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    Ever since I was a little girl, I have had long, thick brown hair.  I would always get compliments on it but, behind closed doors, I secretly longed not to have so much hair.  While it might have seemed beautiful and full to others, I struggled to take care of it and style it since there was just so much!  My sister never had to deal with this problem because she has always had pin straight hair that she would just wash and go out with after simply letting it air dry.  In my heart, I wished I could have as easy of a hair care regimen as she did.

    As I got older, I started to appreciate my thick mane a little more and I realized that there were certain things that I would have to do to keep my hair beautiful and healthy.  I’ve always kept my hair long and used a lot of styling products so, one of the things that I noticed, was noticeable breakage whenever I washed my hair or even brushed it.  Add to that all the heat styling that I put it through and I knew that I would have to be kinder to my hair.


Here are some of the tips that I have picked up over the years to care for my long, thick hair:

  • Do not wash your hair every single day.  Doing so strips it of natural oils and dries it out.  
  • Refrain from dyeing your hair all the time because it also causes breakage and drying your locks.
  • Use Pantene Repair & Protect shampoos and conditioners to allow you to use straighteners and curling irons without worry about damaging your hair.
  • Drink a lot of water and make sure you get your daily intake of vitamins and minerals because they help your tresses to stay strong and shiny.
  • Wash your hair with cold water as it makes your hair less frizzy, helps to lock in necessary moisture and makes it look all-around healthy.

    You can find brands you trust, like Pantene, for everyday low prices at Walmart.  I love having the convenience of purchasing my Pantene products in the store or through for those days when I can’t make it out.  


    The best part is that, if you are not completely satisfied, Pantene offers a 2x money back guarantee at Walmart.  Trust me, you will never need to use it because all of the Pantene shampoos and conditioners that I have ever used have done a great job giving my hair strength and protecting it against damage.  These days, I love showing off my long, thick hair!


Let’s Discuss:  What hair type do you have and how do you keep your hair shiny and healthy?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I have very naturally curly hair and I actually get keratin treatments at the salon every 12 weeks to make those curls go away 😉 I like the keratin because it keeps my hair soft and moisturized.

  2. As a child my sister and I had long thick hair. Nowadays it’s still thick and I’m always looking for a good product so thanks for the Pantene recommendation.

  3. I can never seem to let my hair grow past my shoulders. I dye my hair a lot and conditioner is my best friend. You are right I do envy people who are blessed to have long,thick full hair. I understand the hard work it takes to keep it in top shape working at the salons I have your advice on not washing it every day is the number one thing we always told clients.

  4. I am so with you. I have long, thick hair too and Pantene has been great for it.

  5. I love using products with Keratin. I have to check these new products from Pantene.

  6. Nicole has long hair and like everyone, it gets more brittle as we age. Will mention this one for her to try out!

  7. Just this year did I start not washing my hair every day. That’s HARD for me LOL But I have noticed a difference!

  8. You look great! I will have to check that shampoo. Nice manicure as well 🙂

  9. I have thick and long hair and I love my Pantene! I really love their conditioner! It makes my hair so smooth and tangle free.

  10. My hair is very fine, but I do have a lot of it. I need to a good hair cut and better shampoo (major split ends LOL) I will check into this products!

  11. Ohh I definitely need to give this a try – my hair is long, thick and completely unruly! Perhaps it will help 🙂 x

  12. Catherine S says

    This sounds like a great shampoo and conditioner. I need to try it I have long and straight hair.

  13. At this point I have long hair but not thick and full anymore–it has thinned out with age. It is still wavy and curly and frizzes very easily! Pantene is one of the few products that I have found that helps me with my hair so it at least looks fuller and shiny!!

  14. You always want what you don’t have! I wish I had thick curls.

  15. I have pretty thick hair also and find that not washing it daily really helps a lot. You have beautiful hair. I do love Pantene products and use them all the time.

  16. I love using Pantene products. They leave my hair feeling soft and so manageable.

  17. Looks like a great shampoo. I remember when I had really long hair.

  18. I remember when Pantene could only be bought at stores like Macy’s. They always had great stuff.

  19. I have really thin hair. Maybe Pantene will help with some thickness.

  20. My hair is very straight, and about mid-length. I do color it often, but could refrain from coloring to give it a break. (I don’t do a permanent color, so it’s not AS bad for my hair, but still…kind of bad.)

  21. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I have been using Pantene for years. It leaves my hair so soft and shiny. I like the volume it gives my hair.

  22. I also have thick hair. It is impossible to dry if i put it in a pony tail while it is wet. I will have to give Pantene a try.

  23. I have slightly wavy thick hair. I have been using Pantene for a long time now, but I will give this variant a try. Thanks for the review.

  24. This sounds perfect. My hair is super thick, super wavy, and also puffy and hard to manage. I will have to see if we have this here so I can try it out on my hair!

  25. I have short thin hair, and when I let it grow it looks even thinner. However, I do like Pantene’s products because they protect my hair from split ends, is such a great product, quality and price.

  26. I love Pantene, but I haven’t tried Repair and Protect, yet. I have thick hair and my worst enemy is the frizz. I’ll have to look for this when I go to the grocery store.

  27. I’m going to have to try their repair and protect line. I like their regular line, but I would love to see what it does with my thick hair.

  28. My daughter an I both have thick hair, and her’s is pretty long. This sounds perfect for us.

  29. You have such pretty hair! I love Pantene! I just cut all my hair off to donate, but pantene keeps it healthy until the next time!

  30. I do love Pantene hair products. We do use them here!

  31. I have long thick hair as well & I have been using Pantene for past few years & it has been so helpful to take care of it. They give a soft touch & feel to your hair.

  32. All three of my girls and I have been blessed with thick hair. We try to do everything that you suggested however I tend to not rinse my hair with cool water. Thanks for the tips.

  33. Marvelyne Engel says

    Thick hair here too – especially growing up don’t we all tent to “want what we don’t have?!?” Love the ways to take care of, and embrace our own assets!!

  34. Maryann D. says

    I have always liked Pantene products and have used them. I do not have thick hair now, but when I was younger I sure did. Wish I can get it back again!

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