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    Last time I talked to you guys about my Lenovo Yoga with Intel Intel 2in1 we discussed how it makes my life easier and more productive as a blogger.  What I haven’t shared with you all are the fun ways that my family and I enjoy using it for recreational purposes and entertainment!

    To be honest, everyone in our home loves it because it can easily be converted from a fully functioning laptop to a touchscreen tablet.  Its hinge design allows us to enjoy more stable touch usage and lays flat at 180 degrees which is perfect for watching some of our favorite streaming shows and movies.  At any given moment, you can find one of my boys tucked under the covers with the my Intel 2in1 on his lap.


    When I asked my twelve year-old what his favorite thing to do on my Lenovo Yoga with Intel 2in1 his response was to play games on it.  He says that he enjoys being able to have fun on electronics and my Intel 2in1 makes the whole experience easier for him because he can go, “From a computer to a tablet in a matter of seconds.”  For him, the ease of converting from one to the other makes it more enjoyable.

    Not to be left out, my nine year-old son loves to watch his Anime cartoons on my Intel 2in1.  Honestly, I don’t know what he finds so entertaining about those shows but he just loves them!  When questioned about what he loves about “Mommy’s laptop” his response was that the display has rich colors that make all his favorite Anime characters, “Pop out of the screen!”


    The Lenovo Yoga with Intel 2in1 is everything that you’ve ever wanted in a laptop and a tablet.   Its thin and light 11.6” multimode design features four ways to do almost anything – Laptop, Stand, Tent, and Tablet.  Not to mention the fact that its intelligent software optimizes every entertainment experience that your family could possibly think of!

Let’s Discuss:  How do you think you and your family would have some fun using Intel 2in1 technology?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Haha, I recognize that Pokemon cartoon. My two are wicked into that, too!

  2. The Intel 2in1 sounds to me like it would be the perfect computer/laptop/tablet for most anyone. You have me sold!!

    • Jennifer Williams says

      I could not agree more. We could definitely use one in our house, we have tablets and computers – being able to get rid of a few and having just one would be great.

  3. This is a great machine. I love having more options!

  4. That looks like a cute little laptop! I AM in the market…I wonder if this is what I need…

  5. I could definitely see myself playing Bejewelled on that while I am waiting for y Mom to finish Physical Therapy or one of her doctor appointments.

  6. What a great tab! I have been checking this one out for a while now!

  7. My girls would most likely watch Netflix and play Roadblocks. They would love having a second computer so they can play with one another.

  8. This is a cool laptop because it doubles as a tablet. I also love the pink keyboard.

  9. My kids would use this for their games, while I will use this for my online business. I like the Lenovo brand. I have a Lenovo smart phone that I have been using for years.

  10. I am loving that keyboard. I know my boys would love to play games on it like yours. I would use it for social media I’m sure.

  11. Jennifer Williams says

    My youngest would never put his tablet down if we did not make him. This would be perfect because he prefers tablets and I prefer computers – we could share this one instead of having separate devices.

  12. I love my Intel 2 in 1. It’s perfect for when we travel.

  13. This looks wonderful! Definitely a great resource for bloggers for on the go blogging!

  14. I have seen this 2 in 1 before and thought it would be fun to own. I love that you can go from a tablet to a laptop so easily and this would be wonderful to take along for travel. Lightweight and easy to use wherever you are.

  15. I love this! I’m actually in the market for a new laptop. Something like this would be perfect for me so I can switch between blogger mode and fun mode. I love watching Netflix on my current tablet.

  16. Well, if it passed the color test so well via your son’s expert opinion, I would say this is the winner! Love it when electronics fit the entire family

  17. Great post with lost of great tips here.

  18. I think we could have fun with it here by using it to organize our pictures. We’ve got a ton of photos online that need to be printed and/or organized.

  19. That’s an awesome looking laptop. I love the pink keys!

  20. That looks awesome! I am loving the look of it, and that keyboard! Pokemon is big in my house too with my boys!

  21. I want a 2 in 1 tablet really bad I looked at it and was almost going to buy it but we are broke this much. I love the pink key pad and this would be perfect to take with me to the speakers conference I am going to next week. Oh I wish I had the extra cash to buy it right now perhaps for a Christmas gift.

  22. This laptop looks so pretty and awesome. I really like the pink keyboard. My girls would love to play games in this Intel 2 in 1. Will check it out for my girls. Thanks for sharing.

  23. eliz frank says

    When I read the post initially, I thought it was about yoga related games… Now I get it… It’s the flexiibility of use it offers that makes it a yoga design… I love the line and I’m a Lenovo fan.

  24. This looks like something my 5 year old would love! We travel often, would be perfect for the plane/airport.

  25. I love the two in one design. I know my kids would love playing games and watching cartoons on my laptop / tablet. This seems like a really high quality product.

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