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    As the mother of two sons, I often hear them commenting on who their latest superheroes are because of all the shows and cartoons that they watch.  It’s such a pleasure witnessing them talking about the characteristics that make these heroes so admirable in their eyes.

    Although I encourage this type of pretend play and discussion, it is important to me that our boys learn who the true heroes in our society are.  Especially living in a city like New York where First Responders saved so many lives on September 11th, I want my sons to value those who are truly the heroes in our lives.

    Being an educator, I can tell you that most of the heroes who perform heroic deeds on a daily basis in your community probably go unnoticed and are under appreciated. The teachers who educate our children, firefighters, police officers, nurses, and those who do good deeds are unfortunately taken for granted sometimes.

My son with his Tio!

My son with his Tio!

    In our familia, my brother is one of our heroes.  He proudly served in the United States Army and served in Korea where he protected our freedom away from his family and from everything familiar and dear to him.  As a Tio to my boys, he demonstrates to them the qualities that make a good man and he is a wonderful role model to them.  They enjoy hearing about all of his military adventures both here and abroad.


    Disney’s Planes Fire & Rescue celebrates our everyday heroes in a story filled with humor and heart available for the first time ever on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere on November 4, 2014.  Not only is it an engaging adventure that the whole family can enjoy, but it also creates the opportunity for families to talk about the qualities that make an everyday hero!

Here is my son talking about his everyday hero, his Tio!

My son talking about one of his everyday heroes! #MiHeroeFavorito #Ad #latinamoms @latinamomblogs

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Make sure your RSVP to participate in the #MiHeroeFavorito ‘Who’s Your Hero & Why’ featuring Eric Estrada LIVE Twitter Party on 11/4 from 9-10 PM EST. PlanesFire&Rescue_Cover Let’s Discuss:  Who is your hero and why do you think it is important for kids to celebrate everyday heroes?


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  1. My hero and my girls hero is their dad! He is amazing. It is important to recognize heros so we have role models.

  2. Lesley Stevens says

    There are so many every day heroes that go un-noticed, you’re so right! I haven’t seen this movie yet but I want too now, hopefully I win the giveaway right?

  3. Lois Alter Mark says

    I totally agree that most of the real heroes go unnoticed and under-appreciated. We need to change that and make them the role models for our kids rather than overpaid celebrities and athletes.

  4. My hero is my dad. He worked hard to support 7 children and is a loving, caring grandfather to 20 grandchildren.

  5. My hero is my mom. She worked full time and raised three kids. I have two kids and work PT & I Have NO idea how she did it.

  6. my hero would be my father plus his brothers who all fought in WW11

  7. My heroes have always been my grandparents and my mom and dad, I’m so proud to have such loving and talented roots 🙂

  8. My hero is my Grandfather! He is no longer with us, but he left an everlasting influence on me. He was very giving and did so much for his community.

  9. Our heroes are the everyday working people that provide services no matter the weather, etc. Postmen, garbage collectors, police, fire…the list goes on.

  10. My hero is my grandmother, she was one of the strongest women i luckily had the chance to know. Its important to celebrate to teach our children that with good deeds done comes great appreciation for one another.

  11. Meagan Bailiff says

    my current hero is Wendy Davis. I think it’s important because I want my daughter to know that while she might not have the biggest voice or platform, her opinions and values are important, and her heroes can help inspire her.

  12. I love how close knit your family is Maria. My hero is my husband. He has such a loving heart and works tirelessly for the betterment of our family. Even after a long day at work, he makes time to go help his senior Mom without complaint, showing the true spirit of family love.

  13. This movie rocks! My kids love it, it’s so funny and uplifting

  14. My heroes are my parents. I hope my kids will feel the same about me.

  15. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I think it is very important to teach kids about the heroes in your community. The Police officers that protect us and the firemen that risk there lives to save our homes from flames. There are so many heroes we encounter everyday.

  16. Weird timing 🙂 I was just praying for all those “unnoticed” heroes.. Those that do so much, but aren’t thanked as much as others.

  17. My hero was my Dad. He always told me that I could do and be whoever I wanted. After over 48 years I still miss him horribly.

  18. My hero would be my husband. He has always gone above and beyond in everything he does.

  19. Rebecca Bryant says

    I never had a hero so never thought to instill that in my son. Though that said he may very well have his own.

  20. Lisa Brower says

    My dad was/is my hero, he went hrough a LOT to raise us and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without his good natured, fun ways and positive outlook on life!

  21. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    Mine was my dad, and I think heroes are great for kids to look up to. They keep them striving to be better.

  22. Jeanine @ sixtimemommy.com says

    I have 2 very big Planes fans in my house! They cannot wait to see this one!

  23. Erica Carnes says

    My whole family are my heroes. It’s important to kids to realize the big impact just one person can make.

  24. My husband is my hero. Cornball, I know, but it’s true. He’s been there for me through thick and thin, and I know he’ll be a great hero to our new baby as well.

  25. Sharon Schoepe says

    My hubby is my hero. He works hard and is always here for us no matter what. I think it’s important for kids to have someone that they can look up to and emulate.

  26. A big thanks to your brother for serving our country! He’s one of the reasons that this country is so great!

  27. My hero was my dad. He was always there for me. I don’t consider any celebrity a hero and I love that your kids think of their uncle as theirs. I thank him for his service.

  28. Great post! Growing up, whenever we were eating out in a restaurant, if my dad saw any servicemen or women, he would ALWAYS tell the server to bring him their tab. Then he would stop and shake each of their hands on the way out and thank them for their service. That made such an impact on me. I’m now doing that with my husband. Just goes to show the importance of teaching your kids about TRUE heroes!

  29. Laurajj Jacobson says

    My hero has always been my dad! He was a very hard worker growing up and has always been there for us kids! I always look up to him! I think its important for children to have someone to look up to and try to encourage and inspire them to be the best that they can be!

  30. I love this every day hero campaign. I think it is so important to kids to look up to those who are true role models in their every day lives than celebs who contribute nothing but entertainment to society. My parents are my every day hero and I do hope I am a hero to my own kids as well.

  31. My personal hero is my dad. I hope that my kids see me as their hero as they get older. I want them to know that I will always be there for them, in their corner, no matter what.

  32. Every day heroes campaign is awesome. We often forget the ordinary people that do extraordinary work on a daily basis!

  33. It is wonderful to notice all the good deeds and quiet kindness of the many heroes around us. Good reminder to focus on this more often.

  34. Seems like a good one to watch and I like their campaign too.

  35. Lisa Voyce says

    My daughter is my hero. She has really been a great daughter and has accomplished a lot in her life. I’m sure she will be a hero for her daughter who is due in January. A great role model is important.

  36. My kids are excited about this movie! My hero is my mom. She’s also my best friend.

  37. Lindsay McCain says

    My hero is my dad. It is important for kids to have heros to have someone to look up to for qualities they want to have themselves.

  38. I don’t have a hero. If I had to make a choice, it would be my husband. He does make sure that we’re taken care of everyday and treats his life like there’s purpose in it!

  39. Melissa Vera says

    I love this series. My hero is my husband and my dad. They are the hardest working people I know.

  40. mail4rosey says

    My grandmother is my hero. She had an unconditional love that was just always there. It’s important to celebrate everyday heroes because in the end they matter way more than Iron Man (or whomever it is on the big screen).

    Loving that white suit on your boy!

  41. mena & taty says

    My parents are my heroes. They have overcome many obstacles and scrificed much for our safety, well being and success.

  42. themommyfiles says

    We haven’t seen this one yet. However, I think the kids would enjoy it!

  43. Mandy Young Carter says

    This looks like a cute movie but my toddler son is uniterested in it

  44. We have a big military family full of heroes. Right now, my cousin is serving in the Marines. I love your son’s video! So sweet!

  45. Carolyn Daley says

    My mom is my hero. I think it is important for kids to celebrate everyday heroes to learn to appreciate the obstacles, kind gestures, and selfless acts that others commit. Kids can learn kindness, honesty, love, strength, and bravery from real life heroes. They can also learn to appreciate what they have and how to help others.

  46. Jill Myrick says

    My husband is my hero. He works hard to provide for our family, always makes time to spend with me and the kids,and has never been afraid to show affection.

    I think it’s important for kids to have positive heroes because it give them a role model, someone to look up to and someone to learn from.


  47. Ginoy Caro Ramos says

    my hero is my mom, she es the best for me

  48. Looks like it’s going to be a great movie. My son is looking forward to watching it.

  49. Motivating Mommy says

    Your son is so cute. I think it is great that your brother is your family’s everyday hero. I really look forward to seeing this movie.

  50. My son is really excited for this movie. I plan to pick it up soon so we can do a movie night!

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