How Do The Dads In Your Life Go Above And Beyond? #FaTHURSday @PhilipsNorelco #Ad



    Every morning, the alarm clock goes off at exactly 2:45 A.M. and my husband dutifully gets up and heads out to provide for our family.  As he is getting ready, we are all sleeping and he silently goes through the motions to get dressed and embark on what is often a twelve-hour plus workday.  Even when he is sick or exhausted, you will never hear him complain or lament over the fact that he has to do these things for his family.

    Despite the fact that he is always working, he somehow manages to find the time to attend every single basketball game that our son plays in.  Also, he makes sure that he is present at every graduation, awards ceremony, and birthday celebration that we have ever had for either one of our boys.  Some might say that these sacrifices are innovative but, as far as he is concerned, this is what every father is supposed to do in order to go above and beyond for his children and his family.


    Everyone thinks their dad does something innovative and this Father’s Day, Philips Norelco is setting out to celebrate innovate dads!  Philips Norelco is asking all of you for your innovation dad stories on social media via the hashtag #FaTHURSday.  By doing these things, you will be entered to possibly win a Philips Norelco Shaver.  I gave the Philips Norelco Shaver 9000 to my husband this year as an early Father’s Day present and he can’t stop talking about how wonderful it is!

    Philips Norelco’s unique grooming tool has an innovative design and key features like Contour Detect Technology which reach every hair on the first pass.  Its V-Track Precision Blades give a uniquely close shave.  Lastly, its SmartClean system ensures that your guy gets a fresh shave every single time without the hassle and cleaning that other shavers include.  It really was the perfect gift for my husband since he doesn’t have a lot of time to spend when he is getting ready in the early morning hours.


    Give the innovative dad in your life the ultimate shaving experience this Father’s Day.  Our men have had a meaningful impact on the lives of our families and this weekend is all about celebrating them!

Let’s Discuss:  How do the dads in your life go above and beyond?

Disclosure: I participated in this campaign on behalf of Philips Norelco. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating and to facilitate this review. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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  1. I try to go above and beyond by allowing my kids to have the experiences and opportunities that I never had. There isn’t much more a father can give!

    • Scott-you give them lots of love and attention-every post you write shows it. If there is one thing I am positive of you are doing something very right!

  2. Happy Father’s day to all the hard working dads out there. I will be celebrating with mine on Sunday trying to make a special day extra special for him. Hope everyone gets a chance to celebrate a dad in their lives.

    • That is really nice of you to do for your dad. I won’t be celebrating with mine this year because he lives out of state but I will be calling him.

  3. That looks like a good razor, I’ll have to get my husband one for Fathers Day. My dad has always gone above and beyond. In fact, my dad is dropping off my kids with my husband right now because they were visiting with him for part of the summer. I can’t say enough about my dad, great guy.

  4. When he was alive my Dad was definitely one of a kind. He is the one who would rush home in bad weather and pick me and everyone else who was with me up in the car (it got crowded) and made sure each of us entered our respective doors. He was the one out there playing with all of us. He was also the one who always made people laugh. I still miss him.

  5. This is a neat looking razor. The man in my life would be happy to get something like this.

  6. The only dad I know in my life right now is my husband. He works his behind off for us, and I’m sure he would love something like this. He is in need of a new one!

  7. I love reading things that uplift and praise the men in our lives! I get so SICK of the stereotype on TV that make men look like bumbling idiots. Or culture desperately needs a shift when it comes to this. Maybe us women bloggers need to start a campaign!!

  8. This would be a great gift for a dad. My husband needs a new razor!

  9. Holly S. says

    My husband is a wonderful father to our two kids! He always finds time to connect with them. Love this shaver, Hubs actually needs a new one. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  10. My husband goes above and beyond for our girls. He works three jobs sometimes to provide for all their needs.

  11. My dad had such a generous spirit throughout his entire life. He would give everything of himself to everyone.

  12. My father was a great guy and did everything for us. I really miss him.

  13. What a great gift for Father’s Day. My husband needs a new electric razor, this is definitely a great brand.

  14. my hubby has 1 of these and loves it, and a great dad to his kids.

  15. My husband really goes above and beyond everyday cooking for the kids and taking them to their camps and after school classes while I work. He is awesome! It’s great that Phillips Norelco is celebrating dads!

  16. Wow, now that’s an early riser! I hope hubby had a nice Father’s Day

  17. Amanda McMahon says

    It is an interesting idea – I think my husband breaks stereotypes by being super involved and not pushing academics like many other from his culture.

  18. This would be a great gift for my dad. Thanks for sharing.

  19. My husband makes up stories every night for my daughter. To me, that’s a precious memory

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