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    Being a Working Mom can be challenging enough as it is but add to that living in the most fast-paced city in the world and it becomes even more interesting.  As a matter of fact, many of my friends wonder how I have ever even managed to get out of the house since I had my boys because they know that it is not easy being a full-time middle school teacher and a mom.

    When I had my older son in 2003, I realized right away that I would have to get really creative and resourceful in order to be able to navigate being a mother in New York City.  There are just so many things for busy New York moms on-the-go to consider who live in the Big Apple such as packing a diaper bag that won’t weigh you down or getting babies ready to head out and enjoy the big city.


    Having lived in the City That Never Sleeps for the majority of my life, I adapted right away to my new “Mommy life” normal.  Here are some of the tips I learned when I became a new mom about how to survive in the city:

  • The less you carry, the better.  When it comes to diaper bags, look for the most compact bag that you could find and only pack the essentials when traveling around the city.
  • Powdered formula is better when getting around the hot city during the warm weather months.  You won’t have to weigh yourself down with any liquid because you can simply purchase bottled water while you are out to make milk for your baby.  Also, powder won’t spoil in the heat like pre-mixed formula can.
  • Having a light stroller that folds up easily is a must.  Designer strollers are nice but you don’t realize how heavy 13 pounds is until you have to carry it up two flights of Subway stairs with on arm while balancing a baby on your other arm.


    Thankfully, I have always been able to count on my local CVS to be fully stocked with all of the baby essentials that I have needed.  There is nothing like being out and about in this city and having to navigate a leak emergency with a cranky infant or toddler.  It has always been so easy to use my Huggies coupons over the years to purchase Huggies Little Movers whenever I needed some diapers in a pinch.  Believe me, CVS and Huggies saved me many times and allowed us to make it back home safe and dry!


    Now that you have learned how I have survived being a mom in a big city like New York City, I would love to hear your mom survival tips!  Make sure you comment below with your tips for being a busy mom on-the-go!


Let’s Discuss:  How do you juggle being a mom, having a career, maintaining a home and all the other responsibilities that you have on a daily basis?

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  1. Great tips – no matter where you live, it always is a great idea to be ready for anything! 🙂

  2. Sometimes I seriously wonder how it all gets done, but it does. I guess I just prioritize and make it happen!

  3. Well I would say that having a good partner definitely makes being a Mom a little bit easier. My husband and I split the responsibilities and I could not imagine having to do everything. I would probably never sleep otherwise.

  4. One of my friends had recently had a baby (within the last year) and that was her number one complaint! She had too big of a bag and so she would carry way too much plus the stroller and that awful bag. She then switched to a smaller one and it helped her so much!

  5. Katherine Bartlett says

    I’ve never lived in NYC but I’ve visited. I don’t think I could take all the people!

  6. From what I have seen most Mom’s in NYC have the minimum they possibly can while out and about in the city. The one good thing is–there are stores everywhere and in a pinch–just stop in and get what you need!

  7. Akhil Sharma says

    Great tips for working mommies. I think survival tips are more essential for single mothers

  8. Lesley Stevens says

    I can imagine it would be very hard to live in a city like New York. I live in a semi-busy city and its hard enough.

  9. I honestly cannot imaging living/growing up in NYC. I guess it is because we’ve always lived in more rural areas.

  10. It would be a challenge getting around New York with a baby. You definitely have to bring the right equipment!

  11. Ashley Bunker says

    I remember that life. I was a working NYC mother, and I totally was not prepared at first for what that all meant. Subways were a pain to navigate with a baby and stroller, diaper bags felt like bags of sand on my shoulders…… I lasted only a few years before moving back to the suburbs, lol.

  12. Light strollers are definitely a must when you’re going to be traveling or in a big city! It’s so hard when you’re lugging a tank of a stroller around.

  13. touristmeetstraveler says

    It must be so hard navigating a city with a child with you; I can’t even imagine that type of struggle!

  14. Huggies are the best. My girls trained with their pull-ups.

  15. mena & taty says

    Juggling is hard but when there is a will there is a way! I love your tip on packing light and buying water to prepare the bottle for baby

  16. Jeanine @ says

    I live in Toronto and couldn’t imagine living in NYC with kids and having to get around! It would be challenging for sure!

  17. Veronica Solomon says

    I have been to New York only a couple of times and concluded that I could never live there. I love my big open spaces in Texas.It is great when you can juggle all mom duties and a career while living in the big city

  18. Amber Nelson says

    Wow, Huggies is a good brand. Juggling is just something you do, I think..even without really knowing or planning on doing it.

  19. Oh I remember the days of juggling kids and living in the city that never sleeps. I did however have a support system in place so it wasn’t that difficult. It’s much harder now where I live since I have no family or friends around.

  20. Debbie Denny says

    I like huggies. They have been arund for quite a while. Love your tips.

  21. Ourfamilyworld says

    I agree: The less you carry the better. Huggies was a lifesaver when my kids were babies

  22. Great post! So foreign to me – I nannied for triplet boys plus their baby brother, but I did it in a very small town.

  23. I love CVS too. And you’re so lucky to be in New York, I think it would be wonderful to have so much culture and good food right at your fingertips. 🙂

    • It is nice being in NY–although I don’t live in the city I used to be there a lot and I only live 1/2 hr by train–perfect for when I get a hankering to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art or sometimes just for a stroll around Central Park!

  24. Ann Bacciaglia says

    These are great tips. I always over packed my diaper bag when we went out. Powdered formula is so much easier to travel with then liquid.

    • Lesley Stevens says

      I am the opposite, I never pack enough in the diaper bag! Praise the Lord I breastfed them or they would have starved from my lack of diaper bag skills.

  25. I always packed powder formula too, though I also did put in a bottle of water as well. I’m too cheap to pay $1 or more for a bottle of water while out in the city lol.

  26. I love these tips! Living in suburbs, we have a different lifestyle

  27. Some great tips for new moms! Balancing everything can get so difficult but you just need to have confidence to make it through!

  28. Being a mom of 2 kids, I can imagine what it takes to be a working mom with kids around you. Great tips from you for moms who might have to move to NewYork to make sure they know how to survive the busy crazy life out there! And, yes we love huggies & it has been a much needed lifesaver for my kids.

  29. I’m also a working mom. It’s tough but we manage to make it work somehow. I admire that about all moms. I love the tips your posted. I live in the suburbs so a tad slower if you will that the exciting NYC. My tip would be to always carry a portable changer mat. It’s amazing how many places do not have changing tables.

  30. I have never been to NYC but I so desperately want to go! It looks like the kind of fast paced lifestyle I think I would love. We live in a tired little beach town and there is NOTHING here! I just haven’t reached my life’s peak yet. 🙂 #client

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