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    As many of you know, we are a huge basketball family.  Both of my sons play basketball and they get it from their grandfather because my Father in Law plays every Wednesday with his friends.  My husband is also a big sports fan and enjoys playing from time to time.  Due to this, we are an active family that is constantly active and on-the-go.

    Despite the fact that we are always either playing or running to basketball games, my husband and I try to make sure that we steal special moments with our boys.  One of these touching things happened at my older son’s last tournament and he melted my heart and confirmed that I am doing pretty good as his mom.


    During halftime I was sitting in the bleachers with some of the other moms as our active sons practiced their free-throws until the beginning of the third quarter.  Normally, I try not to bother my son because he is eleven and he is at that age where he doesn’t want his mom embarrassing him in front of his friends.  So I just watched as they practiced.

    All of a sudden, I noticed that my son dropped the ball and started running towards me.  As he approached me, he reached out and hugged me tight which caught me completely off guard.  It’s not the hug that surprised me because we are a very demonstrative family when it comes to affection.  The fact that he did it in front of all his teammates was the surprise.  I asked him, “What was that for?”  He promptly replied, “It’s a halftime hug!  I love you!”


    Special moments like these remind me that I am making the right decisions about the activities that my sons participate in as well as the snacks they enjoy during these activities.  Honey Maid GoBites are  filled crackers with crispy pockets of yummy fillings full of protein and whole grains that satisfy even my picky eater younger son.  Since they come in both chocolate and vanilla flavors, everyone in our family can enjoy them on our road trips to basketball games.


    You would be surprised how important wholesome snacks, like Honey Maid GoBites, are when it comes to having active children who take part in organized sports.  After all, hungry children are grouchy ones and that would definitely not be conducive to sharing more of those special moments like the “Halftime hug” that I shared with my older son.  If you have tweens, you know exactly what I’m talking about!

Let’s discuss:  How do you manage to share special moments with your active child?

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  1. These look like an awesome treat to share. I have to come up with class and team snacks a lot so I’ll keep these in mind.

  2. I never heard of these before. Seems perfect for my daughter who plays t-ball, motocross, and we hike as a family as much as possible and this seem like a perfect snack we can pack into little bags to take with us.

  3. I love that these have protein in them. It was hard finding healthy snacks with plenty of protein when my kids were active in sports.

    • Protein is available now in a lot of treats. People are realizing the importance of it more nowadays. It’s good to have a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat at every meal to have your blood sugar stabilized.

  4. I cannot wait to try these. I will be trying the chocolate ones first.

  5. My kids love honey maid graham crackers. The bites look good!

  6. Those are a nice size. Perfect for my toddler to put in the diaper back for an on the go snack!

  7. Aww a halftime hug! That is so sweet!

    I’d really like to try those gobites. They look great!

  8. It’s always nice to spend time with your child. I take my little athlete jogging in the mornings with me now. She enjoys laughing at my slowness. lol It’s good quality time though.

  9. I still haven’t seen this things in the store yet. I guess I shop the sections around them.

  10. These would make a great snack. I’m pretty sure the chocolate ones would be my fave.

  11. Awe! Who wouldn’t want a halftime hug! That’s great! We do HOW- Hugs on Weekends, where we hug the girls every chance we can. They act annoyed, but they like it lol!

  12. Beautiful story! I look forward to sharing moments like this with my son. You have a very beautiful family.

  13. I love moments like this! My kids play ball and we always love to have good snacks on hand.

  14. Awww I just gave a big smile when I read this. My son would have waited until he came home before giving that hug. 🙂 I’m going to have to get them some of these snacks, especially for after school.

  15. Oh yum. I haven’t ever seen these before here. I will have to keep an eye out! They sound great!

  16. My girls and I go explore the neighborhood and my son and I have started Crossfit together. Exercising together has opened up a new world of discussion between the two of us.

  17. These look like great snacks. I’m always looking for something new for the kids to try!

  18. Aww! Those moments are definitely the best moments of parenthood. I love that you shared.
    We like Honey Graham products here. I’d buy these.

  19. Debbie Denny says

    Awesome moments. Love those go bites also.

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