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    It’s no secret that I am a techie at heart.  I really enjoy tinkering with all of my electronic devices and my two favorite have to be my smartphone and my tablet.  As a matter of fact, I rely so much on my smartphone that I totally freaked out last weekend when I thought my son had lost it  at the auto dealership when I allowed him to play with it.  I cannot even begin to describe to you how much of my personal and professional business is on that smartphone.  Losing it would have been a nightmare of epic proportions.

    My tablet is always with me as well.  It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, after all, I am a blogger.  I sometimes have to jump on my tablet during my lunch break at work to respond to client emails and even post to my social media accounts.  It would be such a convenience if I could somehow combine these two devices to take advantage of everything that I love about both of them simultaneously.


    ASUS Computers has beaten me to the punchline and has created the ASUS Padfone X Mini which features a 4.5-inch 4G LTE smartphone that can transform into a palm-size 7-inch 4G LTE tablet when docked into its companion docking station.  Due to this unique ASUS design innovation, we can all now enjoy everything that we love about our smartphone and tablet in one transformable device.*

    Since the PadFone X mini is a value segment device on AT&T’s GoPhone plan, it’s perfect for  teenagers, grandparents, or the younger generation.  Both devices are powered by the 4G LTE smartphone and leverage its data plan and storage, eliminating the need for 2 data plans or syncing.  That’s music to my ears because I’m always looking to save a little money on our family’s data plans.


    My eleven year old tween loved the ASUS PadFone X mini because he said it has great battery life that lasted for hours while he played all of his favorite games and texted his friends.  Here are some of its other amazing features:

  • PixelMaster Camera (5MP back, 2MP front) with auto-focus, LED flash and 1080p video recording. Featuring 12 shooting modes and a range of effects filters.
  • DynamicDisplay automatically optimizes app layout to fit various display sizes. Unique ASUS PadFone docking technology allows users to choose between display options.
  • Up to 15.8 hours of independent phone talk time
  • Up to 28.3 hours of talk time when the phone is docked in the tablet
  • Provides excellent performance for lightning fast web browsing and outstanding battery life so users can listen, watch, play and work on the go.


    You no longer have to wait to enjoy this marriage made in heaven between your smartphone and tablet.  It’s just another way that ASUS designs and manufactures products that perfectly meet the needs of today’s digital home and office.

* Tablet requires smartphone to be docked for use

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of your favorite features of your smartphone and tablet?


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  1. I would love to be able to navigate the web and talk in the phone on one device. It would be so convenient to have one device for all instead of carrying two or more.

  2. Raine Dawson says

    I love the size of my phone for portability and my tablet for watching tv/movies. My tablet has great sound quality for listening to music and my phone has all of my pictures stored and organized. There are apps on each device that I don’t have on the other. I am in love with the idea of seamless synching, the improved camera/video features, but most of all having both size options right at my fingertips in a sleek design. This is extremely eexciting!

  3. Janice Bledsoe Whitaker says

    my purse would be a lot lighter 🙂

  4. It would be so nice to have one device with everything I need. I love the idea of only carrying this with me instead of my phone and tablet, especially when I’m going from place to place.

  5. I do not know what it would mean to combine the two as I have neither. It would seem to make life easier and more convenient. Perhaps winning this, I can finally enter the 21st century =)

  6. It would mean I would stop using them exclusively for different functions

  7. shellypeterson says

    It would be much simpler to have everything on one device and not have to switch back and forth.

  8. margaretsmith says

    I would simplify things for me and require me to only have one item.

  9. James Robert says

    It would make it easier for me with my kids who are always grabbing my phone and to have this all in one is something all of us would enjoy

  10. I actually do not have either a smart phone or a tablet! I am one of those technology deficient individuals who can barely use a camera! I do love how they can be integrated and absolutely know a couple of people who will be thrilled when I tell them about this.

  11. Combining the two would be amazing. It would have to come with a pair of reading glasses – I’m having a hard enough time seeing my iPad without them!

  12. It would mean a lot better integration, which makes things easier. Also, it’s one less thing to lose 😉

  13. jules mcnubbin says

    it would be so nice not to have to drag two devices around, and keep them both charged!!

  14. nickie burke says

    It would be nice to not drag two tech devices around.

  15. Meagan Bailiff says

    it seems like a good idea in theory, to have both devices in one and keep them both charged.

  16. ahhh I need this in my life! I want integration, I think it will help me get organized!

  17. It would be nice too keep everything in one place or device.

  18. This is nice, light and easy to transport in your purse or tote – great review.

  19. Karen Dunlap says

    It would be a lot of help – only one charger to lose! (I lose chargers ALL. THE. TIME.)

  20. Andrea Clifton says

    I use a tablet and a smartphone everyday for work. Having them combined would be so helpful in keeping me on task and organized.

  21. This is awesome! I wouldn’t have to lug around my phone and tablet!

  22. Les Johnson says

    It would be very convenient when taking road trips and flights. I think it would also help me be more organized. Such a neat idea!

  23. There are some features I find appealing. One is the option to charge the phone using the tablet’s battery when necessary. The versatility for me is huge. I watch a fair number of tutorials on You Tube and,being an old guy, I often have trouble seeing the particulars on my phone. Having the option to switch over to the tablet screen would be very helpful. Finally, the convenience of having both handy for immediate switching back and forth would be great.

  24. I really like the ease of use with the device. I like how you can use it as either a tablet or as a phone. The size of the screen is very appealing to me as some displays are horrible to try and see.
    ellen beck

  25. Willy Winky says

    What it would mean is a huge upgrade in convenience. No longer a need to be bring multiple separate devices as you have one device that acts like a transformer. It also is convenient in that bringing multiple charging cords would be a thing of the past (for just leaving the house, not necessarily long trips) as the tablet dock charges the phone. Such potential, there.

  26. Deb Jackson says

    That would mean a huge bunch of savings in time and money for me.

  27. My daughter lost her phone in the airport (she’s the only one in the house with a smartphone, lol) and someone turned it in. She freaked out too. 😉 I like this, it sounds very convenient. I like Asus products too, my 2nd oldest son’s Asus laptop has outlasted two of mine of different brands.

  28. It would make life easier. The device would be larger so it is easier to see but with a convenience of a phone.

  29. It would mean an easier way to carry both gadgets with me at the same time

  30. It would mean I wouldn’t need to sync my data between my phone and tablet. It would make my life much simpler.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  31. I entered the SOL Republic Relays In-Ear Headphones

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  32. Jakob Alowishus says

    What would it mean? A bigger screen for my phone and one less thing to lug around =)

  33. THis is fantastic. It means I do not have to carry around lots of devices and can only have one.

  34. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    It Would Make It So Much Easier And Mean I Could Just Carry This One Device And Have All The Benefits! Great Product With Great Features!

  35. I would Love this as it would make life easier, I wouldnt have to tote all these gadgets around!…

    [email protected]

  36. It would be very nice to be able to combine a phone and a tablet. One device to charge and being able to share data usage without having to setup a hotspot.

  37. Danielle Marie says

    i would actually be able to see and watch things. the small screen sucks sometimes, and is awesome other times.


  38. bianca roman says

    it would actually mean i could get more stuff done! i tend to open up websites on my phone and then go back to my laptop and open them up there. i feel like having them together would be a sensible and time saving thing! and then i could always have them together instead of waiting to either get home or go to a specific room in the house.

  39. melissa george says

    i would be the most happiest if that could happen when i can combine my tablet and phone into one device. it would help me in communicating better and i can use the internet for other important things so easily.

  40. Wow, how convenient this would be! It would mean I could lighten my load. I wouldn’t have to carry two or more devices with me when I’m out. Great!

  41. Thomas Murphy says

    I think combining the two devices would be more convenient.

  42. Combining these items would make it so much easier, It would be less things to keep track of and the larger screen means I can get more done.

  43. nicole dziedzic says

    Having the ability to combine phone and tablet would be a life saver for me. Especially since I am always on the go, and even better for travel. Great way to keep it all connected without losing anything.

  44. Estelle Steenbergen says

    I think it would be super convenient for my phone & tablet to be in sync. I like to shop a lot online, and it would be so nice to be able to shop on the bigger screen that the tablet offers, and be able to get notifications on my phone when I’m on the go about deliveries, and to not have to remember all my passwords and such when I’m switching from device to device.

  45. AmandaSakovitz says

    I think it would work wonders for me. It would be easier to use when I travel.

  46. it would make life so much easier! It would be so cool to be able to do that!

  47. It would be more convenient, I can search the internet on my phone.

  48. Christine Jessamine says

    This would be nice to try out for work purposes. Save me some time.

  49. Lauren Eggers says

    to me, it would be great as I carry a kindle with my phone. I’d rather just be able to watch movies, make calls, and read on the same device

  50. To me it would mean a seamless workflow where I never have to worry about transfering a document or being stuck on only one size device. It would be a dream come true and increase my productivity. It would give me more time to spend with my kids and family instead of work. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  51. Heather Dawn says

    It would be great because I like both my phone and tablet. I like the size of my tablet to watch movies and to read. I like my phone for browsing the net. It would be nice to have it combined like this!

  52. You can use them both simultaneously and get the best of both worlds

  53. To combine the two of these would make my life so much easier and more organized.

  54. It would be convenient to have both of them combined. I like the large screen size.

  55. It just seems like a nice way to de-clutter things. Having both in one device means a lot more room in my bag and a much lower likelihood of losing track of an important device.

  56. I think it would be awesome to combine my smartphone and tablet into one device you would have the best of both worlds all in one

  57. Tammie Venne says

    It would be nice to have all of my information and capabilities all in one unit

  58. Barbara Adams says

    To have both of my devices in one..would decrease my search time by 50% , right. As it stands now, if I have m,y phone I;m looking for my tablet, or vice versa. Brilliant!

  59. Oh I would love to have this combined into one. I don’t have a tablet and have been dying for one. I think it would really help my business!

  60. Heather Cranmer says

    If they were combined, that would be great! It’s so annoying to have to carry around a tablet and a phone. Right now, my phone is a Pantech. It has no smart phone capabilities, so I’m always carrying that and my iPad. It’d be a relief and make so much more room if they were both combined.

  61. Laurie Murley says

    i dont know i think it would be great i dont know if i’m smart enough to use this

  62. Erica Carnes says

    It would make things very easy.

  63. Deb Christie says

    Combining the phone and tablet would be convenient. A word game I play on the smartphone would be much easier on the larger tablet.

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    ellen beck

  65. It would be great for me! I have a lot of games that would do better on a large screen!

  66. It would be great, bigger screen to do all the activities on the tablet.

  67. It woudl be great to be able to have both devices and combine them to for picture viewing

  68. Kimberly Deallovingrandma Stcl says

    I would love to combine my products! Like needs to be easier

  69. wildnmild4u says

    Combining my phone and a tablet would be really convenient. One device to keep track instead of two.

    Jennifer Rote

  70. wildnmild4u says

    entered Month’s supply of the K-Cups giveaway
    Jennifer Rote

  71. A Spectacled Owl says

    I don’t have a tablet right now but have been looking into getting one. It would make my life so much easier (I’m a blogger too) to have them combine into one!

  72. It would definitely come in handy when I’m hiking the trail. Since, I won’t carry to heavy, the tablet I will carry and can do business when I hit towns.

  73. This would be wonderful for work and school. It sometimes is a pain to load all of them around, worrying about them when I am on the other device. This is awesome! xo

  74. I love the idea. It would make it easier to have everything in one device.

  75. Janice Cooper says

    For me it would be organization! It would be nice having all the same functions on one device.

  76. Megan Filzen says

    Wouldn’t life be so much more simplified!!!! I wish I had that now!

  77. Brittney House says

    It would make everything much easier. Not only for home but also for work.

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