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Before and after bath time!

Before and after bath time!

    As a new mom, I learned right away the importance of encouraging happy and healthy development during bath time with my babies. It became immediately apparent to me that bath time was an important part of ensuring that my babies had a restful sleep and I quickly established a bedtime routine that we followed religiously every night.

    In the evening, my husband and I would bathe our son with JOHNSON’S® baby HEAD-TO-TOE® wash. Not only did we love its scent but we also knew that it was gentle enough for our son’s delicate new skin. Smell in general can evoke powerful emotions, and a clean, fresh, after-bath smell appears to be no exception for parents in the US, especially Hispanic parents. Parents around the world spend 10 hours per month on average bathing their babies and 90% of Hispanic parents consider this a special time to bond with their babies.


    Immediately afterwards, we gave our baby a full body massage using JOHNSON’S® baby lotion because I had read somewhere that massaging a baby’s skin helps their development and allows parents to bond with baby. As a matter of fact, research shows that infants who experienced routine touch and massage (a big part of the after-bath routine) were 50% more likely to make eye contact and 3X more likely to have an overall positive expression.

Here are some massage tips to keep in mind during your baby’s bath time:

  • Use slow and positive strokes as you massage your baby’s skin.
  • Begin on the legs and continue with soft and soothing motions.
  • Use soothing tones to talk to your baby while you are massaging his or her skin.


    After swaddling our baby and laying him down to sleep, we played classical music in the background to soothe him to sleep. Yet another book I had read as a new mom stated that exposing babies to classical music helps to develop their brains. Listening to bath time music or talking back and forth with baby can stimulate parts of the brain responsible for memory and language development. Studies show infants who are spoken with more have larger vocabularies by 24 months of age.


    Bath time provides the perfect opportunity for parents to evoke their baby’s senses in a variety of ways. Bath time moments serve as special rituals that help all parents develop relationships with their babies through touch, smell, and more! JOHNSON’S® is committed to showcasing the ways that these everyday interactions are the perfect opportunity to stimulate baby’s senses and lead to happy, healthy development.

    Make sure you visit JOHNSON’S® to learn more about the JOHNSON’S® SO MUCH MORE™ campaign and ways that you could use bath time to stimulate your baby’s senses and to nurture your baby’s ability to learn, think, love and grow!Johnsons-Infographic

Let’s Discuss: How have you used bath time to encourage happy and healthy development of your babies?

This is a compensated collaboration with Johnson’s® and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. This is the only brand of baby wash that we have ever used! It has been around so long that it’s the only brand we trust in our home.

  2. Katherine Bartlett says

    What adorable pictures! We always used Johnson’s on Mary until she got a bit bigger

  3. Lesley Stevens says

    Beautiful baby pictures. I haven’t used this brand before but I have heard of it before.

  4. I taught infant massage as part of Kindermusik, the babies usually almost fell asleep. 🙂

  5. I always used Johnson’s products with my boys when they were babies. I loved how gentle they were on their skin.

  6. My son loves bath time. It’s so relaxing (when he’s not swimming around.) We loved Johnson’s products when he was tiny.

  7. I can imagine so much could be learned in bath time for a baby. Especially a love for water.

  8. My kids love bath time. They are a little older but they still use J&J products!

  9. Mama to 5 Blessings says

    I use these products for my baby. My favorite is the lavender. I love how good she smells after bath time.

  10. I always trusted Johnson’s products for my babies. Bath time was often a really fun time!

  11. mena & taty says

    Since mine were babies we have been using these products. In a way I refuse to let them grow by having our nightly rituals still 🙂

  12. What amazing tips. These will really come in handy with my new nephew.

  13. celebdirtylaundry says

    Johnson’s products have always been great, perfect for bath time with the little one!

  14. We used Johnson’s Baby Shampoo on both of our kids. It’s the best baby brand out there.

  15. Amber Nelson says

    We have always used Johnson’s. It is such a reliable brand.

  16. I never realized that bath time could be so important! Johnson’s has been around forever–I LOVE the smell of their products. It has always been one of the items that I give as a baby shower gift!

  17. Ourfamilyworld says

    Bath time was a great learning activity for our babies. We got to learn shapes, colors and have fun

  18. Lois Alter Mark says

    My kids loved bath time when they were little! Every time I get a whiff of a Johnson’s product, it makes me think of those times.

  19. Bath time always signaled the end of the day. It was part of our night time ritual. Bath, book, then bed. We always used Johnson’s Bedtime Bath with our girls because it really seemed to calm them!

  20. Jeanine @ sixtimemommy.com says

    My kids loved and still love bath time! We recently switched back to Johnson’s and I couldn’t be happier with it!

  21. Oh, I do so much with my kids at the end of the day, I never even considered how it affected their development. My girls love it and when I say it’s time for a bath, both run into the bathroom stripping off their clothes in the process. We will have to incorporate more.

  22. I used to love bath time with my parents! All the toys floating in the tub 🙂

  23. I absolutely love Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, it makes my hair so soft. I think that bath time is one of the best things.

  24. My kids are grown but I do remember bath time being so special in our household. I worked 12 hour shifts and the night shift so many nights my husband was in charge of bath time. It really was a special bonding time.

  25. Veronica Solomon says

    I used to love Johnsons when my kids were little. that was a long time ago. These pictures are so cute

  26. Bathtime really is important for routine. And aww, look at your little one, so cute!! 🙂 We like Johnson’s.

  27. We have always used Johnson’s it is the best.

  28. I absolutely love the smell of J&J bath products. Brings back memories of when my daughter was small.

  29. I really connected with my toddler during bath time. It was a time for relaxation for both of us. While I never used Johnson products, bath time can really be a great time to connect with your little ones.

  30. I really do think it’s a special bonding time for parents and baby. It’s so nice to see how many people feel that way.

  31. Chrissy Mazzocchi says

    We have been using Johnsons since we had our first born in 1999, they have the best products!

  32. Donna L Ward says

    awww….you are so right about the smells, soothing, talk and slow massage – I remember it all like yesterday from your description – so sweet – I do like that infographec also

  33. I use a different brand. I have a little one allergic to the Johnson’s brand.

  34. Ann Bacciaglia says

    Johnson’s was always part of our bath time ritual when the kids were younger. It was a great way to get the kids to relax before bed time.

  35. These pictures are adorable! I love this campaign by J&J! Bath time with baby can be such a great bonding experience and an opportunity to learn and explore.

  36. Chrystal M. says

    Such cute pics. When kiddo turned about 3, bath time became a nightmare. Not because she didn’t want to take a bath, but because she knew it meant washing her hair. First, it was the act of having water on her head. Second, it was having to comb out her naturally curly hair. She pretty much cried every time she had to bathe or comb her hair. Then she started swimming, got a hair cut and eventually grew out of it. She came into my life at 3, so I didn’t get to bond in the baby stage.

  37. Melissa Vera says

    I loved your pictures. My oldest daughter hated bath time so we had to come up with ways to make it fun with her.

  38. We went through stages with my son when it came to bath time. When he was a baby till about 6 months he HATED taking a bath. Then From 6 months and up he would not want to be out of the water. Now that he is 6 years old you have to pull teeth to get him in the shower lol I miss that short period of time when he used to love taking a bath. We’ve always use Johnson’s Baby product for his bath time.

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