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    Last month, I shared with you all how proud I was to have been chosen as one of only 39 moms across the country as an ambassador to March of Dimes in the #ImBornTo campaign.  The entire premise of this campaign is to celebrate all the mothers and fathers who do such a wonderful job every single day to keep their babies safe from conception all the way through childhood and beyond.

    Children need their moms but they also need the love, guidance and protection of their fathers.  It is that love and encouragement from both parents that propels kids to greatness due to having a solid and supportive foundation at home.  In my case, I have been extremely fortunate to have my husband as the father of our boys.  From the moment that I shared their impending arrival with him, he has strived to be the best role model and “daddy” that he could possibly be.  These qualities are evident in the eyes of our children when they look up at him.


    Over the years he has coached little league and intramural basketball all while juggling two jobs, one of which was a night shift.  There has never been a time when he was too tired or too busy to be there for both of our boys and I have always been extremely proud of him for that.  I know that I made the very best decision in choosing him to be the father of my children.

    March of Dimes has helped babies be born strong and healthy through research, vaccines, education and breakthroughs over the last 75 years.  Their imbornto campaign celebrates the great things babies are born to do and recognizes mothers and fathers who are the guardians and protectors of babies’ hopes and dreams.

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    Support of the March of Dimes last year from generous donors provided 15,700 babies lifesaving surfactant therapy, developed by March of Dimes researchers, and gave 90,000 families with a newborn in intensive care comfort and information through NICU Family Support®.  Our continued support is necessary to help March of Dimes continue the important work that they do to help all babies begin healthy lives.

    This Father’s Day, March of Dimes is partnering with some beloved family brands and, by shopping, dining, and donating, we can help to support this important campaign. Visit to learn more about these offers from one of their partners during Father’s Day:

  • Blue Rhino: Fire up the grill this Father’s Day!   Blue Rhino, America’s #1 brand of propane exchange, is proud to support the March of Dimes as a sponsor for the imbornto campaign.

Find a store near you at

  • Martha Stewart: Chef Emeril Lagasse has teamed up with Martha Stewart Living to help raise at least $30,000 for the March of Dimes by giving patrons the opportunity to add a donation to their check at participating Emeril Restaurants in New Orleans, Las Vegas, Orlando and Charlotte. You can also participate by joining the #TH2XU movement and share what you’re thankful for.

Visit to learn more

  • Kmart: From now until June 21 Kmart will donate $1 from the purchase of each mother/baby puppy ornament to the March of Dimes.

Shop now at

    Shop at these stores through Father’s Day and support the March of Dimes #ImBornTo campaign.  Your support will ensure that every baby is given the chance to reach for the stars.  Thankfully, their dads will have their back every step of the way!

Let’s Discuss: How have the fathers in your life demonstrated their love and protection?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored campaign created in collaboration with the Motherhood on behalf of March of Dimes. All opinions are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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  1. My kid’s father is the best I’ve ever met. He is always there to listen, give good solid and honest advice and just loves his family. Like really loves his family.

  2. Tiffany Steadman-Collins says

    I agree Dads or a mail role model play an important part in a child’s life. I am grateful for such a supporting father and also that my boys have received the same. I love that I am able to shop for gifts for those important men in my life and be able to give back at the same time. Thanks for taking part in such a great cause and getting the word out:)

  3. My Dad died 13 days before my 16th birthday–I will be 65 soon and I still miss him and always will. I didn’t have him long enough but when I did he was always there for me-always! If it wasn’t for him I never would have earned all those girl scout badges or known that I could be anything I wanted to be!!

  4. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    The March of Dimes is such an amazing organization. I have a few friends that have been touched by their help & generosity!

  5. When you have a fathers love, all is right with the world. When you have a Mothers love to go with it, only great things can happen in that childs life. Good for you Maria!! You did make a great choice in fathers for your children.

  6. Too many fathers are absent. Either literally or figuratively. There is so much pressure for them to provide for the family monetarily, that sometimes that physical presence is sacrificed.

  7. I agree 100%. Kids need their dads always – period. March of Dimes does so many great things for families.

  8. The March of Dimes is an amazing organization. I have done some of the Walkathons in the past. I could not agree with you more, a father’s presence in a child’s life is priceless.

  9. I really appreciate these businesses that are tying into promos to help with donations. MOD does great work and it’s important to keep doing it.

  10. I don’t know how I would have ended up without my dads influence/guidance. It’s not easy work but I’m doing the best I can to be a loving dad to my children.

  11. I agree with you, children get something different from both parents. He sounds like a great dad!

  12. I love that fathers are being recognized too. This is a great cause to contribute too. Again congrats on been selected an ambassador!

  13. Sadly I don’t have good experiences with dad’s. Mine left when i was young and he cared more about girlfriends than me, and my oldest sons dad left when I was 7mos pregnant. However, my husband? Amazing father and makes my kids feel constant love and protection and I am so proud of that!

  14. Having both parents is important, there’s nothing wrong with kids who are raised by one; but both have something to offer the child that the other can’t. What a great post.

  15. My dad has always made me feel safe and protected no matter what the situation. It’s sad that some kids never get to experience that. Kids need their fathers too.

  16. March of Dimes is such a great program. They do really good work for kids.

  17. Great post. Dads play such an important role in kids’ lives. I’m so lucky to still have my amazing father.

  18. Makes me miss my Dad but I know I am super lucky to have married my best friend you is the best Dad ever to my boys.

  19. Your children are lucky to have such a wonderful dad! From this post, he sounds great!

  20. I must have missed that announcement somehow. Congratulations! You’re right, kids do need their fathers. I’m in the midst of a divorce and I can see what it’s doing to the kids but there are still great mothers out there who do a good job at playing both roles. I’ll have to shop at Kmart to help such a great cause.

  21. What a wonderful organization. Great post too!! Sounds like we both were blessed with awesome husbands and dads for our children.

  22. My husband is the most supportive father. I really lucked out with that one! He is always the one to pick up the pieces or offer encouragement to our girls, and always helps me to parent better myself.

  23. The father’s role can never be replaced. It is so important to build that bond with their kids

  24. I agree that dads play an important role in children’s lives. While mine died when I was very young, I had an amazing man marry my mom and played a pivotal role in my life until he passed away. I love them both for who they are and consider both of them my dad’s

  25. I love the picture. 🙂 Your kids are very lucky to have such a wonderful father role model. It is not small thing. We support March of Dimes.

  26. When I was a kid the best part of the day was when Dad got home from work. Today he is still my #1. Dads are so important!

  27. Kids need both parents: moms and dads. It will raise balanced kids. What a great campaign

  28. Unfortunately, my son’s dad was rather absent in his life. Lucky for us both my amazing and loving Dad stepped up. My son has the best Grandpa ever.

  29. I just love this! Both my girls love their dad more than me, because of the love he shows to them. I think March of Dimes is doing a great job with some wonderful idea for Father’s day.

  30. Chrissy Mazzocchi says

    I personally donate to the March of Dimes every year. It’s such a great cause and they have my full support.

  31. Having our first three children be born premature, my husband has demonstrated strength that I never knew any man could have. He has been strong for me and for them, me when I couldn’t be strong for myself after recovering from birth. He was in the NICU countless hours doing kangaroo care, and just being there with them when I couldn’t. He was the strength through my postpartum woes, and a host of other issues. My husband has been an amazing father to our miracles and I believe that if it weren’t for him, and his ability to be the calm in our storms, I don’t know where we’d be. We are truly blessed to have him. I’m also grateful to the March of Dimes for all they have done for preemies as well! I’m beyond thrilled that you’re an ambassador for them too!!! I’m loving your posts! Keep them coming! <3

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