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    Two years ago, I took a trip to San Francisco and I realized what a godsend having my backpack as part of my carry-on luggage ended up being.  Since that trip, I have started to carry a backpack to work every single day and I find that it helps me to stay organized as well as allows me to always have everything that I need with me.

    At the same time, I consider myself to be pretty fashion savvy so not just any run of the mill backpack will do when it comes to coordinating with my outfits.  There are certain things to take into consideration such as the fact that my favorite color is red and that I like wearing things that are unique and that nobody else is wearing.  That is why I immediately fell in love with the Peanuts backpack from Hanna Andersson.


    Snoopy and the entire Peanuts Gang have joined up with their special edition designs in heavy duty kid’s backpacks that are built to organize and carry everything kids and adults need. They are crafted for comfort with adjustable straps and padded back, rugged haul handle and handy outside pockets.  Its colors are bold and vibrant and it looks great with everything that I wear.

    Now, I have to admit, both of my boys have had their eyes on this Peanuts backpacks since it arrived.  I’ve been holding on to it for dear life because I want to keep it for myself.  However, I also like that it is very comfortable to carry and seems to be very well made to withstand all the wear and tear that kids put on their backpacks once they go back to school.


    Make sure you start this school year off right with a Hanna Andersson Peanuts backpack!  It’s the best way to take the most lovable Peanuts of all time along for your daily adventures throughout the week!

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the qualities that you look for in a Back To School backpack or a backpack that you will use regularly?

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  1. If I were ever to actually need a backpack I would definitely be looking for quality workmanship and a backpack that could handle being thrown around! I do love Peanuts and the Gang and can understand completely why you want to keep it for yourself. I am sitting here wondering which of your sons will ultimately convince you to HAND IT OVER!!!

  2. So cute! The colours are just perfect and nice to know that it’s durable as well. I always have a hard time finding bags that will hold up for more than a year or two.

  3. My kids go through backpacks quite often so we need something pretty sturdy. I also look for one that is very comfortable. They usually go for style!

  4. Catherine S says

    This is such a cute backpack. I need to get this for my niece she loves Snoopy.

  5. That is the cutest backpack I have seen in a long while. It looks so durable and kid-proof (haha). My kids would love this.

  6. That is such a cute backpack! I love the detail!

  7. I love that backpack. Snoopy was so big when I was a kid and now he’s making a comeback!

  8. What a cute backpack. I love that kids still love Snoopy. I loved Snoopy.

  9. What a cute bag. I love Hanna Anderson products, they are well made! This bag would make a perfect bag to hold school books in!

  10. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    That is such an adorable backpack! I used to love the Peanuts.

  11. I think that backpack is adorable. I love Woodstock and would not mind sporting him around town.

  12. How cute! When I was youngers I just loved Peanuts. I don’t think my kiddos know what it is though! But I’d love this!

  13. I try to make sure that I get a back pack with a reinforced bottom. I also like ones with multiple pockets so pencils don’t end up at the bottom of the backpack.

  14. This Peanut backpack is super cute! We are huge fans of Snoopy, so I know my daughter would love this!

  15. I love backpacks. They are great when you are going to an event all you have to do it pack it with a notebook, wallet, and camera and I am set.

  16. I love Peanuts and that is so cute! My daughter loves Snoopy, but I want this backpack for my self. 🙂

  17. eliz frank says

    I just saw that it’s made by one of my favorite Children’s wear designer! That alone makes the cute Peanuts bag priceless… Love Peanuts!

  18. Is it wrong that I want one for myself. Forget the kids! LOL I am going to buy this backpack. Thank you for sharing this with me. I would have never known and I love Hanna Andersson as well. Products are such high quality.

  19. for my daughter this year we looked for a backpack without characters. she’s had princesses the last few years and they tend to be less sturdy. this year she got a good sturdy one that’s solid purple.

  20. Rachelle J says

    That backpack is super adorable! And I agree with using a backpack as a carry on, it makes it so much easier!

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