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    I wish you could spend one week with our family so you could see how much time we spend running around and maybe lend a helping hand.  I’m just kidding, maybe…Seriously, though, it can get pretty hectic around here.  I think the neighbors have probably heard me yelling in the morning, “We have to go, or else I’m going to be late for work.”  As a result of all this craziness, it can sometimes be difficult planning healthy snacks and meals that our boys can enjoy while we are on the road or on-the-go.  That is why I love how wholesome and versatile Golden Girl Granola is!


    Golden Girl Granola comes in seven head-over-heels delicious flavors that include: Bluesberry, Chocolate Decadence, Creative Cranberry, Forest Maple, Home Sweet Honey, Original and Truly Tropical.  It is an all-natural, whole-grain granola that is non-GMO, dairy free, cholesterol free, casein free, trans-fat free, wheat free and has no preservatives, artificial color or flavors.  Say what?  Yes, it is a natural and healthy food that your whole family can enjoy in a variety of ways.  The best part is that, although it is really good for you, it also tastes delicious and you won’t have to convince your kids to eat it because they will ask for it like mine do every day.


    My sons enjoyed Golden Girl Granola as a cereal in the morning, as a topping on their favorite desserts, and also ate it right out of the bag while we were driving to basketball games in the car.  This was just fine by me because I am happy that they love to eat such a healthy food and that I can feel good about them eating it all the time.  They use the finest ingredients and hand-stir each small batch to create a lightly crunchy, wholegrain treat.  It’s no surprise that anyone who tastes it says it is the best granola they have ever had!

Let’s Discuss:  How would your family enjoy Golden Girl Granola on-the-go?


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  1. Maryann D. says

    We would enjoy this granola on top of our morning yogurt, and also on cereal or oatmeal. I would also put it on ice cream too. This sounds wonderful.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    We love granola! Usually we are either mixing it into yogurt or making bars out of it!

  3. Andrea v says

    I love to add granola to yogurt. I eat it almost every morning for breakfast. I would like to try this granola too. Thanks

  4. Heather! says

    We would probably pack it in small lunch containers to take on summer road trips. Sounds perfect!

  5. I would make a yogurt granola parfait in a to-go cup!

  6. Cynthia C says

    I would enjoy it with milk for breakfast and as a crunchy topping for my yogurt.

  7. meagan bs says

    It would be a great quick breakfast for my daughter.

  8. I would have it ready in my diaper bag for a quick to go snack for my kids, especially when running errands.

  9. My favorite way to eat granola is straight out of the bag. But I also like to have it on top of Greek yogurt.

  10. We would use them for snacks on the run and to top our favorite yogurt and fruit combinations. It would be perfect for our family road trip this summer.

  11. We would enjoy the granola bars on car trips!

  12. I really enjoy a quick easy breakfast like this to take with me. My kids are always needing a snack on the go.

  13. I love mixing yogurt with granola, so now I’m totally craving this! Can’t wait to try it!

  14. beth shepherd says

    I would love to snack on the on the go and the wait on the kids activities. Thank you for the chance!

  15. I would probably use it as a snack while driving around instead of stopping at fast food places. Maybe it would get me to eat breakfast? Well–maybe but no promises!

  16. These products sound amazing! I love how healthy they are and how you can mix them forming a one of a kind treat!

  17. This sounds like the ideal on the go snack for our road trips this summer, love granola!

  18. I like how it comes in many different flavors. This will help keep the kids from getting bored with just one.

  19. Brittney House says

    We like to put granola in our yogurt to make it more filling.

  20. Bonnie Day says

    I would put it my yogurt, eat it right out of the bag as a snack and eat it as a cereal with almond milk

  21. I love granola on top of yogurt. It’s a great souce of extra vitamins

  22. You had me at non GMO. Love this idea.

  23. I’d make a yogurt parfait in a jar using fresh fruit and Golden Girl Granola

  24. Tracy Robertson says

    I would love to sprinkle this on yogurt, and keep a bag of Golden Girl Granola in my work bag. I don’t always get a full meal break at my job, so I bring snacks along every day. This would be a tasty and healthy one!

  25. Lisa Brown says

    we would enjoy them in the car on our way to games, activities, errands, visiting grandparents, etc.

  26. My family would bring the granola on a road trip. It would be great as a snack or to throw on top of some yogurt.

  27. We would enjoy it right out of the bag, or mixed into yogurt parfaits.

  28. Lisa Davis says

    I would eat it for breakfast with rice milk or a snack.

  29. Erica B. says

    Would be good hiking.

  30. Susan Smith says

    We would enjoy them at the park and the pool.

  31. Austin Baroudi says

    We’d eat it while we go for our walks!

  32. Jennifer J says

    I never leave the house without a snack! I would take some granola along with a piece of fruit for a healthy and delicious snack on the go! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I would carry it around in my gym bag or my purse. A great, ready to go snack.

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