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    Lately I have been in the market for a new smartphone.  When making the decision of which phone I am going to purchase, I take a lot of factors into consideration including functionality, ease of use and features.  After all, as a blogger and educator I use my smartphone to manage just about everything in my life from my children’s doctor’s appointments to answering my work emails.  I need a smartphone that is going to keep up with my busy life seamlessly which is why I’m so excited about the launch of the LG G4 Smartphone!

    The main features that set this smartphone apart from other smartphones are its camera, its display and its sleek design.  With an  f/1.8 aperture you can be sure to take some amazing photographs even during events where there is very low light.  Those of you who are amateur photographers can also enjoy 15 settings and 135 options for how you want to capture those precious moments that you will be able to look back upon for years to come.  Not to mention all the fabulous selfies you will take with the LG G4’s 16MP rear facing camera and an 8MP front facing camera!


    Enjoy a state of the art 5.5” IPS Quantum display to take your visual experience to a totally new level.  It boasts a 25% brighter display which allows you to enjoy all your viewing despite the light conditions in your surroundings.  Not only does the LG G4 have richer images due to a 50% improvement in its display contrast, but it also allows users to benefit from viewing images in incredible detail due to its Quad HD resolution with 538 PPI.  It’s really something that you have to see with your own eyes to believe!

    Finally, let’s talk about the design of the LG G4… You can take it with you on-the-go without ever worrying because it contours right into the palm of your hand due to its curved design.  The back cover is made of leather, metallic and ceramic for an elegant feel in every situation.  I really love that you can upgrade its memory up to 2TB by adding a micro SD card so you never have to worry about running out of memory or having to delete precious photos or videos just to make space on your phone.  Also, since it has a  a replaceable high capacity 3,000mAh battery you never have to worry about your phone giving out on you just when you need it the most!


    For a limited time, you are guaranteed $100 Best Buy® Gift Card when you purchase the LG G4. (Offer valid LG G4 Release Date-6/13/15)  So, what are you waiting for?  Head to Best Buy and get your hands on the LG G4 today!

Let’s Discuss:  What features do you love the most about the LG G4 Smartphone?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    That sounds like such a sweet phone. I would definitely consider getting one when my current contract is up!

  2. Looks like a really nice phone. I have an iphone but I might be convinced to switch over this one is so nice.

  3. The phone looks great. I love that big and bright display.

  4. I am loving the look of this phone. My husband goes through phones like crazy, so hes in the market for a new one yet again. I’m going to check this one out!

  5. Catherine S says

    This sounds like a great phone. My husband has been talking about getting a new one. We will have to go by Best Buy and check it out.

  6. LG has always made great electronics. My first cell phone was an LG. They have come a long way since then.

  7. I could definitely see myself upgrading to one of these. That camera would definitely come in handy.

  8. This sounds like a fantastic phone. Will have to check it out when my contract is up.

  9. Being able to upgrade the memory is HUGE for me. I’ve like the previous LG phones I’ve tried so far.

  10. Wow this is a nice looking phone. I am an Apple girl though 🙂 But my husband will need a new one soon.

  11. Nice looking phone! We used to have LG’s but I switched, I’ve always loved the brand though

  12. I’ve seen commercials for this phone and if I was available for an upgrade, I would be jumping on it. I think the pictures are amazing and helps me not look like I don’t know what I’m doing. 🙂

  13. I am in need of a new phone as soon as possible. I was already considering going to Best Buy! I will check this one out, I love LG.

  14. Rachelle J says

    I’m in the market for a new phone and have been checking out some options. I will have to head to Best Buy and give this a closer look!

  15. I need a phone. This one could make my life a lot easier.

  16. This phone looks completely rad, but for me it’s all about the camera! I’ve got to be able to shoot some good pictures and from the looks of it, this phone will do just that.

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