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    If you live anywhere near the East Coast this winter, you know that the entire region has been pummeled with a barrage of snow and freezing cold temperatures.  Here in New York City, it has not been any different and many people are struggling to stave off the bitter cold as well as getting sick during cold and flu season.


    It is particularly difficult to avoid the cold weather in the “City That Never Sleeps” because New Yorkers are too busy and just don’t have time to be sick.  Imagine trudging through six city blocks of blowing snow or having to sneeze through a Broadway show.  Our family actually has some unfortunate experience in this department because we are just getting over having all been very sick the past three weeks.


    The worst part of all of us being sick was trying to sleep through the night with a bad cold or the flu and nursing our constant runny noses.  Thankfully, PeapodNYC has all the products that you need to get you through cold and flu season from Vicks, DayQuil & NyQuil, Puffs and more!  Honestly, I don’t know where we would have been without these products because they eased our suffering while we were sick immensely.


    If you are ever feeling as run down as we have felt recently, you don’t even have to schlepp to the store!  PeapodNYC will deliver anything you need to make you feel better, right to your door.  Getting to the store in piles of snow is tough but PeapodNYC is tougher.  Thank goodness they had all of the P&G products that we needed to provide us with daily relief while we were feeling under the weather in New York City this winter!


Let’s Discuss:  How has your family stayed tough during these freezing winter months and cold and flu season?


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  1. David Holder says

    I am trying to stay #NYTough during cold and flu season by taking my vitamins and washing my hands often. I am hoping prevention is the key to avoid the flu this year!

    • Chickie Brewer says

      I’m living here in Arizona so things aren’t that bad.. I do try to get enough sleep and and eat well. I also try to take vitimins for a healthier immune system.

  2. Lesley Stevens says

    I can imagine it gets very cold in New York. I have never been to the East Coast but plan to visit in the Spring or early Fall. Stay tough, friend.

  3. Jeanna johnson says

    I try to stay #NYTough by keeping a positive attitude and drinking lots of water & taking my vitamins!

  4. Nothing is worse than being sick AND cold weather. You have to be tough to live in NY. I know that because I used to live in upstate NY. Brrr!

  5. I am trying to stay NYTough by taking vitamins and washing my hands often.

  6. I entered your Purex PowerShot coupon giveaway.

  7. I try to stay #NYTough by taking my vitamins, washing my hands a lot and counting the days until spring!

  8. #NYTough to me is bundling up, stocking up on Puffs, drink hot Chocolate and dream about the summer!!

  9. I stay NY tough by getting my flu shot every year and taking vitamins daily!

  10. Stacie Magers says

    I stay NY Tough by enjoying snow days (lots and lots of snow days) with my kids. I also bake and cook a lot. And I make sure to let in LOTS of sunshine whenever it’s out.

  11. i stay ny tough by eating right, taking probitiocs, and drinking tea

  12. Puffs w/ Vicks is my fave!

  13. We’re very careful about washing and sanitizing our hands, staying well-rested and well-hydrated, and taking Vitamin C.

  14. I stay #NYTough during cold and flu season by drinking hot tea and eating healthy.

  15. I am staying NY TOUGH because I have no choice! I live real near the city and yesterday I had to go out to a client–by the time I came home I was sneezing with a headache that would not quit! I have to go out again today but am definitely going to get some Puffs, some DyQuil and I am going to find out about Peapod delivery-I have not seen them delivering here but it is definitely worth a phone call!!

  16. Janet Watson says

    I stay #NYTough by drinking lots of water and getting plenty of rest during the cold/flu season. I also take my vitamins and eat healthy.

    • Lesley Stevens says

      I think a healthy diet is most important. My body always falls apart when I don’t get a lot of veggies in every day. I am definitely not NY Tough by any standards though! lol I admire anyone who is though because it is harsh in the winter.

  17. I am staying #NYTough by eating a healthy diet, washing my hands, take vitamins and drinking a lot of water and hot green tea!

  18. nickie burke says

    I stay #NYTough by drinking lots of Orange juice, washing my hands often and using puffs.

  19. wildnmild4u says

    I stay #NYTough during cold and flu season by washing my hands and taking vitamins.
    Jennifer Rote

  20. Sandy Klocinski says

    I stay #NYTough during cold and flu season by increasing my vitamin D: Vitamin D is essential for both immune system and cardiovascular health. Yet during the winter, most of us don’t get nearly enough sun exposure to keep up our body’s natural production of vitamin D. I take 2,000 IU of vitamin D daily during cold and flu season, in its highly-absorbable D3 form.

  21. I stay #NYTough by avoiding crowds, washing my hands often, and taking vitamins. I’m so afraid of catching the flu now that I’m pregnant.

  22. I entered your Purex giveaway.

  23. AmandaSakovitz says

    I stay #NYTough by washing my hands a lot. I also exercise and eat healthy.

  24. I get ready and tough by taking care of myself. I eat well, exercise, get enough sleep, and have good hygiene.

  25. We are staying #NYTouch by eating healthy and exercising a lot. We’re also trying to stay away from folks that we know are sick and contagious. Also, drinking lots and lots of water.

  26. Most definitely staying #NYTough by washing our hands constantly. I go as far as putting on a mask when folks at work are sick. It might look a tad weird, but I stay healthy that way.

  27. Well I am trying to stay #NYTough in Florida, but it has actually been pretty could here as well. Having a cold has definitely made it a battle for sure.

  28. margaretsmith says

    I wash my hands often, especially when coming in from any place outdoors. I also eat healthy and try to get enough sleep

  29. Richard Hicks says

    I stay I stay #NYTough by doing my best to eat healthy,exercise, and wash hands diligently! It works for me and the family

  30. In 2006 I started taking a lot of vitamins on a daily basis. Prior to that time I would get 2 or 3 colds a year but since 2006 I have not had one cold or the flu!

  31. I make sure i bundle up real good for the cold. I also pay attention to the way i feel. If i feel a little under the weather I go to bed early. This helps by waking up refreshed.

  32. I have been trying to eat right and drink plenty of juices. When I go outside, I wear plenty of layers of clothes to keep me warm.

  33. I don’t go out unless it’s really necessary. It’s been so cold here that it is dangerous to stay out more than a few minutes.

  34. I put on lots of layers to stay warm. I also wash my hands frequently to avoid excess germs.

  35. I do it by keeping the house clean, sanitizing my hands and eating right.

  36. Thomas Murphy says

    I stay #NYTough by drinking lots of orange juice and dressing warm. Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. nicole dziedzic says

    I stay #NYTough by bundling up, using sanitizer for hands and wiping down stuff around the house, and keep herbal remedies in the house.

  38. Sarah Hayes says

    i make sure to have all the essential oils I need. we also have the diffuser ready to go and use oils to help prevent us from getting sick

  39. I stay #NYTough by staying away from anyone who is sick, washing my hands a lot and by wearing “long underwear” and layering my clothes.

  40. We are so jealous of all of your snow – I so wish we could tilt the globe and get some here in the mountains of AZ. It’s been too warm here this season. 🙁 I love Puffs, especially during allergy season, they are my best friend! 🙂

  41. I can’t believe all the snow up north! We hit the thirties this week. SO COLD! 🙂 I need to stay healthy til spring!

  42. Wash my hands drink plenty of fluids and lots of Vitamin C

  43. Trisha Kilpatrick says

    I stay #NYTough during cold and flu season by getting plenty of vitamin C, drinking plenty of fluids, drinking hot honey lemon tea at the first sign of illness, washing my hands often, and making wise decisions. I think it is most important to be wise.

  44. steve weber says

    I stay #NYTough during cold and flu season by drinking lots of water, getting plenty of sleep as well as pop zinc and Vitamin C tablets at work.

  45. I wish I had the answer to stay #NYTough! I live in California and I dress warm, sleep well and try to eat right, but I still catch my share of colds.

  46. I get plenty of rest, constantly washing my hands and I drink lots of water. Thanks for the giveaway.

  47. shellypeterson says

    Take viatamins and drink lots of water

  48. jalapenomama says

    I make sure to get enough sleep, take my vitamins.
    It also helps to eat clean.
    form name Barbara Montag
    thank you

  49. Amber Nelson says

    Taking vitamins and drinking lot of water is key. I also make sure to get enough sleep.

  50. mena & taty says

    Well it is a bit unfair since we don’t have the brutal temperature changes you are experiencing. But any degree change does bring the cold so we take our vitamins and make sure to drink lots of water

  51. Lois Alter Mark says

    As a native New Yorker now living in Southern California, this makes me happy we moved! Brrr!

  52. I stay #NYTough by getting enough sleep and drinking lots of water. Spring is not in the air this weekend: 8-12 inches of snow.
    Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com

  53. As a Minnesota I say #NYTough by dressing for the weather, getting plenty of sleep, and eating a healthy diet.

  54. Having spent the first half of my life in upstate New York, I know what it’s like to get through a harsh winter! These days I’m in Maine, so the lessons I learned about staying #NYTough come in handy–mostly knowing how to prepare for the cold and snow, and also being prepared for the colds that inevitably follow being in close quarters all season.

  55. Christina Gordon says

    I try to drink lots of vitamin water, use antibacterial hand sanitizer and get plenty of rest through cold/flu season to stay healthy. Sometimes it works sometimes I enjoy a few sick days at home!

  56. megan tilley says

    I take vitamins, wash my hands and use hand sanitizer. I use Lysol. I drink a lot of water. I stay away from people a lot!

  57. Whenever I start to feel under the weather, I start cooking with a ton of garlic. It usually seems to keep the bad bugs at bay. Plus it’s yummy!

  58. dana cerrito says

    I hate the snow with a passion. I try to #stayNYtough by staying in the house as much as possible

  59. Annabellainla says

    I use a lot of hand sanitizer but otherwise I have a pretty good immune system

  60. I take vitamins.

  61. I take vitamins, drink a lot of water, got the flu shot, wash my hands with
    antibacterial soap and get plenty of sleep. Cathy Truman

  62. Jayne Garrett says

    I get plenty of sleep (or try to.) I wash my hands frequently.

  63. It is hard to stay #NYTough during the winter. My kids are in school so they are bringing home colds all the time. I use lots of Lysol and try to stay hydrated.

  64. Brittney House says

    I stay #NYTough by keeping enough layers on and keeping my hands washed. I also drink lots of fluids.

  65. Katherine Bartlett says

    We just got our first snow of the season last night. It’s already gone as of today

  66. We wash our hands often and use disinfectant throughout the house. We also bundle up when we go outside. Thanks.

  67. A Debt Free Stress Free Life says

    We’ve had so much snow here in Massachusetts it stopped the rail system for days. This winter has been crazy.

  68. We stay #NYTough during the cold and flu season by staying our of crowded areas as much as possible, wash hands, take vitamins, eat well; so far only one mild cold for us (knock-on-wood) and with the weather being mild this year and not frigidly cold, i hope we can stay well for the rest of the winter.

  69. I wash my hands a lot and make sure to always carry tissue around for me and my kids. I also drink a lot of fluids.

  70. we wear layered clothing, take our vitamins, and wash our hands.

  71. I eat wholesome clean food that I home cook everyday. I also walk for exercise.

  72. I entered

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  73. I make sure to drink a lot of fluids and bundle up when I go outside.

  74. Allison Downes says

    By taking vitamins, staying hydrated, bundling up in warm layers, and having cold meds on hand in case we get sick.

    Thanks for the chance to win this 🙂

  75. celebdirtylaundry says

    It is really cold here, always have to make sure I’m wearing tons of layers when going out!

  76. Dawn Monroe says

    Im using a lot of hand sanitizer and Lysol. I have to be kinda tough because my husband is such a baby when he gets sick.

  77. Lots of handwashing, and making sure I bundle up well for both inside and outside.

  78. I stay #NYTough during cold and flu season by taking my vitamins and using hand sanitizer when I am out.

  79. Debbie Denny says

    Always carry tissue. Take some vitamins are good too.

  80. Melissa Vera says

    I take lots of Vitamin C and try to drink more water.

  81. Rachel Travis says

    I stay #NYTough by drinking lots of water, chewing vitamin C tablets and washing my hands often! I try to pay attention to what I touch as well.

  82. I can’t say that I ACTUALLY do stay tough! LOL, but we attempt it! Let’s see…. I try to up Vitamin C, keep active, wash mine and my baby’s hands! And have an excessive amount of tissues with lotion.

  83. Michelle Daugherty says

    I take Vitamin C, get plenty of rest and make sure to wash my hands often.

  84. Tracy Iglesias says

    I didn’t get the FLU shot this year, and of course got sick. So I guess I didn’t quite manage to stay #NYTough this winter! I’ve been a feverish, coughing, sneezing mess this winter! I hope your family is feeling better by now! 🙂

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  85. Kim Henrichs says

    Staying #NYTough this winter has been rather tough, but I’ve been amping up my Vitamin C and minimizing/consolidating outdoor trips in the cold.

  86. Stephanie Phelps says

    I tried to stay #NYTough during cold and flu season by washing my hands often and staying away from sick folks but I still got the flu! 🙁

  87. I am not sure I do stay #NYTough! I try, though, and I–knock on wood–haven’t been sick at all yet this winter. I take several regular supplements, eat lots of immunity-boosting vegetables like leafy greens, and I had my flu shot in the fall. So far, so good! (Fingers crossed!)

  88. Chrissy Mazzocchi says

    I try to stay #NYTough by stocking up on medicines and of course Kleenex as well. Even in Florida you can get really sick so it’s important to be prepared!

  89. Charlene Drake says

    How do you stay #NYTough during cold and flu season? I stay tough my washing my hands a lot. Also I wipe down the cart at the grocery store.

  90. Rebecca Williams Parsons says

    We stay #NYTough by being prepared for the cold and flu season by keeping our immune system up with daily dose of vitamin C. Keeping things clean like our hands washed.

  91. erin fesperman says

    I stay #NYTough in the winter by washing hands often, always carrying sanitizer with me in my purse and taking my multivitamin daily to keep my immune system strong! I also avoid my friends like the plague if I know they are sick LOL

  92. I #NYTough during cold and flu season by taking supplements and making sure to wash my hands frequently, never touching my eyes are mouth before washing.

  93. Christine M says

    We stay #NYtough by bundling up when we go out and eating healthy, home-made foods packed with healthy nutrients.

  94. I live on Long Island and this has been a rough winter for sure. I stay #NYtough by eating properly and getting rest and staying away from anyone sick. We do wash our hands often too.

  95. Bridgett Wilbur says

    I stay #NYtough by drinking a lot of orange juice. I also use a lot of wippys when I go shopping….shopping carts are bad germ carriers.

  96. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    I Stay #NYTough By Taking A Daily Vitamin, Staying Hydrated By Drinking Lot’s Of Water, Healthy Diet, Exercise And Getting A Good Night’s Sleep.

  97. I stay #NYTough during the cold and flu season by taking my vitamins and getting enough sleep.

  98. I carry a hand sanitizer with me at all time and make sure to drink lots of hot liquids to stay hydrated.

  99. Meagan Bailiff says

    i take a daily vitamin, i wash my hands regularly and we practice sneezing and coughing into our elbows.

  100. Seyma Shabbir says

    I stay #NYTough by washing my hands, not touching everything, lots of water and sleep!

  101. Seyma Shabbir says

    Entered purex giveaway

  102. I stay tough by practicing good hygiene, eating right and getting plenty of sleep.

  103. To stay #NYTough I use vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal tea and of course Puffs

  104. I stay #NYTough by eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and taking my vitamins.

  105. Laurajj Jacobson says

    We stay #NYTough by using the cleaning wipes for carts when we go shopping if available, and wash our hands as soon as we come in the door from being out and about!

  106. Ashley Shippy says

    I make sure that I get adequate sleep, eat well, drink plenty of vitamin C and water! It’s important to stay #NYTough!

  107. We focus on staying hydrated, active, and bundled up when we are outside. We also use a lot of cleaning wipes.

  108. I stay tough with a flu shot and lots of hand washing!

  109. Eating healthy and avoiding sugar has helped us stay tough and fight the flu.

  110. msrodeobrat says

    I stay #NYTough by getting my sleep, eating healthy, and taking apple cider vinegar every day!
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com
    Ashley C

  111. Tammy Shelton says

    I stayed #NYTough by moving to Florida 3 years ago. I prefer white sand over white snow.

  112. Debbie Welchert says

    I’m staying #NYTough by drinking plenty of fluids (orange juice, water, etc), getting plenty of rest and washing my hands.

  113. i keep the house very cleaned and sanitize every other day!!! as well as washing hands and doors knobs etc!

  114. Deb Jackson says

    To stay NYtough we wash our hands diligently and use citrus fruits and juices liberally. Love a good snowball fight but we stay dry and warm up immediately.

  115. James Robert says

    I do my best by taking vitamins, drinking juice and eating healthy, not to mention, we wash our hands regularly and spray lysol to disinfect our home

  116. James Robert says

    I also entered yourPurex giveaway

  117. Mendy Dinsmore says

    I dress warmly and keep my face covered to keep warm. To keep germs down, I use Purell and other germ hand cleaners

  118. Our family really tries to stay healthy. We eat healthy foods, wash our hands frequently, try to keep our germs away from others. It works pretty well. And if one of us does get sick, we drink tea and use Vick’s & Puff’s products to help us get through it!

  119. I take lots of vitamins and eat tons of fruit!

  120. I stay #NYTough by getting enough sleep

  121. Kelly Nicholson says

    How do you stay #NYTough during cold and flu season?

    i have me amber mouth wash and i gargle like crazy at the first sign…been beating it back…cross me finger

  122. I wash my hands frequently, use essential oils, and make sure that I get lots of good rest to fight off the illnesses that are out there. Anytime I feel a sickness coming on, the first thing that I reach for is my essential oils. I also make sure that my kids and I wash our hands as soon as we walk in the door.

    [email protected]

    • I am not sure if we need to have the hashtag in our comment…so I will add it 🙂

      I stay #NYTough by washing my hands frequently, using essential oils, and making sure that I get lots of good rest to fight off the illnesses that are out there. Anytime I feel a sickness coming on, the first thing that I reach for is my essential oils. I also make sure that my kids and I wash our hands as soon as we walk in the door.

      [email protected]

  123. Leigh Anne Borders says

    I stay #NYstrong by doing many things. First, dressing appropriately for the weather. Second, covering my nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing. Lastly, by being proactive. Keeping my body in shape and taking vitamins and plenty of OJ!

  124. I stay #NYTough by getting enough rest, juicing, working out doing something I love like Zumba and yoga and stay away from people like my in-laws who I don’t care for.

  125. christine j says

    We drink alot of water and take vitamins and turn the heat up

  126. We always drink a lot of fluids and make sure that we also take Vitamin C pills to help boost our immune systems.

  127. Austin Baroudi says

    I stay #NYTough by drinking lots of fluids and taking vitamins!

  128. I drink lots of water. I also take a daily multivitamin.

  129. Ellie Wright says

    Normally I would say I stay #NYTough by living in Texas. But we’ve had a lot of cold and sleet/snow lately. I am stocked up on Nyquil and Puffs.

  130. tina reynolds says

    I keep #NYTough by wiping down surfaces and keep hydrated

  131. We always make sure we get enough vitamin c and always dress warmly when we go outside, hat, mittens, boots etc.

  132. we make sure to drink plenty of fluids and get adequate sleep

  133. courtney b says

    get plenty of sleep, take vitamins, wash your hands and keep Kleenex on TAP all day !:)

    very important tips!

  134. Amy Orvin says

    I stay #NYTough during cold and flu season by not going outside as much. I try to stay indoors as much as possible where it is warm. I also take my vitamins daily and drink plenty of water and orage juice.

  135. amy williams says

    Well I make sure their hands are always washed have tissues dress for the weather and if they do get sick try to keep everyone else away and make sure to clean and disinfect everything.

  136. Sadie B. says

    I stay tough during cold and flu season by being prepared with food to keep my sickos feeling better.

  137. CR Williams says

    I stay #NYTough during cold and flu season by making sure I wash my hands.

  138. I try to stay #NYTough by eating healthy and getting plenty of rest.

  139. It does get really tough when it seems like we’ve been cooped up with all of our germs for months and months. When we go , I make sure we have lots of soothing things around. Hot tea, GOOD tissues, fresh pillows and blankets, good movies, and of course, ice cream!

  140. We sleep a ton to help us try to get better. We also try to help take care of each other!

  141. Michelle H. says

    I try to incorporate healthy foods into my diet. I also have been taking vitamin c.

  142. I live in NJ and try to stay NYstrong this winter by eating right, getting enough sleep, keeping warm and washing my hands a lot. I am soooooooo ready for the winter to be over. thanks for the chance!!!

  143. Starla B says

    There are so many ways to keep yourself #NYTough and safe all seasons. I keep myself #NYTough by drinking tons of water with lemon and constantly taking my vitamins. It also makes the biggest difference when you keep hand sanitizer on you at all times and wash your hands frequently!

  144. We make sure that we wash hands often and try to avoid a lot of public places during flu season.

  145. Michele Baron says

    I’m washing my hands often during the day and dressing in layers…it’s been a long, cold winter here in Brooklyn NY

  146. Becky Moore says

    I stay NY tough by taking vitamins, drinking lots of OJ and good items and staying away from sick people e

  147. I am lucky because my immune system seems to be pretty strong, but I help it along by getting the right food and enough rest.

  148. LAURIE MURLEY says

    I try to think of how pretty spring will be and all the flowers I will be planting this year

  149. I work in a hospital part time and germs are relentless. I make sure I was my hands all the time as well as taking airborne precautions as needed!!

  150. Jennifer H. says

    I think warm thoughts! I don’t think that I could make it without our wonderful summers to look forward to.

  151. Here in Maryland, yes, we got hit with quite a bit of snow this winter. We have a snow blower for the snow clean up. Regarding colds and flu, we use Emergen C and have cold medicines on hand.

  152. We try to eat a well balanced diet. Staying hydrated helps as well. Keeping up with germs is a no brainer, and of course staying active are all little things we do.

  153. I eat looks of healthy food and stay hydrated.

  154. Stephanie Larison says

    I stay #NYTough by drinking lots of water, washing my hands, and taking those daily vitamins!

  155. Terry Cross says

    We wash our hands often and try to get plenty of rest

  156. Susan Smith says

    I stay #NYTough by washing my hands often, drinking orange juice and wiping down stuff around the house.

  157. Laurie Emerson says

    I stay #NYTough during the cold and flu season by doing a lot of hand washing. I also try and get fresh air each day and take a daily vitamin along with water.

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