1. Terry My Journey With Candida says

    I love twitter parties!! Shoot though… that is tomorrow that it is going on. My Hubs wants to go to Pittsburgh.

  2. Terry My Journey With Candida says

    So, If I would get back in time, can I just join in using the hashtag?

  3. What a great initiative! The STEM program is so important for our youth. Love that so many talented individuals (including you!) are lending their voices to support the program!

  4. Donna L Ward says

    Very cool and fun idea that I am working on for some point! 🙂

  5. Lesley Stevens says

    What a good idea. I’ve participated in a few twitter parties and they were quite beneficial for a lot of reasons.

  6. Not many. I try to educate my children more in these areas, and the schools are starting to now, but growing up, as a girl, there weren’t that many stem educational opportunities where I lived.

    • Lesley Stevens says

      Same here, we didn’t have anything like this. I’m glad that we’re seeing more schools that are starting.

  7. Jen ( says

    As an educator, writer, and Sprint customer, I love this post! Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I will try to make the Twitter party.

  8. my daughter just participated in rube goldberg contest. It was very exciting how creative the kids were.

  9. I put this on my calendar. It sounds like fun!

  10. Sounds fun. Mainly we have visited science museums. Does that count?

  11. My kids both participated in yearly science fairs in middle and high school. My son also likes working with technology!

  12. What a fun sounding twitter party! The film sounds really interesting as well.

  13. I need to do more in the STEM arena. At this time, my son goes to a STEM club, but I need to do more with my girls and my son. I’ll check in on the Twitter party.

  14. Debbie Denny says

    This sounds like a great party. Will tell my daughter in law.

  15. I’m glad there is a Twitter party promoting this. I know there’s a need for more students to be proficient in these areas.

  16. Sounds like this is going to be an awesome event! Can’t wait to see it over on Twitter.

  17. paulaschuck says

    Sounds like a great Twitter party! Looking forward to it.

  18. There is a need to educate all girls that STEM is for them, so I was happy to read about the Twitter party.

  19. I have see the trailer for this movie and I want to watch this with my girls. As a mom I am steering them towards STEM but don’t know if they would be interested.

  20. Sounds like a fun party. I would like my kids to learn more about STEM!

  21. I cant wait for this, Im pretty excited!

  22. Robotics sound like fun. My kids are involved in STEM activities with our local 4-H group.

  23. What a great initiative. I’m sorry I missed the Twitter party. I hope it was a success.

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