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    Over the years, I have always had a Master Lock safe in my home.  It started when I was a teenager and lived in my parents’ house.  Since I didn’t have a bank account yet, I would stash my valuables and important papers in my portable safe.  My parents actually took me to buy it to teach me how to be responsible.  I’ve loved the feeling of security that I enjoy knowing that documents such as my birth certificate and passport are safe and protected under lock and key.

    I’ve been looking for a safe lately that I could keep in my car that will allow me to store my valuables safely while living in an urban environment.  The Master Lock SafeSpace® Portable Personal Safe was perfect for me because it features durable construction made to withstand abuse and it’s water resistant at the same time.  With its compact design, this safe is ideal for recreation, campus, office, travel or leisure use.  My husband loves that it includes a cable to wrap securely around a fixed object or use as a carrying handle.


Here are some of the awesome features of the Master Lock SafeSpace® Portable Personal Safe:

  • Lightweight & Portable. Protects MP3 players, cell phones, cameras, gaming devices, cash, credit cards, jewelry, keys, passports, sunglasses or other small valuables
  • Lock Up & Lock Down. Lock up valuables with the cable wrapped tightly to the safe or wrapped securely around a fixed object. Cable doubles as a carrying handle
  • Durable Water-Resistant Construction
  • Set Your Own Combination for keyless convenience
  • Ear Bud/Charging Cable Access Port
  • Shock absorbing foam lines the interior storage area

    I really appreciate this product because it provides me with peace of mind when we are traveling.  After all, one can never be too sure when it comes to protecting valuables when away from home.  Let Master Lock give you the peace of mind that you desire in a fast changing world!

Let’s Discuss:  When in your life has safety and security been more of a priority than ever before?


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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I think security is more important when we travel. I like to make sure my valuables are secure.

    • I agree. This is why this is the perfect gadget to have while traveling. I am going to enter this giveaway now. I feel like when you travel you can be a sitting duck leaving items in a hotel room.

  2. i like the 1-1/2in (38mm) Wide Laminated Steel Warded Padlock-i always need new combination padlocks.

  3. Years ago our home got broken into and that was such a scary experience. Thankfully, we weren’t home and the burglar(s) was gone when I got home, alone. It looked like the scene out of a movie with a swat team coming to search our home and make sure they were gone after I realized it had been broken into and left to call my husband and the police.

    • Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

      Thankfully our home has never been broken into, but others in our area have. It’s a scary thought.

  4. Brittney House says

    Now that my niece is here, our first priority is making sure she’s safe and that the house is safe for her and all of us.

  5. Such a cool safe! My husband would love something like this. I am not from US, so I think I can’t participate, but I wish everyone a good luck 🙂

  6. What a great idea – I really should invest in some sort of safe for the home.

  7. Marti Tabora says

    A few years ago my mom who lives next door to me had her home and shed broken into and so many things were stolen. The worst part was not the monetary value of the items, but the sentimental value.

  8. My husband got his concealed weapons permit a few years ago, and my concern for safety has increased since then. We have a safe for it at home, but this would be perfect for when we travel, as he likes to take his gun with us when we go away. We taught our children to not touch it and to be cautious of it, but the Master Lock SafeSpace® Portable Personal Safe would be ideal for the car or hotels. Great giveaway, TCM! =)

  9. meagan bs says

    I think we think about it more when we travel. we tend to be pretty comfortable because we are used to spending most of our day away from home, but when we are gone for several days, we worry.

  10. Brenda Haines says

    As soon as I became a parent, that’s when safety became my #1 priority! I would do anything to keep my son safe!

  11. I was pretty laid back until my apartment was burglarized. It happened about 3 months after my last dog had gone over the rainbow bridge. I was devastated–I moved from that apartment which was on the first floor to an apartment across the street on the 7th (top) floor! I certainly could use one of these for important papers considering the banks are making it harder and harder to get safe deposit boxes!

  12. I just think security in general is important to have, I like knowing all my valuables are safe and that I don’t have to worry.

  13. I would really love to get this. I love this master lock. I think its great and I have known many whom have been violated with break ins. I love this idea, you have a feeling to feel safe and secure.

  14. We’ve had recent car break-ins in our neighborhood. This safe would be perfect for the small valuables in my car.

  15. Patricia says

    Every time I hear of a natural disaster I think to myself am I really ready.

  16. I have so many things I could keep locked away in something like that. I think it’s so important to have things that mean a lot to you locked up. This looks awesome.

  17. We’ve never been a victim of home burglary, but my dad’s house was almost robbed a few years back so I know you can never be too careful. After his house was almost broken into (still don’t know what scared them off when the door was half broken down) we bought a safe for our important stuff.

    • That’s terrible that your dad was robbed like that. I would definitely want a safe for important stuff too. I’m glad your dad is okay though, that’s the most important thing.

  18. Sandy Cain says

    Safety and security is more of an issue right now than ever before. My disabled brother and invalid mom live with me, and I am the caregiver to them both. It is my responsibility to see that they are safe, and out of harm’s way. It’s just the 3 of us here, and I have to take care of them, and house…and everything.

  19. This looks like such a great idea. I love how you can keep valuables safe.

  20. Robin TAMME says

    never heard of these safes thanks for informing

  21. What a very clever design. I love the fact that it is portable… I need one of these!

  22. This is a really great safety precaution to have with you; it makes sure no one will get their hands on you valuables!

  23. I really like this. The size is perfect for travel too. We take lots of road trips this would be perfect!

  24. nicole dziedzic says

    We have never had any real issues with this topic, but we do protect ourselves, but we dont have any safe.

  25. I would never have thought this is a master lock – lol love the design to it! Love this.

  26. Oh neat! I could use this! So can my son. Really neat and I like that it’s portable

  27. Heather! says

    Fifteen years ago I became very ill and was hospitalized for a month. After I was released I was on bed rest for a year, so I couldn’t keep my job, which meant I couldn’t afford my apartment anymore. I had to move to a sketchy area that was much cheaper. I lived there for a year and a half, and I never felt very secure there. In fact, I did have a break-in while I lived there. Nothing of value was stolen, but somebody clearly tried to scare me. Mission accomplished! I was so happy to leave that place!

  28. I have this safe and take it with me every time we travel. You can never be too secure when it comes to your personal belongings, and Master Lock always has us covered!

  29. Trinh L. says

    About four years ago, my jewelry box was stolen. I have kept all my valuable accessories since I was twelve years old, wanted to pass it on to my daughter but it was all gone. Now I have collect and bought new accessories for her, need to win this safe so I don’t have to worry about jewelry boxes lost or stolen. This is a perfect giveaway.

  30. I actually have that safe, and I love it. Unfortunately, I can’t remember combination. Let’s hope I can figure it out before we go on vacation!

  31. This looks like the perfect safe for on the go. I will have to pick one up for the summer. It will be great for the beach.

  32. This is so handy. I am always afraid to lose things during my vacation or being robbed. This will keep my valuables safe.

  33. I have never seen a safe that was so small and portable. It would be great when you are travelling.

  34. I have that small safe. We use it when we go on vacation to keep a few things safe from prying eyes.

  35. This is a great gift choice for my son – I have it on my wishlist as a possible gift for him now – thank you! We used to have own in the floor of our closet when he was a baby. Great safes!

  36. This would be a great safe to take on a trip. It would fit under the seat of the car perfectly. I will have to take a look at these.

  37. We have a Master Lock safe. We love it!

  38. A portable and personal safe sounds nice! It sounds ideal for travel.

  39. that’s really neat. I want one!

  40. Carolyn Barnett says

    I know it was when our neighbor’s house was broken into and it was a terrible ordeal for them and they still do not feel safe. That has left us feeling less secure and we are taking precautions to safe guarding our home.

  41. This is definitely a great travel companion. So handy!

  42. This is a neat design for a safe. I like how small it is. A part of me wonders if it is almost too small though (easier to steal?)

  43. PuffyBiggles says

    When I was in my early 20’s, I sometimes had questionable roommates. This would have come in handy then. Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. We’ve been robbed during broad daylight of a $1,700 bicycle hanging from the ceiling of our garage. We were in the house not far from where they took it.

  45. Justin Veyna says

    Ever since I moved into a college dorm, security has been high on my priorities. Theft is fairly common in the dorms and so I try to hide my valuables but if a real thief broke into my room I’m sure all my valuables would get stolen. Having a safe would help out a lot and would help me relax just a little bit more.

  46. Dawn Monroe says

    I lived in the same neighborhood as a kid and an adult. Everyone knew everyone and looked out for each other but when we moved I felt very vulnerable. It took me a while to get over it.

  47. Les Johnson says

    When we travel, safety is one of the most important things. We always make sure our house is locked up and have a trusted friend stop by to check on things while we are gone.

  48. Birdiebee says

    When I travel, safety and security is very important.

  49. amanda whitley says

    safety and security became extremely important once i had kids. possessions i could care less about being stolen but i care about my kids safety.

  50. Maryann D. says

    We have had some vandalism done to our property and safety and security are definitely important to me. I always worry about my children’s safety too.

  51. Rebecca Parsons says

    When we have gone on vacation, safety and security for my home is important but also in the hotel!

  52. Safety and security has always been a priority. You can be robbed anytime. I like this for vacations best.

  53. I live on the outskirts of Baltimore and the recent riots and fires made me very nervous.

  54. Safety has always been a priority but it became even more of a priority after I was almost attacked by a stranger. It was when I’d come home from college and this strange man was walking down my block, away from my house and I just got a bad vibe and ran into the house and locked the door. A few seconds after locking the door, he was banging on it and trying to break in.

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