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Can you tell how tired I am?


    I’m not even going to mince words in this blog post, I am really tired.  Now, you are all most likely saying to yourself right now, “Join the club!”  As most of you are probably moms, I know that you feel my pain when it comes to the topic of sleeplessness.  I’d like to say that, like any other self-respecting superhero, I can go days or even weeks without sleep and still perform at optimal levels.  However, this is simply not the case…

This is the kind of fluffy pillow I need to get some sleep.

   The truth is that I have done some really embarrassing things lately as a result of my exhaustion.  Let me begin by saying that I’m normally a pleasure to be around, despite what my husband says.  Unfortunately, my grouchiness has reached an all-time high as I imagine getting some sleep more than I actually do sleep.  As a matter of fact, my eight year-old son likes to refer to me as “Mommy Meanie” in the morning.

    It’s not easy being all things, to all people, at all times.  This is why I sprayed my neck and wrists with hairspray instead of perfume last week.  I’m not sure what was more embarrassing, the sticky hairspray feel on my skin or having my son ask me if wearing hairspray scent was a new fad.

Wait, this is not perfume...

Wait, this is not perfume…

    I’m sure that many moms like me struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep night after night.  That is the only explanation I could think of when I see colleagues who are moms wearing mismatched socks or pulling toys out of their purses when asked for a piece of gum during staff development meetings.

    One restless night of sleep can have an effect on your whole week. If pain or being overtired is keeping you up at night, try a pain reliever and sleep aid like TYLENOL® PM as directed. TYLENOL® PM relieves minor aches and pains while helping you fall asleep. TYLENOL® PM is also non-habit forming when used as directed.  After all, not getting enough sleep can make you so some silly things like putting the car keys in the refrigerator.  Not that this has ever happened to me…


    We want to hear all about your sleepless story.  The best part is that, by sharing your #IWasSoTired story with the makers of TYLENOL® PM on Instagram, you are entered for the chance to win a $1,000 Bed, Bath & Beyond™ Bedroom Makeover.  Three winners will be chosen every week!*

To enter, participants must:**

  • Take a photo or video to show how they felt or what they did when they did not get enough sleep.
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    You can find out more about this sweepstakes by visiting the #IWasSoTired tab on Facebook.  Don’t let something like not getting enough sleep keep you from being the supermom that you were destined to be!


Maybe now I will finally be able to get some sleep…


Let’s Discuss:  What embarrassing things have you done after a sleepless night?

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  1. If I don’t get enough sleep, I am useless. Lucky for me, my Hubs does most all of the driving. I end up falling asleep with my mouth hanging open

  2. I don’t function well after a hard nights sleep. I am a really cranky person too. I like my sleep and I need my sleep!

    • Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

      I am SUPER cranky if I don’t get enough sleep. Like don’t even look at me cranky!

  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I get loopy tired and have been guilty of not fully listening to people when I am like that. It’s never a good thing.

  4. I definitely go through sleepless periods. I can’t fall asleep and then I wake up super early. It usually has to do with being overwhelmed with too much to do, exactly when I need my rest most!

  5. Oh my goodness- I can very much relate to this post and I really did LOL at your boy calling you Mommy meanie. And the hair spray instead of perfume? Classic! I usually start making up words when I’m that tired. My kids start “helping” me which may or may not back fire depending on how much coffee I’ve consumed!

  6. Your picture made me yawn!!!!! ha/ha I’ve been having so much trouble lately, because of allergies. Praying that it goes away soon, and I can finally get some good sleep!

    • LOL Jamie, it made me yawn too. I take this supplement called Calm and it helps me sleep better than I would without it. My Hubs uses HCF.

  7. I am always so tired but it seems like when I am not feeling well, I can never get enough sleep. This sounds great. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Other then showing up at the wrong client or forgetting totally that I was supposed to do something for someone (like my Mom)–or worse yet–forgetting to feed my cat cause I really can’t figure out whether it is night or day–nothing too embarrassing. Of course in the case of my cat she makes sure I remember eventually!

  9. When I don’t get enough sleep I’m less efficient and probably grumpier too. I become a little forgetful too!

  10. Helene Cohen Bludman says

    One morning I got dressed for work and didn’t realize I had out two different shoes on until I got to my office.

  11. I can so relate. Once I finally fall asleep I wake a ton. Last night I had to get up and grab a drink. The night before I just tossed and turned. It gets bad. Once I’m done breastfeeding I plan to try this. If I still have issues that is!

  12. haha Mommy meanie, That’s hitting below the belt. lol! I rarely sleep well anymore and all I can say is its a good thing I blog and not have to go out in public. I wish Tylenol worked for me, I get the leg jumps from it but just know they will come out with something else for this mean lady 😉

  13. I’ve been battling a bug lately so I’ve been way too tired myself. I’ve had some of those #ImSoTired moments the past few days.

  14. I wish I did well without sleep. After one night without sleep, I’m such a pain. I have some of this in my cabinet and I really need to try it out.

  15. I don’t know what it is but I have been really tired too lately.

  16. This definitely sounds helpful to get a good nights sleep. I wish I could take this but I am still nursing my baby, I so could use a good night’s sleep!

  17. I need to be doing this right now instead of staying up late blogging! Sounds great!

  18. I rarely have a sleepless night! My dentist told me it was a gift to be a deep sleeper and I have to agree with her. And I really need 8-9 hours of sleep, too, to function well. I wish I could go on less but it’s just not me!

  19. My sleeping habits used to be set in stone. Lately though I’m up at all kinds of hours and get run down throughout the day!

  20. I know what you mean, a lack of sleep makes me super grouchy too!

  21. Oh My I cannot count the embarrassing things I have done. Of of them is spilling coffee on my husband’s new outfit

  22. Lifelong Insomniac I NEVER get enough sleep! I know it will catch up with me someday! I have mastered the art of the ‘power nap’ 🙂

  23. I am so tired all the time. I have thought about taking something like Tylenol PM so I could sleep better at night, but I think it would just make me more tired.

  24. meagan bs says

    Well I always forget to do things when I don’t get enough sleep. like this morning, I didn’t even look in the mirror.

  25. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I get terrible headaches if i do not get enough sleep. Tylenol Pm works great for getting me to sleep.

  26. Matthew's Mom says

    My sleep has been totally thrown off due to allergies. Sometimes I need Tylenol PM to help with my symptoms.

  27. As someone who suffers periodic bouts of insomnia, I truly feel for you! I’m never at peak performance either with lack of sleep and sometimes just feel like a zombie stumbling around in the morning. Hard to even form a coherent sentence.

  28. I am a really tired Mom as well. Right now I have a table full of clothes that need to put away and a bunch of beds that need to be made.

  29. Putting on an eye mask will you to sleep indeed – I notice the difference it gives.

  30. 3 kids, ages 4, 4, & 1… I am tired…here’s me after a week of insomnia…Soda sees me through the tired…
    Today was an especially tiring day.

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