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    This month, I shared with all of you how I was saving money on our family’s budget by taking advantage of Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards™ program which offers customers the opportunity to add even more value to their shopping experience.

    You can now earn points on every purchase – both in store and online at Kohls.com. With Yes2You Rewards™, members will receive eight offers per year, a birthday gift, and opportunities to earn bonus points and surprises along the way. Additionally, there is no limit on points earned and no cost to join.


    These savings came at a great time for us because my eleven year old son is currently outgrowing all of his clothes and we have had to buy him a whole new wardrobe.  Thankfully, Kohl’s has clothes for every member of our family at incredible prices.  Add to that the points that I earn through their Yes2You Rewards™ program and the savings really helps our bottom line.

Here is how Kohl’s Yes2You™ Rewards Program works:

Save: Members receive one reward point for every one dollar spent – regardless of how they pay –and a $5 reward for every 100 points earned. In addition, members will be notified of opportunities to earn bonus points on their purchase for even more savings.

Share: For members who like to give, Yes2You Rewards points can be shared with friends and family members who are also enrolled in the program. Alternatively, points can be donated to Kohl’s Cares to support children’s health and education initiatives nationwide.

Surprise: I would love tell you more, but I’m sworn to secrecy!


    Kohl’s was generous enough to sponsor a $250 giveaway on Tough Cookie Mommy to help one reader take advantage of their new rewards program.  I’m excited to announce that they winner of the $250 gift card is Kari Crum from Kentucky!  I can’t wait to hear all about how Kari takes advantage of her Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards™!


Let’s Discuss:  What would you do with a $250 gift card from Kohl’s?

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  1. I love shopping at Kohl’s. They always have such great deals and cute clothes.

  2. valmg @ Mom Knows It All says

    I absolutely love Kohl’s! We get a lot of great deals there.

  3. mail4rosey says

    I would buy winter clothes for the kids! We passed Kohl’s today but didn’t have time to go in. I looked at it lovingly through the rear view mirror, hahahaha

  4. This is a cool idea! I wonder if the points expire or have to be redeemed within certain dates? That’s what drove me crazy about kohl’s because I always forget to redeem.

  5. Melissa Vera says

    I love stores that reward you for your purchases. The closest Kohl’s is about 45 minutes away but I do stop there whenever I am in town.

  6. Jennifer Williams says

    We live about 5 minutes for our Kohl’s and are in there often. I definitely will be taking advantage of this reward program.

  7. Lesley Stevens says

    We are definitely Kohls shoppers. We love getting the emails to save, we shop here all the time. They always come up with more ways to save!

  8. Congratulations Kari! Our Kohl’s is very close and we like going there. Will have to get into that rewards program.

  9. Lois Alter Mark says

    I always find great buys at Kohl’s. And a rewards program will only make me buy more! (Sorry to my husband!)

  10. I love Kohl’s. If I won, I would split it up and let my sons use it. They deserve something special like this.

  11. I like to earn Kohls rewards. SO many good deals, especially around the holidays.

  12. Rebecca Bryant says

    Buy some winter clothes for sure. I’m desperate for pants.

  13. I have seen commercials for this program and I can’t wait to start taking advantage of it. Any way to save at Kohl’s sounds good to me, and I love their home products and the clothes that they sell.

  14. I love Kohl’s. I need to run there to get some new clothes for fall. I lost weight since last year, so it’s nice to need smaller sizes.

  15. Chrystal M. says

    That sounds like a great program. I know a lot of people who love Kohls. I don’t have one close so it’s a bit of a drive.

  16. I could definitely use some new winter clothes-that $250 would go a long way especially at Kohl’s! My Mom and I shop there all the time–I have to tell her about this and sign up for it myself.

  17. I shop at Kohls all the time! This will be a great bonus!

  18. I would take the $250 and buy some new fan gear from their sporting section. My Chicago Bears suck so bad this year…I need a new team to root for!

  19. I love Kohl’s! I’ve gotten some great buys there!

  20. I would spend the gift card on winter clothes for my daughters.

  21. Kohls always has the best prices for trendy yet affordable clothes. This is one of my favorite stores to shop with my family!!!! What a great giveaway to share as well.

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