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    If your family is like ours, you love having access to technology and really enjoy utilizing it in your daily life.  Both of my sons are very creative and I find that they often use their tablets and other gadgets to express themselves and their talents.  Whenever we make a technology purchase, we appreciate having the opportunity to sample what we are buying and to see how the product will fit our needs and the artistic needs of our children.



    This weekend, my son and I had the opportunity to visit the Intel Technology Experience zone at the Best Buy in Union Square right here in New York City.  My son is eleven and he is very much a techie.  He was very excited to learn that he would be able to play, explore, and be inspired by the power of technology with hands-on activities like 3D printing and virtual reality games.


    At this Best Buy location, customers have the chance to master beats and remix tracks by Ne-Yo as a digital DJ, and check out the latest PC and tablet devices powered by Intel processors.  This was right up my son’s alley because he loves music and is immediately drawn to any activity that incorporates it.  For many techies like my son, this is the first opportunity to see, touch, and play with exciting new technologies they’ve only heard about.



    While most (79%) of Americans are excited about the chance to learn and personally test out new technologies, half are frustrated by the lack of access to them beyond what they read or see in the media, according to a new study by Intel and Toluna.  That’s exactly the reason why Intel and Best Buy have teamed up to bring new Intel Technology Experience zones to 50 Best Buy stores in major markets across the U.S.



    The Intel Technology Experience lets customers – from tech enthusiasts to technophobes – play, explore, and be inspired by the power of technology with hands-on activities like 3D printing and virtual reality games.  Customers can build and print their own 3D robot and even show off their racing skills on Mars in an augmented reality world.  You, too, can become a virtual DJ like my son did this weekend!


    To learn more about the Intel Technology Experience areas, including a list of stores, visit www.bestbuy.com/intel.  

Let’s Discuss:  What new technologies have you seen in the media that you would love to try out for yourself?

Checking out the Intel Core i5-4210U Processor Laptop at @bestbuy #Sponsored

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  1. That is AWESOME! Best Buy has so much innovative technology and this is a really neat on site display. Definitely want to check this out in person.

  2. Caroline Barnes says

    Your son seams to be enjoying himself trying all those great products at Best Buy. I’m not really a techi person but I was impressed by the great products you talked about in this post.

  3. OK I have to admit that I’m not a techie but I’ve seen this awesome computer by HP and if I wasn’t a Mac girl and hated HP I would have traded my Mac in for it. 🙂

  4. When I finished college, I had a job offer from Intel and learned a lot about how awesome their company is. They really stay on top with the coolest technology. I’m looking forward to visiting Best Buy to check out the latest stuff for holiday gifts.

  5. Would love to experience this for myself. Hopefully they will pick our po-dunk town for an installation!

  6. What a great experience – I have to admit I would have loved to have gone myself – how cool you got to see things such as 3D printing! x

  7. valmg @ Mom Knows It All says

    I love tech. This sounds like a fun event and a great opportunity.

  8. Pat. @ Here And There says

    I’m not really tech savvy but hubby loves it. This sounds like it would be right up his alley.

  9. I am looking forward to checking out a Chromebook.

  10. Melissa Vera says

    This sounds like Best Buy is the place to go for all your technology needs. I love that customer can check it out before purchase.

  11. Lois Alter Mark says

    Looks like your son had a great time! We always rely on Best Buy for another related to electronics and technology!

  12. Ann Bacciaglia says

    My son would love this. It is amazing how natural kids seem to be with technology.

  13. I love Best Buy! And it’s not often that I see something techy that I DON’T want to try – I’ll try just about anything!

  14. I didn’t know about the Mars ROver and intel. Nice thing to learn.

  15. Melissa Smith says

    I wanna test drive a Mars Rover!!! And use a 3D printer, I think that would be really cool. I’ll definitely be making a trip to my local Best Buy now.

  16. Dina Demarest says

    we love best buy. That’s where I’ll be doing a lot of my shopping for Christmas.

  17. Jeanine @ sixtimemommy.com says

    Love best buy! This sounds like a really good and fun event!

  18. Best Buy impressed me so much when my son wanted a game and I said “I think it’s cheaper somewhere else.” The guy whipped out his own phone, found a better deal and gave it to me for that price. I was brand new to smartphones. He taught me how to use the laser app thingy to find lower prices. That’s great customer service.

  19. What fun! I am so amazed at the technology these days! Amber N

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