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    Most New Yorkers will tell you that there are certain magical events and locations that define the holiday season here in New York City.  Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of attending the Radio City Christmas Spectacular at the iconic Radio City Music Hall.  Just seeing the beautiful and talented Rockettes in the commercials on television made me realize that seeing this event live would be a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Hanging out with the famous Radio City Rockettes!

    Recently, I had the privilege of not only attending the Radio City Christmas Spectacular with my family but of visiting the famous Roxy Suite at Radio City.  This suite is normally reserved for Radio City performers and VIPs like Elton John, Dave Matthews and Paul McCartney.  It boasts 20-foot-high domed ceilings made of real gold, cherrywood walls and an intimate dining area.  I could literally feel the spirit of the room’s history while I was in it.

My son in the famous Roxy Suite.

My son in the famous Roxy Suite.

    This year’s Radio City Christmas Spectacular includes dynamic songs and dance numbers starring the legendary Rockettes.  Attendees can also take a thrilling 3D ride through the skies of New York with Santa.

Checking the beautiful costumes that the Rockettes wear during their performances!

Checking the beautiful costumes that the Rockettes wear during their performances!

All this while being whisked up to the North Pole, as state-of-the-art technology that transforms Radio City Music Hall into a magical, immersive wonderland.  The show enchanted us  with Clara, ice skaters, dancing teddy bears, dozens of Santa Clauses and more surprises!


    My family and I cherished every moment that we spent at Radio City Music Hall and we will never forget the precious memories that we made together watching the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.  It was truly a magical experience that will live in our hearts forever!


Let’s Discuss:  What iconic events symbolize the holidays for you where you live?

That’s a whole lot of Santas! #RadioCityChristmas @radiocitychristmas #Sponsored #NYC

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  1. This would be so much fun. I know my girls especially would enjoy it. I have been to Radio City Music Hall but never saw a show there.

  2. Looks like a fun place. I would love to have that candy for REAL.

  3. I have seen this show in Boston a few times when the Rockettes came on tour here. It was amazing!

  4. We see them once every few years. I think we need to go back and see it this year.

  5. We love going to Radio City Christmas Spectacular. it’s iconic, well-worth attending and will provide memories of a lifetime.

  6. I have always dreamed of going to Radio City Music Hall at Christmas time! You are so lucky I bet it was so amazing!

  7. I’ve only stayed in New York once and never got to see Radio City Music Hall. Did go to Macy’s during Christmas season – that was a cool experience!

  8. savoryexperiments says

    I used to live in NY and this was my favorite holiday pasttime. Now I’m in Baltimore, so I guess I could drive up, but never do, I should change that.

  9. Jennifer Williams says

    This is one of those shows I have always wanted to see. I am a bit jealous right now. Hopefully I will get to see it in the future.

  10. I’ve always wanted to visit Radio City Music Hall. It looks so festive and fun during the holiday season!

  11. I saw this a few years ago, and was totally wowed by the LIVE manger scene they had at the end! Completely breathtaking! Great show!

  12. Dina Demarest says

    I’ve always wanted to see the rockettes but never have. This would be so fun for me and my girl.

  13. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    I hope to see them perform one day. It’s sort of a bucket list item. What a neat experience you had!

  14. We live in an area of middle TN. filled with small town charm,so we love taking our girls to see all the lights in downtown Franklin. Like you, I’ve always dreamed of experiencing Christmas in New York with the Rockette’s.

  15. I really want to go to Radio City Music Hall. It looks like such an amazing and magical dream.

  16. I Hope one day to take my kids here, it is nothing short of beautiful, thank you for sharing and reminding me of my ‘bucket list’ for the holidays::))

  17. Diana Villa says

    Everything looks wonderful! I totally love musicals. Thank you so much for sharing ^_^

  18. How amazing. Such a wonderful experience. Your kids really enjoyed themselves.

  19. Chrystal M. says

    So lucky! What a wonderful experience. I have always wanted to go to Radio City Music Hall.

  20. mena & taty says

    Oh you guys are so lucky! I have always wanted to see the Rockettes but this time of year it is so difficult to get to NYC. Keep enjoying for me!

  21. How fun! For sure something I’d love to do! Not much happens around here. A parade and that’s about it’

  22. You are so lucky! I’d love to visit New York during the holiday season. I’m sure it would be magical!

  23. Like you I am a New Yorker. I haven’t been to Radio City Music Hall in ages!! What really defines the holiday season for me is going to Rockefeller Plaza at night and seeing the magnificent tree all lit up!

  24. Would love to see that show, I bet it is spectacular! What a lovely memory for your family!

  25. Lois Alter Mark says

    As a former New Yorker, this makes me so nostalgic. The Rockettes are such icons, and what an experience to go behind the scenes!

  26. I lived in New York for years and never saw their show. Maybe one day I’ll take my daughter.

  27. Such an amazing experience! IT’s on my bucket list to go!

  28. We would love to visit NYC during the holiday season. I imagine NYC it just beautiful. There is nothing too iconic around where we live but we do love to see the lights every year in a few of the neighborhoods that really go all out.

  29. amanda ripsam says

    Such a great experience and it looks like you and family had a lot of fun.

  30. Xmas in the Park is iconic for San Jose, California! I love being able to stroll through all the individually decorated trees 🙂

  31. So fun that you got to go. Did you meet Monica (Marino)? I saw she was there with her little ones too. 🙂 This looks like a great event!

  32. Meagan Bailiff says

    we have a great holiday lights drive thru near us, we love to visit that every year.

  33. I would love for my family to experience this. I always enjoy seeing them in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

  34. Oh wow what an amazing sounding experience, I can’t think of anything overly that says Christmas is here – the German market is always amazing so perhaps that but it’s on for weeks so it’s very easy to get to see 🙂 x

  35. How fun all these!. Really an amazing experience. Sounds like such an amazing and magical dream. I am planning for a family trip to visit New york during this holiday season. I’ve never visited this Radio City Music Hall before. Eagerly waiting to visit this place.

  36. I have always wanted to visit Radio City Music Hall and have never had a chance. It looks like such an amazing experience!

  37. Ourfamilyworld says

    I have always wanted to visit. Looks like you had a blast and your kids are adorable

  38. That looks like so much fun! It’s been years since I have been to NYC during the holiday season. I must remedy that.

  39. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I would love to go and see this show. I love NYC. I can not wait till i can go there again.

  40. Melissa Vera says

    I have always wanted to visit the Rockettes. You are so lucky that you got a chance to go.

  41. Veronica Solomon says

    I would love a visit to Radio City! I think that show has to be amazing!

  42. Motivating Mommy says

    Now this seems like a fun time. Your boys look like they are having a ball.

  43. Thrill of the Chases says

    I have to say I am a little jealous! This is something I have always wanted to do! I love the Rockettes.

  44. What a neat experience! I’d love to take my kids here.

  45. Melanie Roberts says

    Ohhh how fun and such an awesome experience UI’m sure.. I’ve always wanted to see them, maybe one day…great post, thanks for sharing

  46. Wow this looks like such a fun time and the boys look like they enjoyed it!

  47. Dina Demarest says

    I’ve always wanted to see Radio City and the Rockettes. Looks like he had a great time!

  48. I got to see this 50 years ago. Can’t believe they’re still going strong.
    slehan at juno dot com

  49. melissa george says

    wow radio city seems to be a great expeience and i would love to visit it some day. its a nice way to see new places with family.

  50. WOW! It is really beautiful to get to go see the Radio Music dancers at Radio Music City Hall. The colors are so pretty, and how much fun it looks. I want to go someday!

  51. I watch this every single year on TV and have ffor as long as I can remember. The Rockettes are always stunning anf their outfits are so beautiful . One day I hope to see it in operson I bet it is spectacular!

    ellen beck

  52. My husband surprised me just last year with a trip to NYC and to watch the Radio Music dancers at Radio Music City Hall. It was priceless.

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