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    Any Working Mom can tell you that sandwiches are a staple in her home.  Not only are they easy to make in a moment’s notice, but they can be created with all of your child’s favorite ingredients.  In our home, both of my boys love to enjoy their sandwiches differently and I like to be able to make them using lunchmeat that are 100% natural such as new Hillshire Farm® Naturals.

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    The Hillshire Farm® Naturals come in convenient resealable containers that keep them fresh and delicious.  That’s not all, they also have no artificial ingredients or preservatives and are 98-99% fat-free.  This is important to me because it allows me to feed my children healthy foods despite the fact that I don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen preparing them.


Here are the different varieties of Hillshire Farm® Naturals that your family can enjoy:

  • Naturals Hardwood Smoked Turkey Breast-This delicious turkey breast is smoked with the distinct flavors of hardwood.
  • Naturals Slow Roasted Turkey Breast-This classic turkey breast is roasted to lock in all of the natural flavors.
  • Naturals Honey Roasted Ham-A delectable blend of sweet honey and savory ham for a fresh, premium lunchmeat.
  • Naturals Black Forest Ham-Enjoy a classic, delicately smoked ham with your next meal.

Check out my perfect sandwich recipe:

  1. Take two slices of whole wheat sliced bread.
  2. Add 2 slices of Naturals Honey Roasted Ham.
  3. Add 2 slices of Naturals Slow Roasted Turkey Breast.
  4. Add 2 slices of cheese
  5. Spread mustard on each slice of bread.
  6. Put all the ingredients together and cut into triangles for better handling.


    All Hillshire Farm® Naturals have no artificial ingredients, preservatives, colors or added nitrates/nitrites, and will take any sandwich you make to the next level.  Make sure you visit Hillshire Farms to learn more about how you can elevate the sandwich in your home!

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of your favorite ways of enjoying sandwiches in your home?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I buy Hillshire Farms deli meats all the time. My whole family loves turkey sandwiches 🙂

  2. I love them toasted or in panini form. I also love everything with bacon!!!

  3. I bought this recently at Costco for my family. My kids loved it, it went fast!

  4. I really have to try the Naturals Honey Roasted Ham. Most times I just put the meat between two slices of bread and eat. Occasionally I will add a little mustard to ham–to other things-a tiny bit of ketchup–NEVER mayonnaise-on anything!

  5. I have always loved their products. They are so tasty

  6. Love Hillshsire Farms lunchmeat! It’s our daughters’ favorite.

  7. I love turkey. My son will eat most (deli meat) sandwiches as long as there is cheese on it.

  8. I buy Hillshire products sometimes. Everyone in our house has a different type of sandwich we like best, but we all agree they’re better when they’re toasted. 🙂

  9. eliz frank says

    I like many varieties of toppings and especially sweet toppings with fruits and spreads. Yum!

  10. I am a sandwich lover so I can eat a sandwich almost everyday and not get sick of it.

  11. I love Hillshire Farms! Had some of their meat at lunch, but we don’t do too many sandwiches at our house. We’re big on lettuce wraps! We use lunch meat for those!

  12. I enjoy my sandwiches with toasted bread with the meat and amazing crunch of lettuce. I love a good sandwich.

  13. I haven’t tried their meats before. I’m sort of a meat snob to be honest. I love sandwiches but it has to be really good meat, like REALLY good.

  14. Oh Hillshire farm! So good. We love deli meat and are always making sandwiches. I love making them at home so I can make then exactly how me and each kid like them!

  15. I love their sliced meats. I also buy the turkey kielbasa.

  16. I don’t eat processed meat but when I did I did eat this brand and it was really tasty.

  17. Ann Bacciaglia says

    we love to have sandwiches for lunch. Sometimes we use wraps to change up our sandwiches. Honey Ham is my favorite.

  18. We love Hillshire Farms. It’s the basis for any good sandwich!

  19. That looks so good. I do like Hillshire!

  20. My favorite sandwich includes Honey Ham, tomato, cheese and a dab of mayo. Everyone else here prefers turkey though.

  21. I don’t eat meat at all. But I know these can be so convenient for school lunches

  22. All except the ham… We have sandwiches almost every day that we don’t have leftovers. I love them. Hillshire Farms is our go-to brand.

  23. It looks delicious. My family loves Turkey sandwich. They are so good

  24. My whole family loves sandwiches. Especially we love paneer and chicken sandwiches. I never tried sandwiches at this Hillshire Farm. It all sounds so yummy and I really love the varieties you have listed here. Will have to try this for sure. Thanks for sharing the recipe as well.

  25. I’d love to have this for snack, super yummy and a classic one too!

  26. I normally like mine in pita bread. There is something to be said about stuffing thing sin into a sandwich.

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