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    I’m very excited and proud to share with you all that I have been selected, along with 39 other moms across the country, to represent March of Dimes in the #ImBornTo campaign.  That number was chosen to represent the number of weeks in a full-term pregnancy.  They call us the MoDSquad and we are here to celebrate all of the moms and dads who keep babies healthy and safe, before and after birth.

    During my second pregnancy, I started having contractions at 34 weeks and my son was in real danger of being born early.  Every week, I had to go into the hospital to receive IV fluids in order to stop my contractions and keep me from going into labor early.  I was very afraid because I knew that babies born prematurely are at risk for developmental delays and medical problems.  Thankfully, the medical interventions worked and I was able to hold off giving birth until 38 weeks and had a healthy baby boy.


    March of Dimes believes that every baby is born to do something special and unique. During the last several decades, they have fought hard to save babies and to ensure that each mom has a healthy, full-term pregnancy but they can’t do it alone. They need all of our support to continue the important work that they do to important research and programs that help all babies begin healthy lives.

About March of Dimes:

  • March of Dimes has been helping parents and babies for more than 75 years.
  • Their focus has been to help families from the beginning.
  • March of Dimes was founded by FDR in 1938 as the National Foundation for infantile Paralysis with a mission to eradicate polio.

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    Currently, March of Dimes focuses on preventing birth defects and infant mortality.  Donations help them to fund important research and programs that aim to give all newborn babies a healthy start.  It’s a challenge to overcome the fact that one baby is born prematurely every minute and approximately 72 children die each day before reaching their first birthday.

    This year, for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, March of Dimes is partnering with some amazing brands and, by shopping, dining, and donating, we can help to support this important initiative.  Visit imbornto.com to learn more about these offers from one of their partners during Mother’s and Father’s Day:

  • Bon-Ton:  Customers of The Bon-Ton Stores will receive a $10-off coupon for every $3 donation to the March of Dimes made at checkout. In addition, when a consumer makes a $1 donation with a Women’s Fragrance purchase of $75 or more prior to Mother’s Day, they will receive an atomizer filled with the fragrance of their choice.

Shop now at www.bonton.com

  • eBay:  Visit eBay’s Charity Shop for Mother’s Day gifts where proceeds from your purchase support the March of Dimes. Also, from May 4 – 11 you’ll be able to make a donation to the March of Dimes in checkout when making purchases on eBay.

Shop now at www.ebay.com

  • Martha Stewart:  Chef Emeril Lagasse has teamed up with Martha Stewart Living to help raise at least $30,000 for the March of Dimes by giving patrons the opportunity to add a donation to their check at participating Emeril Restaurants in New Orleans, Las Vegas, Orlando and Charlotte.  You can also participate by joining the #TH2XU movement and share what you’re thankful for.

Visit www.MarthaStewart.com/thx2u to learn more

  • Mud Pie:  Mud Pie is donating $2 to the imbornto campaign for every Bella Bar, Mom Bar and Mommy and Me jewelry item purchased for Mother’s Day.  Also, they will donate 10¢ from each baby headband or sock purchase to the March of Dimes throughout the year.

Shop now at www.mud-pie.com

  • A&E Jewelers:  A&E Jewelers is donating 20% of the purchase price from each brand new twinkling Swarovski encrusted sterling silver March of Dimes Enchanted “Healthy Beginnings” Necklace.

Shop now at www.aejewelers.com

  • ALEX AND ANI:  ALEX AND ANI have designed their Special Delivery Bangle to honor all mothers. The Special Delivery Bangle is available in pink or blue, and 20% of each bangle sold will benefit the March of Dimes.

Shop now at www.alexandani.com

  • Kmart:  From now until June 21 Kmart will donate $1 from the purchase of each mother/baby puppy ornament to the March of Dimes.

Shop now at www.kmart.com


    By shopping at these stores through Mother’s Day, you will also be supporting the March of Dimes #ImBornTo campaign.  This is your chance to make sure that every baby is given the chance to aspire to greatness in their life.  The best part is that the campaign will continue through Father’s Day and I will be sharing how you can support this cause when you are shopping for the dads in your life!

Let’s Discuss:  How do you encourage your child to aspire to be special and unique?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored campaign created in collaboration with the Motherhood on behalf of March of Dimes. All opinions are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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  1. I can see a positive side to this campaign I mean a health baby is what we all want dream and desire or at least most of us mothers do any how. I often mentor parents who children are being kept in machines in the Nicu units some children were born a few too many months early because of rare genetic disorders or other health distress We have to keep in mind that some mothers are not able to go full term no matter how hard they try and it’s of no fault of their own if they can not. When I gave birth to Bella she was what I call over baked kid she was born a week later then expected mothers can even go past the due dates too. Not every due date is accurate either. There are a lot of other medical health disorders such as 22q11.2 deletion syndrome like what Bella and I have where the genetic issues and anomalies are of no fault to parents that disrupt even the healthiest mommies and daddy’s and their good intentions to carry full term. Others would feel excluded because they couldn’t not make it to full term no matter how hard they worked at it. Do they not get rewarded for their efforts ? A baby being born is a celebration of life and that’s what should be reward life no matter healthy or full term the child is. You can’t always prevent birth defects sometimes they just happen. I am living proof of that with having a rare genetic disorder. I am glad you are sharing awareness of these important issues.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I always encourage my boys to do what makes them happy. With my oldest, it’s karate. My little man marches to the beat of his own drum and that is what makes him unique.

  3. This is such an important cause. I’m glad so many retailers are helping.

  4. Jennifer Williams says

    What a great thing to be chosen to represent. I love that so much is being done to help these babies. The little boy I run for has 22q.11.2 and he is such an amazing and special little guy – all these babies are born to do something special and deserve the best fighting chance they can get.

  5. Congratulations of being selected. it is a n amazing reason to contribute too. Love that photo of cute baby with a great voice to nurture!

  6. How awesome. Congrats. This is a lovely cause, I’m so happy to see lots of participation!

  7. March of Dimes is such a great organization. Congrats on being selected, and I look forward to learning more about what the organization is doing. I totally agree that every baby is born to do something special.

  8. Rachelle J says

    I encourage my little girl to express herself through dance. She currently attends hip hop, ballet, tap, and jazz!

  9. Your baby is so cute. I would love to support the March of Dimes for my Mother’s Day shopping. That’s a great way to support a good cause.

  10. The March of Dimes has been around for such a very long time always trying to make life better. They helped eradicate polio literally a dime at a time–takes a bit more now then one thin dime–but I often wonder–if everyone gave one thin dime which most people can afford–can you calculate how much would be in their coffers?

  11. I am glad that your second pregnancy went well, that must have been such a scare; you really got through it strongly!

  12. What an honor! Congrats on your part in the campaign! Imagine how many lives your involvement will affect!

  13. The March of Dimes is such a great cause to donate to. We’re lucky that the organization was founded. That said, I wish it had been able to help out my sister with her Polio. She’s one of the only survivors left in the US, and each year I see her going downhill. It’s not the fault of the MOD’s not being able to help – don’t get me wrong. She was born during the birth of the MOD. I do feel very blessed that she’s lived the long life that she has.

  14. I give my children access and exposure to different educational opportunities. I hope this will help them to feel confident to try new things. So far it is working, with both my 2 older kiddos excelling in school and extracurricular activities.

  15. I love it! Every Baby Is Born To Do Something Special! – I didn’t know that the March of Dimes work including work to save babies and to ensure that each mom has a healthy – and this whole post is a great post sharing this cause and how we can help – thank you 🙂

  16. What a wonderful organization to be working with. I know you will represent them like no other. Congrats and being chosen to get the word out.

  17. Love this cause! Love the idea , they all deserve a chance and are all born to take up a special place in our lives!

  18. What a noble and amazing cause to have been selected to represent. Truly and honor and congrats. I know you will be an amazing voice for this.

  19. Love this!! Every life is important. In today’s world, it seems that some people have put other things to be more important, and that’s just not right – great campaign!

  20. What a great cause indeed! Congratulations to you for being selected. I really love that baby picture. I agree that every baby is born to do something special. Thanks a lot for sharing information about March of Dimes organization.

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