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    Ever since they were little, both of my boys have loved learning and reading about fossils and dinosaurs.  Now that they are older, they still enjoy doing so but they also love video games and technology so I try to integrate the two in enjoyable ways.  That is why I knew that my younger son would be thrilled to explore, dig and battle on his Nintendo 3DS with the game Fossil Fighters: Frontier!

    The Fossil Fighters series first launched on the Nintendo DS system in 2009.  This is the third game in this series and the first one that young gamers can enjoy on the Nintendo 3DS.  Players are catapulted back 65 million years to the time of the dinosaurs and have to collect and battle with vivosaurs.  They are prehistoric just like dinosaurs but a lot more dangerous.  My son loves exploring and digging through a fully 3D world and battling with the vivosaurs that he collected with his friends.


Here are some of the other fun features of Fossil Fighters: Frontier:

  • Upgrade your vehicle to race over giant ramps and discover new areas.
  • Fight 3-on-3 battles with your friends.
  • Use sonar to discover fossils while exploring in your Bone Buggy vehicle.
  • Unearth and clean fossils on the Nintendo 3DS touch screen using hammers and drills.
  • Team up with up to 3 players to explore dig sites, excavate fossils and battle with vivosaurs.

    My nine year-old loves that, once you complete part of the game story, a man called Professor Little will give you a tiny dinosaur called a Munchsaur.  He says you are allowed to name it whatever you want so he called his “Nibbles.”  Also, he likes that during battles the Munchsaur transforms from a little, tiny vivosaur to a giant, humongous vivosaur.  I mean, what child hasn’t dreamed of exploring prehistoric worlds in this way?

    Fossil Fighters: Frontier features a little something for every type of gamer.  If you or your child loves dinosaurs, this is the perfect game for launching yourself into an adventure of prehistoric proportions!

Let’s Discuss:  Why do you think that kids of all ages are so fascinated by dinosaurs and exploring prehistoric times?

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  1. My youngest daughter has a fasination with dinosaurs and would probably enjoy playing this game.

  2. This looks so perfect for my kids, good, clean fun that will entertain and make them think! #gaming #lavishlylivinglifeoutloud perfect!

  3. Looks like a fun game that the kids would love!

  4. I think kids are always interested in something new and different and that they don’t see everyday. This game looks fun.

  5. All my kids like dinosaurs and my husband and I do as well. I think it is the visits to museums that has made us so fascinated with them.

  6. meagan bs says

    oh my daughter loves dinosaurs!

  7. It makes perfect sense that they came up with this game. Great idea!

  8. Both my kids absolutely love anything to do with dinosaurs.

  9. Dinosaurs! My boys would love this. Do they offer this game on other systems? We do not have this game system.

  10. What a fun game! Both of my kids would have loved this when they were younger.

  11. I think it must be the sheer size and power of the extinct giants that calls us all. I think the kids also love the growls 🙂

  12. When I teach my daycare about dinosaurs their eyes light up! It’s so amazing and these kids are so smart. They know more than I do about dinosaurs.

  13. I think dinosaurs are intriguing for kids of all ages because they are so huge and no more. I think anything we don’t “have access to” we are naturally curious about!

  14. That sounds like it would be fun! Even I play games these days!

  15. How cool! My almost 6 year old has been right into dinosaurs the past month or so. He has been watchibt documentries on Netflix! I’m pretty sure he would love this!

  16. Catherine S says

    This looks like a really cool game. I think I would like it. I always play on my sons 3DS when he isn’t using it.

  17. My son would have loved these games when he was younger. He was totally obsessed with dinosaurs!

  18. My son loves dinosaurs and video games so this would be exciting for him. I think Nintendo comes out with some pretty cool stuff for kids.

  19. Looks pretty fun for the kids. Who doesn’t like a dinosaurs?

  20. Looks like an amazing game, I’m a big fan of Nintendo’s products; they always have such great stuff and very fun games!

  21. nicole dziedzic says

    What a great game with tons of adventure, my kids are always fascinated by dinosaurs and exploring prehistoric times, they love seeing it at the Museums we go to. Great game.

  22. I loved dinosaurs & fossils as a kid. This would have been a hit with younger me 😛

  23. Our park has huge dinosaur fossil imprints on the bottom of the slides. They’re fake of course, but still cool. 🙂

  24. What a great learning game. My daughter will be thrilled to try it.

  25. Ann Bacciaglia says

    My son loves his 3DS. This looks like a great game. I will have to see what he thinks.

  26. Lately, my daughter has shown a lot of interest in dinosaurs. I’m kinda excited because my son doesn’t really show “interest” in anything. Thanks.

  27. We recently watched Walking With Dinosaurs, it got my guy all into them. I bet he’d love this!

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