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disclosure    As a busy mom of five I am always looking for ways to make my life easier.  We are always out and about, and usually in a rush, so we need to move quickly all the time.  The Urbini Emi travel system allows us to do just that.  It folds up quickly and easily by pulling the strap in the middle of the seat.


    It’s lightweight which makes it a breeze to fold and lift into the trunk of my minivan.  It is also pretty compact so I still have plenty of room in the trunk for shopping and the kids’ sports gear.  The Urbini Emi also has many conveniences to make shopping, strolling, and navigating any terrain a simple joy.  It has an extra-large storage basket with a zippered compartment to keep your belongings safely tucked away.  The cup holders for baby and mom are an essential because I know when I’m out at the park or mall I’m always thirsty.


    Your baby or toddler will be extra comfy in the cozy padded seat that fully reclines so he/she can sleep peacefully.  Emi’s click-fit snack tray is easy to clean and allows baby to enjoy a snack on-the-go.  There is also an oversized canopy which completely covers my daughter so the bright sun doesn’t keep her awake or touch her sensitive skin.  Many strollers don’t have large enough
canopies and I actually bought a separate canopy for one of my old strollers.  It was hard to put on and I always forgot it so the canopy on the Urbini Emi is a great feature that I am very excited about!


    The adjustable handle is a perfect feature so mom, dad, or grandparents can push the stroller and be comfortable by adjusting it to their height.  Pushing the Emi is a breeze! The Emi can effortlessly maneuver on various terrain; the front wheels swivel 360 degrees so you won’t get stuck.  I enjoy pushing my little lady around in the Urbini Emi and I feel secure that she is comfortable and safe during our strolls.


    The Urbini Emi travel system includes the Urbini infant car seat, which is cozy with a 5 point harness system, and an infant insert to keep your precious cargo safe and sound.  It is also equipped with a base which you leave in your car so you can just click the carseat in and out with ease; most importantly without waking baby!  It is lightweight which is very important, especially as your baby grows.  I know first-hand how heavy a sleeping baby in an infant car seat is especially when you’re carrying them up a flight of stairs after a long day.  I appreciate how the Urbini Emi created a system that takes into account the lifestyle of busy moms who can use any help they can get!


    This stroller is an affordable, full-size, modern travel system that is lightweight, comfortable, and convenient. It is comparable to the overly priced strollers on the market that don’t give you everything that the Emi does. Overall, I enjoyed using the Emi. My two year-old daughter did not want to get out of it, and took a nap in the Emi right after I put it together.


    The Emi was very easy to assemble as it comes almost completely intact inside the box. It took me about 10 minutes to set up the entire travel system. I highly recommend trying the Urbini Emi! I have bought and used many different strollers and travel systems for my five children which kind of makes me an unofficial expert in the field, wouldn’t you think?

    The Emi really impressed me, and I will definitely be using it for all of our travels to the park, in the city, the mall, the beach, and wherever our next journey takes us.

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the features that you look for in a stroller or a travel system for your baby?

Contributor Bio: Maura Picard is a devoted mom of five who comes from a large Irish-American family.  Her children are being raised in a multicultural home as her husband is of Puerto Rican descent.  She is a pediatric Physical Therapist who works with children with special needs from birth to five years old.  Also, she loves spending time with her family at the beach, park, and you will most certainly see the Picard clan on the basketball court!   She is the Contributor of all things baby here at Tough Cookie Mommy.

Disclosure: I participated in this campaign on behalf of Urbini. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating and to facilitate this review. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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  1. Strollers are so important when it comes to getting one for a kid of any age. From cup holders to baskets to how the grip handle is, these are all factors that have to be considered.

  2. Lightweight and easy are two very important features in the Urbini Emi Travel System. I am a Grandparent who likes to take our Grandkids on adventures. Having a stroller that works well for me is a MUST!

    • Besides that.. I am a wimp and have a hard time lifting heavy things. Plus if the stroller is hard to assemble…. forget it. I would rather not take it.

  3. Matthew's Mom says

    This is super cute! I love how stylish and functional this is. I need to get one for my next baby. We are TTC and I am already making a list of trendy baby items that I want like this travel system!

  4. There are some days that I wish those came in a larger size!! After a lot of chores and things to do, I need a push!! ha/ha

  5. Looks like a lovely, sturdy, well-designed stroller! Will definitely keep in mind gift giving!

  6. I wonder if this is the system my daughter purchased for her new baby. I’ll have to check it out.

  7. Travel systems are definitely the way to go. I makes it so much easier moving from the car when they are Itty bitty.

  8. This looks like a fantastic system! I need places where my boy can store his cars or snacks. A tray would be great, but he also uses pockets in the side to hide things.

  9. That’s a beauty. I love all of the considerate features, and I love that bright blue. This would be a perfect baby shower gift idea. I’ll keep it in mind should baby #2 be on the horizon with my son and his wife. 😉

  10. I look for comfortable handles and smooth ride in a stroller. I like that car seat plugs right into it. That is really helpful.

  11. I love how sturdy this is! My son would have needed something like this when he was younger.

  12. Looks like a great stroller. Nice and spacious as well as compact!

  13. Strollers have come so far since my kids used them. Seriously, I can’t believe this only took 10 minutes to set up.

  14. I really like the look of this stroller. I’ve heard some great things about Urbini!

  15. That’s a pretty awesome stroller! It sounds super easy to use when moving from car to sidewalk constantly.

  16. I would say after 5 children you would be an unofficial authority on strollers! I have no children and the ones my friends had way back when were either really flimsy or overly heavy and bulky! This does sound like a great stroller system for Mom’s.

  17. Urbini is such a great brand! I have heard such wonderful things. I should look into one, this looks nice!

  18. Some of the features I look for in a stroller are the weight and how easy it is to fold up/down. Especially with a double. My youngest two are only a year apart so we need one that can fit them both. I love this one though, especially that blue. It’s beautiful, fun, and sporty. I want one.

  19. wow, that is totally amazing, I need that stroller in my life lol. Thanks for the awesome review 😀

  20. A good stroller is so important… The Urbini looks very well designed.

  21. That looks super impressive, that stroller has pretty much everything you need when going out on a stroll with your kid!

  22. Easy fold up was always a must for me! I remember struggling in the mall parking lot one day and had to have security come help me get mine closed because it was such a hassle!

  23. lightweight and adjustable are the most important characteristics for me. That allows me to be nimble and manouver all over the place!

  24. That’s a great stroller the kids can grow with

  25. This looks great. I love that it is lightweight. I had always trouble folding my stroller because it was heavy

  26. Ann Bacciaglia says

    This looks like a great travel system. I will have to share this with my friends that are having babies.

  27. I love traveling systems! They make things so much easier!

  28. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I love Urbini! They are a wonderful brand and must have for all parents!

  29. I love this color. Looks like a very stylish and comfortable stroller. I really like all the features in it. Seems like a must one for all new moms. Will have to check this out. Thanks for sharing.

  30. That looks like a great travel system. I really wish there were such great products when my kids were younger.

  31. Nice! I had one similar to this with one of my kids. I bet it moves really smoothly

  32. I can definitely see how this system would be real handy!

  33. A travel system was my favorite baby purchase by far!

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