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    As an educator, I am often shocked at how many sugary drinks I see my students consuming during their lunch.  Although our school does not serve these drinks, nor sell them in our vending machines, many of our students bring them in from outside and actually purchase them in the morning before coming to school.  I often wonder if their parents are aware of the unhealthy beverages that they are purchasing with the lunch money that they give them.

    Since our two boys were little, we have made sure that sugary soft drinks were not a part of their diet.  My husband doesn’t drink soda and he has always made sure that our sons do not consume it either.  As a result they drink a lot of natural juices but, I have to admit, they don’t drink nearly as much water as I would like them to.


    AquaBall was developed by a former school principal, who saw way too many children drinking sugary beverages during school, and not enough water. He created AquaBall as a fun way for kids to drink more of the H2O they need, that still tastes great but without any sugar.

    My husband and I love that Aquaball is 100% upfront about the ingredients. Each bottle contains water, natural flavor derived from fruits & berries, and is enhanced with Vitamins C, B3, B5, B6 & B12.  Aquaball is sweetened with a touch of stevia instead of sugar which is why it has no calories.  It never contains any artificial flavors or colors.


    In light of the growing obesity and diabetes epidemics that are occurring among kids, Aquaball has the potential to steer them away from other sugary drinks, such as juices and sodas, because each flavor tastes so good.  Our sons’ favorite Aquaball flavors were Grape and Berry Frost.  They couldn’t get enough of these flavors and Hubby and I were thrilled at how much water they were consuming!

    Another exciting fact is that Aquaball is also the only water beverage that meets Disney’s nutritional guidelines and has received their “Mickey Check” seen on every bottle.  Since AquaBall meets Disney’s healthy standards, they’re able to have kids’ favorite characters on the bottles – Frozen, Disney Princesses, Planes, and Marvel’s Avengers!

Let’s Discuss:  How concerned are you about the sugary drinks that kids are consuming in recent times?


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  1. James Robert says

    I make my kids drink a lot of water and I give flavoring if I can find some good sugar free flavoring. Most of the time, they have plain water so it is important to me for their teeth to keep the sugar away

  2. Terry My Journey With Candida says

    I don’t do sugar and when my Grandkids are at my house, there are no sugary drinks. I just don’t keep them in my home.

  3. Being a grandmother I am concerned about high sugar drinks, although my grand-kids love to drink water.

  4. We had these when we traveled over the summer. Was nice to know the kids wouldn’t be sugared-up in the car!

  5. I am concerned about the sugars in drinks because for the most part they are empty and unneeded calories that provide no nutritional value. Even so called fruit juices have to looked at closely as some dont even contain any fruit juice they are man made flavorings! I like the idea of these aquaballs- they contain no sugar and they are cute and kids would drink more water-something they need.
    ellen beck

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  7. We do not give my son a lot of sugary drinks. Thank goodness he doesn’t like soda so he doesn’t ask for it.

  8. Yesenia Torres says

    Trató lo más posible de que mi hija no tome bebidas con azúcar pues a consecuencia de desde bebe no querer tomar agua y sólo querer tomar jugos en exceso a tenido problemas de caries. Este producto lo había visto en las tiendas y no sabía que no contenía azúcar . Gracias por informarnos.

  9. Debbie Denny says

    I cut most pop out a couple years. I try to have non-sugary drinks for the grandkids when they come. This would be fantastic for them.

  10. I try to limit the amount of sugary drinks my kids have. I do like all natural fruit drinks though. I love that Aquaball is natural, has vitamins and contains Stevia also.
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  11. I do not give the kids alot of sugary drinks-I would rather they ate an apple or orange. I like Aquaball because there is no sugar and it is enhanced with Vitamins C, B3, B5, B6 & B12

  12. I hate the mindless guzzling of sugary drinks children these days seem to grow up on. When I was little it was a big deal to get a soda because it so seldom happened. I have a friend and her children never drink anything but soda. I can’t see that. I like that Aquaballs are fun to drink because of the shape of the bottles, the flavors that children want and they even have vitamins in them.

  13. Lesley Stevens says

    I like to flavor water at home. I like that its a portable drink so you can take it with you. Lots of flavors here that kids love.

  14. I am not a fan of sugar drinks. All they are is empty calories for kids. I do like the idea of flavored water like Aquaballs.

  15. We drink way to many sugary drinks here. We would love to cut back or drop them entirely but that is easier said than done. I do like the size and if I could switch to the water I would. 🙂

  16. I do think about how much sugar is in the drinks I send in their lunch. This sounds like something they would like.

  17. Even though I have no children I often worry about the amount of soda I see being consumed by not only the kids bit also by their parents. I happen to be a water drinker (in the summer at least)–maybe this would get me to drink a bit more at this time of year.

  18. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    I’m Very Concerned About How Much Added Sugar Is In All The Kids Drinks Out There. It’s Important To Me For The Kids To Drink Healthy Drinks. I Love That The Aquaball Is Enhanced With Vitamins!

  19. CloudlessMe says

    I try to limit the sugary drinks I keep in the house, and just have everyone drink water instead. These would be a real treat because they are flavored!

  20. I do think some drinks have too much sugar. I like that these are water flavored with natural flavors from fruits and berries.

  21. I am concerned about my daughter having sugary drinks. We don’t let her drink soda and limit her juices. I like that these bottles are a good serving size for children.

  22. Katherine Bartlett says

    That’s awesome! We drink sparkling flavored water with natural flavors too!

  23. Annabellainla says

    I’m somewhat concerned about the sugar in my kids drinks – I like that these are flavored and maybe my kids will be more likely to drink them

  24. Stephanie McFarland says

    i don’t let my kids drink sugar drinks at home. so when they get them other places im not very concerned. i think my boys will love these just because of the shape.

  25. shellypeterson says

    I do become a bit concerned about sugary drinks with my son, but do try and control it. I like that his has no calories but is enhanced with vitamins

  26. I am a label reader and sugar is one of those sneaky additives you don’t expect to find in some products. When it comes to the drinks I give the girls in their lunches and at home, I make sure they don’t contain a lot of sugar. I think the Aquaballs is Berry would be a favorite with my girls too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. My husband’s cousin who is also our dentist along with my pediatrician has been adamant from the beginning to be careful about consuming sugary drinks. Knock on wood so far no cavities with my 3 kiddos.

  28. Meagan Bailiff says

    i am very concerned, i make a lot of steps to make sure my daughter drinks as few sugary drinks as possible. i think these seem like fun yummy drinks.

  29. I love that I think we would actually drink this! More interesting than water, but less sugar and other chemicals than sugary drinks. I am quite aware and concerned of the sugars in many drinks, especially those marketed toward kids.

  30. Claire Quaile says

    Very concerned! I try and get my kids to drink as much water as possible! All that sugar is just so bad for your health! It leaves you feeling so tired and sluggish. Not good

  31. I think many of us adults drink too much sugar too! I mostly gave up soda a while ago, but still like flavored teas and such which also contain lots of sugar. Have been working to find alternatives for the whole family so…will want to try this.

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  33. Marti Tabora says

    I am very concerned. I think giving kids all that sugar is almost as bad as giving them poison. I think it has long term effects on the body besides just the obvious ones like obesity and diabetes.

  34. My kids have SPD, so I only allow them water and the occasional apple juice. NO sugary drinks or milk (which has its own sugars) in our house for them. They get so bored of the water. This would be a great drink for them – a great treat!

  35. We used to drink sodas daily without thinking twice about it. Now I may have 1/2 a soda once in 3 weeks or so. I don’t miss it at all!

  36. I love the fact it has stevia and no sugar and has received the Disney seal of approval. My kids are pretty good about drinking water and avoiding sugary drinks, so I am lucky.

  37. I do worry that some of the drinks my kids drink have way too much sugar. I love the size of these bottles, so many times i have to dump out half empty bottles. The flavor in the water will definately help to get the kids to drink more water.

  38. Brittney House says

    With some drinks, they sugar content is out of control so we try to avoid those. I like the delicious flavors they offer.

  39. angelabailey says

    My son is 15 now but I still don’t want him consuming too much sugar. I try not to consume too much myself. I’ve heard that if you could just eliminate the sugar in your diet you’d feel so much better and be so much more healthy. I love that Aquaball tastes just as good as the sugary drinks. I like that it comes in a fun bottle also. 🙂 (Eigna Yeliab)

  40. carrie conrad says

    I am very concerned with all the sugary drinks for children. Flavored water is always a great alternative to add a little flavor. The fun shape and packaging makes if fun for kids and they will choose this over other drinks.

  41. Jessica Smith-Ruggiero says

    I am very concerned and limit my daughters sugary drink intake to no more than 1 sweet drink per day.

  42. Rebecca Williams Parsons says

    Of course very concerned about the amount of sugar in drinks. I think these bottle make drinking something taste good in a package they can enjoy makes drinking water a fun thing to do for them.

  43. Mary O'Malley says

    I bet that my friends kids would love these! I will have to let her know. She’s big on having her kids drink water but they aren’t. This will be worth a shot. Thank you for sharing!

  44. James Robert says

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  45. tinareynolds says

    We dont do sugary drinks no soda. Hubby and I dont drink it either.

  46. amy deeter says

    i am very concerned with all the sugar.i keep my children away from sugary drinks like soda and other stuff.i think these would be great for the kids and something they would enjoy drinking

  47. I am not overly concerned about sugar in foods or drinks because we buy all sugar free drinks in our house. My husband and I are diabetic so only diet drinks are allowed. My granddaughter lives with us and she is used to having the sugar free drinks and doesn’t complain.

  48. Stephanie Larison says

    I’m very concerned about all the sugary drink options kids have these days. I love that these are a better option, with flavor.

  49. Laurie Emerson says

    I am very concerned about the sugary drinks for children. I want them at a early age to have a healthy regiment when it comes to beverages. I like that Aquaball does not contain sugar but instead it contains Stevia. My children would love this alternative to a sugary drink.

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