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    I’ve always been very open about the fact that I suffer from excruciating bone pain due to the side effects from the medication that I take for a chronic medical condition.  Being a full-time, Working Mom along with the fact that I get tired more quickly than others do forces me to slow down sometimes.  I’ve resolved to make more time to relax whenever possible in 2015 because I realize that it will have a positive impact on my overall health.

    Like most of you, I don’t have a lot of money to spend going to the spa or to pay for expensive massages.  I’ve been searching for an option that I can take advantage of right here at home and I found the perfect solution with the HoMedics Dual Shiatsu Massage Cushion.  It was very affordable and it allows me to enjoy two different massage styles, including a deep kneading massage and focused spot massage.


    I actually installed it on the end of my sectional right near an outlet on the wall so I can plug it in whenever I need some relaxation time.  Since it has a programmable remote control, this massage cushion puts the power of relaxation into my own hands.  My husband really loves that its soothing heat may be applied to three massage zones including your full, upper or lower back.  He had a serious car accident a few years ago and has frequent back pain because of it.

    Our favorite features of this massager were the user-friendly remote, the added heat for painful areas, and the focused kneading of problem areas during the massage.  I would have liked if the seat cushion was a little more padded and comfortable since you have to sit on it during the massage.  All in all, the Dual Shiatsu Massage Cushion easily allowed us to customize our massage experiences to fit our pain-management needs.


Make sure you visit HoMedics for updates on new products and to find your perfect massager!

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the pain areas that you would target with the Shiatsu Massage Cushion and why?

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  1. I need me one of those! I would definitely benefit from a massage while on the computer 😉

  2. My husband has back issues, so I think he would love that for his desk at work. He does have a birthday coming up…..

  3. I had one of these on my office chair a decade ago. Used it until it wore out – so comforting!

  4. This looks amazing! Sitting at a desk all day as I do it would certainly be helpful, too!

  5. jaimemckee says

    I have a similar massage chair. (Pretty sure it’s Homedics too.) I love it. I have issues in my shoulders, and it really works the knots out.

  6. I need one of these! It’s the closest to my nail salon’s chairs.

  7. I need one of those on my computer chair would really help.I think I need to get one for myself and one for my hubby.

  8. These are great for back and neck relaxation.

  9. This looks wonderful. I could really use this after a long day.

  10. Oh my goodness I need to try this! It sounds amazing. x

  11. This is the perfect product for my husband. He is always working in the yard and complaining about needing a massage. It would def make my life easier.

  12. mena & taty says

    Fortunately I don’t have pain area. Nevertheless, I do want to constantly be pampered. This is perfect!

  13. Melissa Smith says

    My hubs would LOVE this! He’s always saying how much his back hurts. & maybe I might love to use it too. 😉

  14. Chrystal M. says

    I need this. I suffer from degenerative disc disease so my lower back hurts all the time. I have sciatica as a result of that. I also have osteoarthritis in my hips. So sitting for long periods of time gets pretty painful. All of this along with sitting at the PC all day working from home these last few years, has made me a bit crooked. I know a lot of people like massages. They aren’t my favorite, so this is something I really need.

  15. I have a massage chair but it’s big, clunky and it doesn’t look good with my furniture themes. I like these because they can fit in most chairs and are not an eyesore!

  16. Carmen Nimo Perez says

    Oh I love all of these chair message pillows. My husband bought me one for Christmas last year and I use it all the time.

  17. Ok I am pretty sure I need one of these for my chair.

  18. I definitely would target my lower back–but I really would need a better cushion to sit on as well. Will look to see if maybe they have one.

  19. Lois Alter Mark says

    I really want to try this. I sit way too much and know that it’s not good for me. I think something like this would really help.

  20. Veronica Solomon says

    I could actually use of those right now. Looks so comfy and relaxing

  21. This is too funny- this is the one I’ve been trying to get the hubby to get. It’s awesome!

  22. My pain areas tend to jump between my upper back/neck and lower back. I’ve always wanted one of those.

  23. Nicole Ramage says

    Oh, I can’t even. I would never get up if I had one of these. Being pregnant it’s my neck, and back, and back of the thighs, and hips.. I would seriously never move again.

  24. Oh gosh, I could use this. I have lower back issues and degenerative issues as well as arthritis and osteoporosis so this would be so great to have.

  25. Oh this looks amazing. I hurt my lower back a few years ago and I again pulled it the other day I bet this would be perfect!

  26. Jen ( says

    I have back and neck pain. I would love to try this out!

  27. We have the HoMedics foot rubber and it is fantastic. I would absolutely love to have this one though for full back pain!

  28. This looks really nice. I bet it would relax me to the point of sleep 🙂

  29. I need one in my car, at home and in my office at work! I would be in heaven!!

  30. Katherine Bartlett says

    Oh this would be heaven for me. I need a back massage badly!

  31. ourfamilyworld says

    This sounds so comfortable, I have never heard of it before; but it would make those hard back chairs so much nicer!

  32. celebbabylaundry says

    A massage cushion sounds amazing, I could really use one for my back; it would be so relaxing!

  33. Debbie Denny says

    This sounds fantastic. I could use one of these.

  34. themommyfiles says

    We have a massage chair in our home and I love it! This sounds like a great one too! I love how easy to move around from chair to chair.

  35. Rebecca Williams Parsons says

    My husband could use that for his back. He was ran over at work by a golf cart from his supervisor that wasn’t paying attention and has back pain ever since.

  36. mail4rosey says

    I got one of these for hubby for Christmas. It’s not working on his back right now, but he really, really pulled it. It’s great for mild aches though!!

  37. Thrill of the Chases says

    I was “this close” to buying one of these at Christmas. Now I wish I had made the purchase. Never too late, right?

  38. My mom would love to have this – she’ll enjoy the massages I’m sure!

  39. I would love one! I get neck and back pain all the time

  40. oh my goodness, i need one of these!! will be dropping hints to my husband for my vday gift.

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