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    My son loves wearing shorts and T-Shirts.  I think he would wear them all year long if my husband and I allowed him to.  Lately, I have noticed that he has been wearing mostly graphic tees and refuses to let me buy him anything else when we go clothes shopping.  Hubby is thrilled because he says our son takes after him in his fashion preferences.

    Although I feel like Charlie Brown when he says “Good grief!” I respect his right to express himself, even through the clothes that he wears.  Now that it is summer, he is loving tees featuring Snoopy and the gang.  If my son is wearing Snoopy gear, it is definitely cool!

    Whether Snoopy is “dancin’ in the streets,” chilling on his doghouse, or displaying his very unique style, he’s certainly the Joe Coolest. And Charlie Brown’s zigzag has never looked more straight-up fashion forward!  I can definitely tell you that all the hip people are wearing Snoopy gear according to my Tween!

PeanutsMensT-shirtComposite    I am offering three readers of Tough Cookie Mommy one of these great Peanuts tees, which are available now at Kohl’s, Target and Macy’s in prices ranging from $9.99 to $24.99. But you can get one absolutely free for the cool guy in your life. Just enter the Rafflecopter by commenting below and include the size of tee you need, and I’ll select a winner at random.

Let’s Discuss:  Which one of the tees above is your favorite and why do you love Snoopy gear?

(Note that the winner will receive a tee based on the available inventory, so I may not be able to fulfill a specific tee request–but the tee will definitely be of the same quality as the ones featured in the picture.)


Our Sponsor is giving away 3 Peanuts tees to 3 readers of Tough Cookie Mommy.  Winners will receive tees based on the available inventory, not specific requests.a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Austin Baroudi says

    I like the first shirt with all the Snoopy’s on it and I like Snoopy gear because I grew up watching the show! My definition of a good dad would be someone who puts his kids before anything else and gives all his time, love, and attention to them.

  2. My favorite is the Red White and Cool. I love Snoopy gear because it brings back good memories of Snoopy and Charlie Brown and watching the shows on tv.
    Thank you!

  3. meagan bs says

    i like the “i’d rather be sleeping” shirt, because it’s true!

  4. Patricia says

    I like the Red, White and Cool tee. I love snoopy…so nostalgic. I am gland I can share this with my kids.

  5. I like the snoopy hungry shirt. We’ve been using that word for years!
    I love snoopy 🙂

  6. I like the blue Hungry tee. I love Snoopy gear because it reminds me of my childhood and Snoopy is darn cute! 🙂

  7. The shirt with all the black-and-white Snoopies all over it is my favorite, but the more I look at the “I’d Rather Be Sleeping” shirt, the more I like it (sleeping is kind of a hobby for me). Actually, I like all of the shirts! I love Snoopy, so Snoopy gear is a good way to share my Snoopy love with the world. 🙂

  8. I like the blue “Hungry” shirt the best. My mom’s a big fan of Snoopy, so I’ve always liked him. I also love his sidekick.

  9. I would not mind getting one of those tees for myself–the one I’d rather be sleeping would be a good one! Maybe I’ll shoot over to Kohl’s and see if I can fit into any of them (maybe they have men’s sizes?) or maybe they have Snoopy tees in the women’s section!

  10. I like the white one with the Charlie Brown zigzag at the bottom

  11. Joan Kubes says

    I like the blue shirt. Snoopy is such a great comic.

  12. Andrea v says

    I like the blue snoopy shirt. I have always enjoyed snoopy since i was a child.

  13. Melissa Teears says

    I love the I’d Rather Be Sleeping tshirt. We collect Peanuts stuff. We can’t wait for the movie.

  14. Michelle C says

    I like the Snoopy on his dog house shirt. Snoopy is a classic and never goes out of style! I love when my kids enjoy things that remind me of my own childhood.

  15. My favorite is the Hangry shirt.
    I love Peanuts because we grew up with them!

  16. James Robert says

    I like the first one, black & white with all the Snoopy’s on it

  17. My favorite is the Hangry t-shirt, mostly because I really like the color! 🙂

  18. Peggy Rydzewski says

    I really like the snoopy hungry one.. reminds me of my dogs.

  19. I love the charlie brown zigzag stripe shirt. It doesnt have to say anything, people will know who it is. My son would just love this shirt.

  20. Megan Tilley says

    We love the I’d rather be sleeping shirt. Our family loves the Peanuts@!

  21. ellen beck says

    I like red whiite and cool and also the hungry tshirt it is a toss up! I like Snoopy because I grew up watching him and Charlie Brown. I remember when it was very very popular and even had a snoopy lunchbox. Snoopy is classic, he never gets old.

  22. ellen beck says

    also entered cujo contest

  23. I really like the one with zig zag design, simple but it still a hint of snoopy! Snoopy is really an iconic character

  24. I love the hungry shirt. I’ve grown up with peanuts and have always enjoyed peanuts! Thanks for having this giveaway!

  25. entered Fandango

  26. I like the Hangry t-shirt. Snoopy gear is so cute!

  27. Anna Young says

    My favorite shirt is the Hangry one. I feel as if this should actually be in the dictionary, and I could be the poster woman for it. As soon as hunger hits me, I feel like I can’t be responsible for my actions. Okay maybe it isn’t THAT bad, but I do need food immediately! I love snoopy gear because it is so classic, everyone in the nation knows who snoopy is, and he is just so cool and timeless.

  28. James Robert says
  29. Emily Smith says

    I love the blue one with the definition of Hangry. It cracks me up because I use that word all the time with my three boys.

  30. For my grandson, I prefer the Dancing Snoopy, although any would be fine. I like Snoopy because he is the personification of hope springs eternal and of the power of imagination. On a completely separate topic, I must admit that I continue to wonder why a twitter comment is often one of the mandatory entries in these contests, since not everyone participates in that particular ‘social media’ . The same goes for any of those types of entries, since they continue to proliferate–no problem if they are optional, since that at least gives the option if one wishes to enter the contest.

    • Hi, there. All entries, aside from the mandatory ones are optional. The mandatory entries are dictated by the requests of the Sponsor, who makes each giveaway possible by donating product.

  31. LynneMarie says

    I like both the I’d Rather Be Sleeping and the Hangry shirts.

  32. I need the hangry one for my daughter. We love snoopy because we have a beagle/jack russell pup who looks just like him!!

  33. Virginia Rowell says

    I love the zig zag shirt. Snoopy gear is so cool. It’s timeless. I remember reading the comics in the Sunday paper as a kid and that was the first one I went to.

  34. I love the Hangry shirt. Snoopy is so cute.

  35. Jen Harriman says

    Snoopy is classic!! Everyone should have some snoopy gear 🙂 my favorite is the hangry t-shirt, that sums me up to a tee

  36. beth shepherd says

    I like the snoopy hungry shirt. This is so cute. Thank you for the chance!

  37. red white and cool

  38. Laurie Emerson says

    My favorite is Snoopy on top of his doghouse. I love Snoopy as he is lovable and has so many fun adventures,

  39. My favorite is,the hungry shirt. I’ve loved snoopy since I was little and think this line is adorable.

  40. I like the rather be sleeping one. I’ve loved Snoopy for about 50 years.

  41. My favorite tee is the hungry design. I love Snoopy gear because he’s awesome!

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