi and sometimes check in on Facebook and email.

  107. I like that it has a long battery life. I would use it for social media and to stream movies.

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