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    Ever since I became a parent my priorities have changed and, at the very top of my list, is making sure that I do everything I can to bring joy and maintain good health for my family.  I know better than anyone how busy we can all get and how that sometimes sidetracks us from what really matters.  It is important to make a conscious effort, on a daily basis, to spend quality time together doing what really makes us happy or trae la felicidad.

    En nuestro hogar, or our home, maintaining good communication is key in ensuring our happiness.  My husband and I have conversations with both of our sons every afternoon to recap the day’s events.  Although we are both working parents, this allows us to be engaged in our boys’ daily activities and shows them that we value taking the time out to reflect on their day.  As you can see from their smiles when I pick them up at the end of the day, they really look forward to this time we spend together talking.


    Making sure that our boys stay healthy is very important to us.  As a result, we are involved in a variety of sports.  Studies have shown that participating in sports activities makes kids perform better academically.  Also, they go a long way in maintaining their overall health by building endurance and their muscle strength.  Getting moving keeps our boys very happy because they are staying active and having more opportunities to socialize with their peers.  From basketball to fútbol, we just love playing sports!


    Imagine if we all had a special someone by our side to support us through each day and help us enjoy life more? A little Baymax from the hit pelicula, or movie, Big Hero 6 can go a long way!  With all the love and laughter that audiences have come to expect from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Big Hero 6 is an action-packed comedy adventure that introduces Baymax, a lovable, personal companion robot, who forms a special Bond with robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada.  The best part is that Big Hero 6 is now available on Disney Movies Anywhere, and on Blu-ray™ February 24, 2015!


    At the end of the day, I guess the moral here is that everybody needs somebody, sometimes.  The unity of family is what brings joy and health to our family every single day.  Having just one person around you who cares about you and motivates you to be your very best can change your whole outlook on life.  The more, the merrier! La más gente que hay, lo mejor!


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Let’s Discuss:  How does your family live a ‘happy & healthy life’ encouraging love and friendship like Baymax & Hiro in Big Hero 6?



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  1. I try (and I teach my daughters) to be kind to people. You never know when a strangers day can be changed because you smiled at them or said hello.

  2. Our family eats together without any electronics at least 5 days a week. We also choose one day a week where we play board games and have treats. The rest of the week we try to stay healthy and eat fresh foods and play outside.

  3. We actually choose one day of the week, where we sit and talk about what everyone is doing and how everyone is doing which is very important. COMMUNICATION is key to our family’s happiness. We always teach our children to have manners (say thank you, please, open doors for everyone and just be polite). We’ve also taught them that if a child is different from them doesn’t mean they are wrong, or stupid or they have cooties 🙂 We should give everyone a chance.

  4. We live a happy and healthy life by respecting and loving each other.

  5. We live happy by doing what is right. We help each other and try to help each other lead a stress free life to be happy.

  6. One of the things we did was to make our home safe ground. A place that no matter what you did, or what happened… home is where you are loved unconditionally … where we worked out our problems and didn’t point blame. Where instead of being yelled out, you were hugged and you knew we’d work out the problem together as a family. When one of the boys moved out… I heard him say can I come back home to be safe if I need to? And I remember when we sold that house, they were worried it wouldn’t be the same in the new house… but it was… and it always will be “safe in our home” wherever we (parents) are for our children.

  7. shellypeterson says

    We try to live a happy healthy life by being good honest people, helping others out. And by spending quality time together.

  8. We live a happy and healthy life by taking care of each other and our kitties, when weather permits we enjoy it outside, otherwise we hang out together inside and watch movies, listen to music, and play games.

  9. Danai Rinacke says

    We are happy and healthy because we try to live a balanced life. We enjoy playing, working and exercising and taking down time as well. We try to eat healthy but still enjoy a treat here and there.

  10. Rebecca Williams Parsons says

    We live a happy and healthy life by being a strong family by communicating and having fun together.

  11. Luckily for me my son and daughter are best friends. They have a amazing relationship that makes me happy and proud everyday. They are constantly playing and running around.

  12. We encourage love and friendship by volunteering during events at the church and by always using our manners. Thanks.

  13. We try to have good communication and love each other.

  14. I make sure everyone gets daily hugs. We also try to encourage each other with words as much as possible.

  15. I make sure to tell everyone hello and asking how their day is, telling them thank you and I love you, encourage my best friends and helping people the best way I can :3 I like to help people out and be there for them. 🙂

  16. I entered

    Teaching Kids How To Do Laundry With The Purex PowerShot!.

  17. I try to lead by example so we try to be nice and kind to one another.

  18. James Robert says

    My kids have learned a lot through going to church and our talks at home about kindness and respecting others

  19. My family lives a happy and healthy life by enjoying the small moments in it and eating various vegetables with our meals.

  20. We live a happy and healthy life by making sure to share our love for one another by spending time together, helping one another and being kind and thoughtful!

  21. we live a happy life by spending time together-we eat and play as a family. and our healthy time is spent biking, swimming and cross country ski

  22. We try to keep balance in our family life. Good food, good fun, good friends…they all play a part.

  23. I always try to find the good in any circumstance to live a happy and healthy life. I encourage my children to do the same.

  24. Meagan Bailiff says

    my husband and i try to teach my daughter to be kind and considerate and to be assertive and make good choices.

  25. We live a happy & healthy life by making time for quality family time & staying fit as a family

  26. We like to get lots of exercise! Sports that involve teamwork definitely help as well.

  27. We get lots of outdoor activity together as a family. We try to make time each week to spend together.

  28. We always make time to spend family time together, no matter how busy we are we always find ways to hang out and have fun! Whether it be eating dinner, watching movies or playing board games !

  29. Theresa Smith says

    We live together with my daughter, her husband and my 2 grandkids. We all help each other with chores, bills and anything that needs to be done. We are there for each other no matter what the other may need. We are happy to be content with what we have and being together.

  30. Debbie Welchert says

    We try to eat plenty of veggies, fruits and drink plenty of water. We show our love by giving to others and try to show everyone kindness.

  31. amy williams says

    I try to teach my children to be nice to everyone if they see someone in need to help them. I love spending time with them and playing board games .

  32. My family and I live a healthy and happy life by striving for simplicity. We love and encourage others by helping those who are need, whether it’s a listening ear or money.

  33. We try to so outdoor activities as a family to be happy and healthy.

  34. We taught our children from an early age to treat others the way they want to be treated! We encourage them to spend time with friends and enjoy themselves, as well as taking care of their responsibilities. We enjoy spending time with other families involved in our childrens’ activities.

  35. Carolyn Daley says

    We encourage happiness by showing kindness to each other and listening to one another. It is important to be supportive and there for your loved ones.

  36. We spend time outside and eat healthy.

  37. We try to treat others like we want to be treated so we don’t get our feeling hurt. By following this example we will find our life will be less complicated with drama.

  38. Lauren Little says

    I try and teach my children how to help someone in need. It can even be as simple as just being a good friend to someone.

  39. Leigh Anne Borders says

    How do we promote happy and healthy lives? We encourage one another. We take time to listen. We appreciate what each of us brings and we do not sweat the small stuff!

  40. We help each other out even when it is difficult for us. We listen when one of us has problems

  41. We stay healthy by keeping active and playing outside games together. We stay happy by being honest and nice to others.

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