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    Since most of you are parents, I’m sure that you receive a list of back to school supplies every single year from your child’s teacher.  My sons actually receive their lists in June so that we have the whole Summer to purchase them for when they return to school in September.  

    Since I have been an educator for over fifteen years, I have devised my own list of must-have items for back to school.  You may be surprised that some of the items that I consider to be a necessity don’t fall into what are considered to be conventional school supplies.

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    Over the years, I have realized that keeping kids healthy when they go back to school is also very important.  Every year I notice that my students get sick during the first few months of the school year.  This happens because they spend a lot of time in the classroom around other children who often sneeze and catch colds as the seasons change from Summer to Fall.  

    For this reason, there are some back to school supplies that are needed to help stop the spread of germs so that the entire school community stays healthy and starts the academic year off on the right note.  As you will see from my teacher’s list of must-have back to school items below, some items are just as necessary as any other school supply item on your list.


Teacher’s List Of Must-Have Items For Back To School:

  • Puffs Basic – With 20 more tissues than other brands, Puffs Basic will last your kids throughout all the sniffles and messes this back to school season, making longer-lasting tissues just as important as any other school supply item on your shopping list.
  • Hand Sanitizer – You would be surprised how a little hand sanitizer can go a long way.  Children will often find themselves coughing and sneezing spontaneously and it is important that they be able to sanitize their hands after covering their mouths and getting them full of germs.
  • Pencil Erasers – This might seem like an obvious choice but many parents only purchase pencils because they know that pencils already come with erasers.  Believe me, kids chew off or break off those erasers pretty quickly.  Having a separate eraser that they can keep in their pencil case will allow them to edit their work without having to ask to borrow their classmate’s eraser.
  • Homework Pad – Many students write down their homework assignments on loose papers or larger notebooks and end up forgetting where they wrote it down.  By having a homework pad that is specifically for jotting down homework, they will be able to complete it on a regular and timely basis.
  • Portable Sharpener – Having an electronic sharpener can be a disturbance in the classroom when students are constantly getting up to sharpen their pencils.  By making sure your child has a portable sharpener, you guarantee that they will not disrupt the lesson or lose focus every single time they get up to sharpen their pencils.

    To help you teach your children the importance of using Puffs whenever they sneeze or cough in class, Puffs has partnered with Sam’s Club and Walmart to feature specialty Minions packaging that are available in store.  This will make your kids even more excited about bringing the softness of Puffs into the classroom this Fall but they will only be available for a limited time so hurry!


    Believe me, as a parent myself, I understand that it can be very difficult entrusting your child’s well-being and happiness to someone else is one of the hardest parts of sending them back to school.  However, with Puffs tissues, you’ll be comforted in knowing that they’ll be heading into the classroom with a touch of softness from home just like they are used to getting from mom every single day.

Let’s Discuss:  What is on your list of must-have items for back to school?

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  1. I so love the Minions!! All of these back to school things are great – perfect for any teacher…or Mom! 🙂

  2. My kids are all about the minions. They will be thrilled to see these Puff tissues.

  3. These are must have items for teachers moms. My girls love the minions!

  4. Tissues were always on our list.. with all the viruses and bacteria passing around in the school, we were always sick and had sniffles. Our boxes were not nearly as cute as the Minion one though!

  5. We buy our teachers the same thing every year. Something they REALLY want. A gift certificate to the local ice cream shop!

    • That may be what the teacher wants–but she sure could use some of those supplies donated so she/he doesn’t have to dig into their own pockets (which I know they do).

  6. Puff tissues in Minion-design boxes are so cute. However, it is not only the packaging that we should look at, but the quality of the tissues inside the box. Puff is exactly what we need for school.

  7. My kiddo might try to get a cold just so that he can get these Puff’s. His favorite thing right now is Minions. We always have to buy tissues for out school they have it on the list and I don’t mind doing it. less germs the better.

  8. I love the Minions so I would totally add them to our list if I was going back to school.

  9. This is definitely a good set of items to start with. Allergies have been all over. Colds will be all over the place soon!

  10. Catherine S says

    Tissues and hand sanitizer were always on our list. This is my first year of not having a kid in school.

  11. Hand santizer is super important. My kids seemed to come down with everything that went around.

  12. I’m all for the Puffs! I just wanna know where the hand sanitizer is?! LOL

  13. I wonder why parents don’t buy erasers separately these days–I remember my Mom always getting me pencils and a separate eraser and one of those little plastic pencil sharpeners! Tissues are an obvious although we never had any back then–we probably should have!

  14. Debbie Denny says

    Puffs and sanitizer have always been on the list. Love Minions.

  15. I’ve never heard or seen these puffs basics before. We don’t get lists to send things with our kiddos either. We just have to send them, backpacks and their lunches!

  16. I like the soft packs of tissues for my purse. These are adorable boxes of tissues!

  17. My kids love Minions! My little one is sick and has a runny nose, I need to get these for her!

  18. I love Puffs tissues! The minions on the box are too cute!

  19. We love the Minions- I will have to pick up a lot of these for my daughter’s class! What a great idea!

  20. Puffs are on all the kids class lists this year! Actually they always are, haha Best brand!

  21. These are all certainly must haves for going back to school. We picked up some of these minion tissues the other day!

  22. Minions Puff boxes are so cute. We also get our teacher a small gift certificate to Micheals or Target for craft project stuff the school may not have.

  23. I haven’t seen the box w/the minions on it. I’d totally snag it though, if I came across it. So cute!

  24. eliz frank says

    Tissues and anything to cut down on bacteria used to be on my kids list… I guess those haven’t changed at all.

  25. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I always stock up on Puffs and wet wipes for the kids to take to school. I like that you get your list at the end of the year. We get ours the first day of school.

  26. Tissues are definitely on our back to school list every year. Hand sanitizer is a big request as well. I do love those Puffs Minion boxes!

  27. My kids love Minions so much & it is a must add item in their back to school list. Tissues & Hand Sanitizer are must to make sure they are free of any infection.

  28. Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty says

    Even though they aren’t in school yet, the tissues are a must have at home this time of year. The change in the weather always results in colds for us.

  29. Tissues are a must for every back to school list. The kids can go through these by the designs.

  30. Tissues are a must for every back to school list. The kids can go through these by the designs.

  31. The creator of puffs were geniuses. I mean these tissues are the softest on the planet.

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