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    This month, the first five episodes of All Hail King Julien finally arrived on Netflix!  The series features everyone’s favorite character from the Madagascar franchise, King Julien.  He takes on the jungle’s craziest adventures in the new comedy series, along with his loyal sidekicks Maurice and Mort plus a whole new cast of colorful animals.


    We had the opportunity to preview two of the all-new episodes of the Netflix original as well as engage in some fun activities.  Our boys had the chance to create crowns fit for a king, learn King Julien’s signature dance and pose Hollywood style with the King himself.  I’m not sure who had more fun, the kids or the adults.


    To celebrate the premiere of All Hail King Julien on Netflix, we are getting ready with the biggest party animal of all time to enjoy the biggest party of the year, New Year’s Eve!  We want you to join in on all the fun as well and, if you have kids like I do, you know that it’s important to make this party kid-friendly.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some New Year’s Eve Mocktails that can help you make this evening fun for the children in your home too!


    So get ready to dance and say “Cheers!” to the New Year with these two “mocktail” recipes, champagne glasses included.  You can bake your own chocolate chip cookie stick for a cookies and milk toast, or keep it traditional by sipping on some sparkling cider. Click HERE to learn how to make your own!


Let’s Discuss:  How do ring in the New Year with your children every year?



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  1. Winning this would mean we could spend time together as a family and save lots of money by not going out to the theater.

  2. Winning would mean bringing the family closer. We could watch movies together and bing watch our favorite shows.

  3. Meagan Bailiff says

    it would mean we wouldn’t have to pay for our subscription for a year, which would be awesome!

  4. detroitmommy says

    It would mean saving around $100 a year, which is a ton for me considering I have three kids 6 & under. My oldest two love Netflix & having the ability to control it themselves (since I’m able to make sure they don’t pick things with the wrong rating thanks to settings in Netflix).

  5. Cathy French says

    It would mean more access to movies and netflix exclusive shows. We have Amazon Prime but Netflix would be a great addition.

  6. It would mean a free year of Netflix-I just ended our subscription because money is tight right now

  7. Ericka Chatman says

    If we had a subscription to Netflix we’d be able to watch our favorite shows and all types of movies. We absolutely love Netflix, and movie night would be every night! 🙂

  8. We would be able to save the money we normally spend on netflix

  9. it would save us so much money, I could spent $95.12 on something else or I’d save it for just in case emergency (our subscription is 7.99 a month)

  10. It would be great for my family to win this. We love Netflix and it would help us to save some money!

  11. Winning a Netflix subscription would mean that we could drop our cable movie package for the year. That would save us a good bit of money, maybe to spend on a vacation instead!

  12. Iusethis Forstuff says

    Another reason to put off reading books! Woohoo

  13. Winning would mean we would have a year of lots of great entertainment! That’s a years worth of family movie nights! And the money we’d save could help the pay the bills 🙂

  14. I adore Netflix but the truth is that I don’t have it right now because we were cutting back on expenses. (We don’t have cable either) In our house we watch very little TV and only certain shows, then OFF. I was planning to reinstate Netflix so that we could watch ‘Orange is the New Black’ (which is so funny and great!) so you would be saving me about $100.
    {in the contest I am Margot Core on the Rafflecopter}

  15. Marti Tabora says

    I would mean a lot since our budget is very tight and we don’t get to go out to the movies because it’s just too expensive. We used to have Netflix, but unfortunately had to cancel it in an effort to save money.

  16. Winning a 1-year subscription to Netflix mean we could all enjoy TV and movies together on weekends.

  17. Leigh Anne Borders says

    I would love to win a year long subscription to Netflix. Winning this giveaway would allow my family to connect and enjoy one another. There is nothing quite like sitting down together and just enjoying a movie. Such great discussion afterwards!

  18. Charlene Drake says

    Winning a 1-year subscription to Netflix would mean my family could spend quality movie time at home. We have special movie night a least once a week, so a subscription would be great. Thank you for having this giveaway.

  19. Thomas Murphy says

    We would love it because it would give us alot more movies and TV shows to watch.

  20. steve weber says

    I would love to win, we could watch movies together as a family.

  21. AmandaSakovitz says

    I would love to win so I could save money and enjoy awesome movies.

  22. It would be great because Netflix has so many movies for everyone in the family and it would sure save us a lot of money that we wouldn’t have to rent so many.

  23. margaretsmith says

    If we won, we’d save money by cancelling out some of the optional programs we’re paying for from our cable company. We’d also spend more family time together, watching family movies at our convience.

  24. margaret franks duncan says

    It would save us a few dollars we are both disabled and watch a lot of TV,and we love netflixs!

  25. Lots of folks I know have netflix and love it. Would be great to win – save some $$ and see some of the netflix only shows!

  26. I would love to win to save money on real movies in the movie theater. =)

  27. Wild Orchid says

    Since we cut cable two years ago, this would mean a great deal to our family! We would have a much wider variety of shows and movies to watch that would please every member of our family!

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  28. Dana Rodriguez says

    It would be wonderful to win.We love a lot of the Netflix Original Series.

  29. We would love to have a Netflix subscription. We have cancelled our cable subscription so pour viewing programs are numbered. For example I can no longer watch The Walking Dead. However that show is being streamed on Netflix. With a subscription I can watch it.

    • Netflix is such a good alternative to cable. It only costs a few dollars a month to stream, so it’s very affordable.

  30. We would love to win this so we can pick movies and shows to watch anytime. It would be great this winter since we are limited to staying inside.

  31. We currently have Netflix and really enjoy it. I worry about the extra expense, though, because I can’t work. Winning a year’s subscription would mean the world to me, and would make me feel like I’m actually contributing something.

  32. Carrie Barron says

    We had Netflix in the past but gave it up so we could put that money to things we needed more. I would love to have it again so that my husband would have more options for things to watch. He has been flipping through channels for the past hour without settling on anything.

  33. Winning a 1 year Netflix subscription would mean that we could get caught up on watching House of Cards and Orange is the New Black that we were watching when our subscription ran out last year

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  34. I entered the P&G Prize Pack With $25 AMEX Gift Card giveaway

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  35. Winning a one year subscription would be so awesome for my family, it would bring joy to the Grandkids and give them something good to watch everytime they come over.

  36. Winning would mean a lot more variety in our family movie nights, and a higher chance that we’ll be able to find selections we’ll all agree with! It also means discovering some new favorite TV shows that stream only on Netflix, like House of Cards. Thanks!

  37. We don’t have cable so everything we watch is on Netflix! We absolutely love it!

  38. We love Netflix. Getting a free year would save us a nice chunk of change that could be used to pay for my sons inhaler for almost 3 months

  39. We dont have Netflix now (nor have we ever) what it would mean is we could spend time with each other. It would be great to pick a movie, sit back and enjoy a nice evening or weekend.
    ellen beck

  40. We love netflix! And we love that there is something for everyone in our family to enjoy and watch together.

  41. Netflix is our family’s sanity! We love it. Cable is blech for kids (too much Callou!), but on Netflix the girls can watch what they like and it doesn’t drive me nuts. Plus, it will save us $8 precious dollars per month. That’s dinner one night per month!

  42. I really do not watch TV but might relent and watch the ball drop tonight (if I am still awake or if Baby, my cat, wakes me up in time). As for cocktails vs mocktails–I’ll choose the mocktail every time! For families with children Netflix is the greatest!

  43. It would mean that we could spend time together watching movies and tv shows together. Thank you!

  44. wildnmild4u says

    This would save us the fee and be great. We don’t have cable so we watch a ton of Netflix.
    Jennifer Rote

  45. Right now my husband is home after cutting off two fingers and having reattachment surgery. While he is out of work money is tight, but Netflix is what is keeping him sane and giving him something to do while he is going through rehabilitation. I would love to make him smile while he recovers.

  46. I have been meaning to sit down and watch this with my kids all week. I am adding that to my list of things to do with them today!

  47. It would mean taking time to sit down together, possibly once a week and just enjoy each other.

  48. That looks cute – he’s one of my favorites from Madagascar! And we actually gave two Netflix subscriptions as gifts this year!

  49. We love Netflix! It means we could watch fun family movies together whenever we feel like it. Thanks for the chance.

  50. This would be awesome. We just eliminated our cable so we are basically tv less unless we watch videos of course. I would love this.

  51. valmg @ Mom Knows It All says

    Looks like the boys were having fun. We usually spend New Years Eve at home, it’s safer.

  52. Would love a 1-yr sub to add to ours. There’s a couple series that I know would take me at least a year to catch up on!

  53. tatertot374 says

    This would be so wonderful to win. We just moved out to the country and this would enable us to watch some great movies and shows. Thank you!

  54. My family would love enjoying watching more movies and shows together. We did a trial and we miss it.

  55. Trisha Kilpatrick says

    We have started having occasional family movie nights with popcorn and snacks. Netflix subscription would mean that we could do it more often and for less money. Now that my boys are teenagers, I am trying to show them the “classic” movies as well as the movies that show up as memes and as common references.

  56. This would mean lots of time spend together watching films we enjoy while munching on popcorn! Oh, and lots of laughter! 🙂

  57. We love Netflix! It would mean that we continue having our family movie nights and mom & dad get a year with no payments! Thanks!

  58. Katherine Bartlett says

    Who doesn’t love King Julien? I laugh at him and I’m an adult!

  59. We just watched this yesterday! My kids loved it. I’m such a sucker for Netflix too, I can’t get enough! So this is fantastic!

  60. If I won this it would mean my oldest daughter could finally get caught up with the shows some of friends are discussing without her. They want her to watch with them too, but we don’t have Netflix!

  61. We head to a friend’s house every New Year’s Eve. The kids play and the parents hang out. It’s fun!

  62. Mama to 5 Blessings says

    We love our Netflix, we use it daily in our home including on our tablets! Looks like a fun party!

  63. We love Netflix! I think my son would really enjoy All Hail King Julien. It sounds fun!

  64. Serge Botsaris says

    We’d be able to binge watch all of the shows we have missed over the past year!

  65. We totally watched All Hail King Julian as soon as we saw it on Netflix love it! x

  66. Nicole Millheim says

    It would mean having access to so many shows and so many movies. I can go on a movie marathon whenever I wanted!! love it!

  67. Lesley Stevens says

    I should definitely look into Netflix. I think I may be the only person on Earth without it. I’ve heard good things.

  68. It would mean we could stay at home more to watch movies instead of buying movie rentals or going to the movie theater.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  69. We actually just cancelled our cable because Netflix has been enough for us.

  70. Lisa Garner says

    Winning a year of Netflix would mean chances to spend time together as a family and to enjoy time together.

  71. It would mean a lot of savings each month because it would allow us to cut the cable! With the money we saved we could have a family night every week with pizza or something and stream Netflix!

    [email protected]

  72. jalapenomama says

    Winning a 1 year Netflix subscription would mean that we could watch shows not available otherwise.
    And when the grand kids come there would be a lot of shows they would enjoy.
    thank you

  73. Courtney Bella says

    Winning a year of Netflix meaning lots of family movies with the kids and my husband. Plus a lot of lounging on the couch watching my FAVORITE show, orange is the new black!

  74. This would mean I could cut my cable bill signficantly, which I would love since it’s going up $10 a month.

  75. If we were to win a free year of streaming Netflix we might splurge on a Netflix DVD membership as well. We don’t rent movies often, so it would be a treat.

  76. Netflix has such great programming. We love the shows on Netflix.

  77. kathy whitney says

    I find they are the best time saver in the world. We get the best entertain value that money can buy! Especially if you have two people with weird work hours.

  78. Heather Dawn says

    This would be great for my family. We just moved out of state and we are up in the air about getting cable. This would easily make up our minds not to get it.

  79. It would mean that I could watch all my favorite shows that I’ve either missed or can’t catch on my cable plan.

  80. I would love to win this because my entire family has at least one show they would enjoy streaming to watch. I really want to watch Black is the New Orange

  81. A Year of Netflix would be obviously beneficial for not having the cost of it! We used to have it, but stopped using it due to our financial budget. It would mean a lot more family time together to watch movies with the kids, and tv series with my hubby!! We would LOVE to win!! Thank you 🙂

  82. We watch Netflix so much! It would be great to have it for free.

  83. Wendi Watson says

    first off it would save me money i w love netflix and a free year would be a great gift! ty

  84. It would definitely help us with our monthly budget. I have been a Netflix member since I was in college so that’s almost ten years!

  85. Samantha D says

    We’re in the process of saving everything we can – so a year old subscription would certainly help save about $100!

  86. Sign me up for a 1 year netflix subscription! It isn’t very costly per month, but definitely adds up over time. I’ve been using netflix for many many years… before streaming!

  87. Chrystal M. says

    We just watched the first episode. It was pretty fun. We don’t have cable so Netflix and Hulu are our stations of choice!

  88. It would mean we could consider cancelling our cable!

  89. entered Keurig

  90. Annabellainla says

    It would help us stretch our budget a little further – we can still watch our favorite shows and save a little money every month

  91. Lean Lacaba says

    I don’t use Netflix to be honest. Not a fan of TV shows, but I hope someone who is wins this!

  92. Jodi Kershuk says

    A year of Neftlix would be great for us, because we homeschool our kids. We could watch Magic Schoolbus. We are a one income family and it’s hard for me to justify spending $100 a year on netflix.

  93. we love netflix and I had it free for awhile but now I’m back to paying and winning a free year would really help me financially.

  94. my husband would love a year of Netflix right now we can not afford it. So I would love this

  95. carrie conrad says

    A free year of Netflix would be great for my family! Right now I pay month to month as my kids use it all the time. This would be great to save a little money

  96. themommyfiles says

    This sounds like a really fun movie! I know that King Julien is one of my favorite characters in the Madagascar movies!

  97. I love Netflix and that they did this countdown. We watch Netflix everyday

  98. I would love to win this for my family. We like to watch movies together. This would give us so many choices and so much easier than go to store to rent one. thanks for the chance

  99. Seyma Shabbir says

    It would mean we would have Netflix and watch King Julian with the kids and me and hubby would watch Marco Polo and I would watch Walking Dead!! Zombies….. brains…

  100. Seyma Shabbir says

    Entered Keurig giveaway!

  101. We could watch some of the series that I keep hearing people talk about, but missed on tv.

  102. My DH has wanted to get a subscription for Netflix for a long time but never got around to doing it. I think my kids would enjoy “All hail King Julien”.

  103. Winning a year of Netflix would be a true blessing. I am on a limited income and trying to budget well. This would really help a lot! Plus my family could get together and watch movies and have movie nights together!

  104. We would love to have good shows to watch without a thousand commercials overwhelming my kids. I really want to see some of the original series they show on Netflix.

  105. It would help us save some money! We have used Netflix since they mailed only dvds, and love it.

  106. Kevin Bell says

    We’d save money so that we can buy more snacks to watch movies with!

  107. We already subscribe to Netflix, so this would be a year of savings for us. I can’t wait to watch All Hail King Julien with the kiddos.

  108. Lyn mackay says

    We cancelled our cable last year because we could not afford it, a years savings on netflix would help us a lot, that saving could go to diapers instead 🙂

  109. I would have to say that this would be great for us all and we would really enjoy this everyday watching our favorite programs.

  110. It would provide hours of entertainment for us all!

  111. I love netflix shows especially my kid’s shows are in there. I say no to cable fees and go netflix

  112. bittripfan says

    We have family movie night every wednesday. This prize would be great for that. Netflix has something the whole family can enjoy

  113. We love Netflix and have had it for years. I remember when they would come in the mail. Orange is the New Black is our favorite show.

  114. One year of Netflix would be a blessing as we are only able to get 1-2 channels on the television without subscribing to cable which is horribly expensive. The grandkids come to visit every weekend and the Netflix would be wonderful to have in the evenings during quiet time.

  115. Joe GErsch says

    Winning a year of netflix would mean some entertainement, since we do not have cable Television

  116. angelabailey says

    Winning a 1-year subscription to Netflix would mean more family movie nights in 2015 with my man and my son. We could take turns picking movies. (Eigna Yeliab)

  117. Netflix would provide us with some time to relax together, and watch some top quality shows as a family! There are so many options available – we do watch a lot of tv and sometimes we get tired of the same old shows on tv, or just can’t find anything on. Would love to share Netflix as a family and find some new great shows and movies to watch!

  118. Brittney House says

    We love having movie nights but we don’t have many options. The only movies we really watch are old movies we own. So having Netflix will open up a huge library of movies we can watch and we will never be bored again. haha

  119. Since I always at home having Netflix would be good to have. I’m not able to leave the house due to my illness. So that mean I not able to go movies, shopping or anything. This will give me something to do instead of looking at 4 walls

  120. nicole dziedzic says

    It would mean plenty of family fun being spent together watching some of our favorite movies and shows. We love movie night!!

  121. Altusbecky says

    Lots of days spent watching Netflix together as a family 🙂

  122. Ani Wilson says

    As a homeschooling, family, it would mean a lot for our educational viewing and it would mean I would definitely have less library fines for DVDs! 🙂

  123. A year of Netflix means we would watch more movies together as a family in the new year.

  124. Austin Baroudi says

    We don’t have cable so it would mean all the kid shows my daughter wants for a whole year, which is such a huge help! Thanks so much for the chance!

  125. Winning this would mean seeing so many movies & shows we haven’t gotten to see yet! And my hubby & I would love to watch House of Cards!

  126. Mendy Dinsmore says

    It would mean we could get rid of Directv and just have Netflix.

  127. It would mean that our family could get caught up on the latest movies and shows we’ve missed.

  128. alejandra teran says

    It would mean that we wouldnt have to go out and buy movies. We could just check them out on Netflix within the comfort of our home.

  129. We’d love to win a subscription to Netflix! My son would love to watch Simpsons episodes and I want to catch up on whole seasons of The Amazing Race. We would have hours of family fun 🙂

  130. Shannon Faith says

    Eeek it would mean a lot to us! We don’t have cable so we depend on Netflix for our movie and TV fix and like everyone else, financially, this would give us a nice boost we could really use! Thanks for the chance!

  131. shellypeterson says

    It would be great to enjoy so many movies and tv shows in your home and available at any time.

  132. It would give us a chance to experience new shows and movies

  133. I’d give this to my sister. She recently canceled her Netflix because they are really tight on money.
    Melanie Montgomery

  134. Rebecca Williams Parsons says

    We have considered getting rid of satellite tv for a while so this would be a great way to watch tv without the huge prices.

  135. winning this Netflix giveaway would allow us to keep our current subscription. We are debating cancelling it simply to reduce costs this year.

  136. Jessica Smith-Ruggiero says

    This would be great for my family and would save us money. We love Netflix!

  137. Kristy Porter Graboski says

    It would be great! My children love watching their shows!

  138. I am looking to save money this year by cutting out cable. I would love to win this prize so I can see how it would work out using Netflix instead of cable.

  139. I would mean being able to share shows with the kids that I used to love at their age like Pee-Wee’s Playhouse (which I recently read is entirely available on Netflix now)

    [email protected]

  140. We hardly see movies in the theaters – it has become too expensive…with a Netflix subscription, we could see movies before they are available on TV

  141. It would be nice to win because my family and I love to watch movies at home.

  142. My father-in-law passed away 2 days after Christmas. I know my MIL would feel less lonely in the house with a never-ending choice of movies to watch.

  143. Rob Hestar says

    It would mean we can all get together and have a family night of watching a movie together 🙂

  144. I would love to win a year of Netflix. It would mean more family bonding time!

  145. msrodeobrat says

    It would mean getting to spend tons of quality time together cuddling up and watching great movies! We love spending time together and bonding over movies.
    Entered as Kim addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com

  146. there is nothing better than spending time with family and especially watching movies is one of the favorites hobbies of my daughters.

  147. James Robert says

    My kids had it once and really enjoyed it. Having 5 kids and being a single dad, I haven’t been able to renew it yet with Christmas and all but they would all love having it back

  148. James Robert says

    I entered aquaballdrink-giveaway

  149. Winning a 1-year subscription to Netflix would be so helpful to my family. It would be one less monthly bill. Thank-you for a great #giveaway 🙂

  150. Melissa Shaulis Mazzur says

    Winning a 1 year subscription to Netflix would allow us to have more family movie nights!

  151. Winning a 1 year subscription to netflix would help our family enjoy our favorite shows and watch new movies together!

  152. It would mean saving money for other things.

  153. It would mean having to not rent as many movies from Redbox!

  154. A year of Netflix would mean NO MORE COMMERCIALS! I HATE them and mute them all. And I’d get to see House of Cards!

  155. Winning a 1-year subscription to Netflix would mean commercial free viewing. My son repeats everything he sees on commercials!

  156. Courtney Edson says

    Winning one year netflix subscription would save us a few dollars a month and gives my family some entertainment to enjoy with each other.

  157. We have long brutally cold winters here in the Midwest. Besides gong to the gym or maybe eating out not much to do but watch TV. Even with satellite there is little to watch of quality. Netflix offers a lot of superb British series Rosanne

  158. Kevin Mominee says

    Netflix has so many great TV series now, that we practically consider it
    a necessity. Winning a one year Netflix subscription would save us a
    years worth of monthly payments.

  159. Winning a 1 year subscription to Netflix would allow us to have more family movie nights.

  160. JillianToo says

    It would mean a lot of fun family movie nights. We would be able to watch much more of wide range of movies and tv shows than we ever have.

  161. Michelle H. says

    I like to use Netflix to catch up on t.v. series for working out. I would get good use out of this prize.

  162. Natalie yeoman says

    it would save us a ton of money for the year because we are already buyin for netflix on our already tight budget it would give us some extra money each money

  163. tinareynolds says

    It would be awesome to watch shows everyone is always talking about saving money would mean more snacks formovie night

  164. It would be wonderful to win a free year of Netflix for my family. We do not have cable and rely on Netflix for some of our children’s favorite tv shows and movies.

  165. Ceinwyn Rudnick says

    A year long Netflix subscription would mean lots, and lots and lots of repeats of Wild Kratts and Dinosaur Train. But I’m ok with that!

  166. tammy farrar says

    netflix subscription means i could binge watch all my favourite shows or watch them over and over with no commercials. that would be fantastic

  167. It would mean that we could watch all our favorite series. It would also allow my son to watch his favorite kids programming.

  168. Danielle Marie says

    it would mean a lot of together time and discovering new movies and shows. plus i work from home so it would kill boredom and let me multi task. 😉


  169. Krazekatlady says

    Winning this would mean we could save money and be in the know about all the cool new Netflix shows.

  170. davisesq212 says

    My building announced that in March our bulk cable pricing would go away so I will need to unsubscribe to cable. A netflix subscirption starting then would be amazing so I can continue to have some type of tv/ movies.

  171. Lisa Pecora says

    It would be nice to be able to watch Netflix shows, like Orange is the new Black!!

  172. I’ve been wanting to see all the content that’s not available anywhere else, plus of course all the movies!

  173. It would mean actually watching good shows! Nothing is ever on TV anymore!

  174. Amanda Whitley says

    winning this would mean i could get rid of cable finally and save so much money.

  175. Jill McHale says

    I’ve always wanted to see Orange is the New Black. I also love that Netflix has so many choices for family appropriate shows and movies.

  176. heatherzilla says

    If we had netflix, we could binge watch some of the shows we missed.

  177. We are huge NetFlix fans. Great Variety of movies. We had enjoyed lots of holiday movies on Net Flix. It would be great to watch the Series of TV programmes. Thanks for the chance.

  178. We could catch up on all the shows we’ve missed!

  179. My family loves Netflix. We watch all the time. This would be great to help save money for my daughter’s wedding!

  180. Winning a year would ensure that we keep Netflix for a year. We currently have it, I honestly didn’t see the point in paying for cable tv when we only were watching a few channels. Best choice I ever made.

  181. I could get rid of cable and enjoy the same movies and TV shows without commercial interruptions.

  182. usnamom2014 says

    It would be great to watch some good family movies without commercials too!

  183. jules mcnubbin says

    we love using netflix, it would mean i could apply the money i spend on netflix to another bill, so it would help me out a lot!

  184. mizztara71 says

    We have basic cable. Netflix would be perfect for us catching up on new and older shows. RC- Tara Woods

  185. I could give it to my mom and she would save money.

  186. Virginia Rowell says

    We have bare minimum for tv, we could watch all the shows that everyone has talked about.

  187. Richard Hicks says

    It would mean a lot to us. I have been considering cutting the cable cord for a while and this would be a great opportunity.

  188. Laurie Emerson says

    It would mean so much to us as a family.One of the biggest things we all share is our love for television. Our cable has become so limited and this would give us all a chance to watch new shows.

  189. mail4rosey says

    It would mean more movie time for me and the fam. for the new year. We’re just awful about watching the TV, and I’d love to have the Netflix in the house, if for nothing more than to encourage a time where we can all gather round together in the same spot with a shared purpose.

  190. It would mean the world to this household! We never go to the theater anymore and with this in mind winning this would help break the dulldrums of cable TV.

  191. more movie nights for us without breaking the bank!

  192. It would mean more time for my husband and I to enjoy time together. As our children have grown and are beginning to leave home.

  193. Terry Cross says

    We love watching movies together. It would also save money.

  194. Winning a Netflix subscription would give me a chance to watch Netflix exclusive series as well as have my son keep enjoying the programming they have when he’s with me (his dad has Netflix).

  195. We just started our subscription, so this would save us $10 a month. Thank you

  196. Cindy Munkelt says

    We have never used Netflix so this would be an opportunity to try something new. Thank you for this chance to win a great prize.

  197. I would love to win this. I subscribe now and would love to continue.

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